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Families covered: Dumaresq in England, Dumaresq of Morin

Helier Dumaresq
m. Frances Hamptonne (dau of Laurens Hamptonne (jurat))
1. John Dumaresq (Colonel RJM, Lieutenant Bailly)
  m1. Sarah Dumaresq (dau of John Dumaresq (Bailly))
  A. Elias Dumaresq (dsp)
  m2. Elizabeth Bisson (dau of Edward Bisson)
  B. John Dumaresq (a 1669, Major RJM)
  m1. Elizabeth Le Goupil (dau of Nathaniel Le Goupel or Goupil)
  i. John Dumaresq (Major RJM)
  m. Henrietta Renay (dau/heir of Messire Renay de Bouays of Saugerre, Brittany)
  a. John Dumaresq (bpt 12.01.1686)
  m. Ann Horton
  (1) Augustus Dumaresq (a 1767, Captain)
m. Horatia Elizabeth Bentley
  (A)+ issue - Augustus (b 1786), Ann Horatia (b 1798)
  b. Rene Dumaresq
m. Mary Margaret Poingdestre
  (1) John Dumaresq in Southampton (b 1731-2)
  m. Rachel Bandinel (dau/coheir of Philip Bandinel of Melesches)
  (A) John Dumaresq (Lt. Colonel)
  m. Ann Jones
  (i) Henry Dumaresq (a 1834, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (1828) Elizabeth Sophia Butler (d 1877, dau of Augustus Butler-Danvers)
  (ii) William John Dumaresq had issue
  m. Christianne Susan Macleay (dau of Alexander Macleay of New South Wales)
  (iii) Edward Dumaresq of Mount Ireh (Hadspen, Tasmania), Melbourne, etc. (b 1802) had issue
  m. (07.11.1827) Frances Blanche Legge (d 15.07.1855, dau of Michael Legge of Garrane)
  (iv) Marianne Dumaresq
  m. Rev. P. Boissier
  (v) Elizabeth Dumaresq
  m. Sir Ralph Darling, Governor of New South Wales (General)
  (vi) Amelia Dumaresq
  (B) Philip Dumaresq at Cape Breton
  m. Jerusha Perry
  (i) William Grant Dumaresq (2nd son?)
  m. Ann Woolward Henderson (dau of John Henderson, 2nd cousin of Viscountess Nelson)
(a) John D'Aubergne Dumaresq in Deal had issue
  m. Elizabeth Weed
  (ii)+ other issue - Perry (a 1811, RN), "several other children, who settled in America"
  (C) Charles Dumaresq
  (D) Mary Dumaresq
  m. F(erdinand) Anley
  (E) Esther Dumaresq
  m1. _ Grant
  m2. W. Birch of Wanstead
  (F) Elizabeth Dumaresq
  m1. Philip Bandinel ## see here ##
  m2. Henry Wright in New Brunswick
  (2)+ other issue - Rene, Elias, Philip (d young)
  c. Philip Amory Dumaresq (dsp)
  ii. Abraham Dumaresq
  m. Jane Guille
  a. Abraham Dumaresq
  m. Elizabeth Pallot
  (1) Abraham Dumaresq
  b. Catherine Dumaresq
  m. Peter Lasson or Lisson (surgeon)
  c. Jane Dumaresq
  m. William Godfray
  d.+ other issue - Abraham, John
  iii.+ other issue - Edward, Elizabeth (dsp)
  m2. Catherine Varin
  v. Martha Dumaresq
  m. Philip Chantelou
  C.+ other issue - John, Edward, Abraham, Benjamin (dsp)
2.+ other issue - Sephia/Sephora in London (a 1591), Sarah, Susan



Clement Dumaresq of La Chenee
m. Margaret Messervy (dau/coheir of John Messervy of S. Martin)
1. Hugh Dumaresq 'of Sark' (d 1595)
  m. Collette Journeaulx (dau of John Journeaulx 'by Isabella, dau/coheir of Henry Mallet of La Malletier')
  A. Philip Dumaresq du Morin (bur 20.03.1653-4)
  m1. (1620) Sarah Payn
  i.+ issue - Philip (d young), Elias, Margaret (d 1626), Jane (d 1623)
  m2. Elizabeth Le Hardy (dau of John Le Hardy)
  v. Philip Dumaresq (bpt 05.02.1631-2. Solicitor General of Jersey)
  B. Clement Dumaresq (d 1613)
  m. (1610) Sarah Bisson (dau of Ed. Bisson)
  i. Clement Dumaresq (b 1611)
  m. (1637) Ann Bandmel (d 1655, dau of D. Bandmel, Dean of Jersey)
  a. Philip Dumaresq (b 1632, Solicitor General of Jersey)
  m. Susan Frotte (dau of Benjamin Frotte of Vieux Ponts, Normandy)
  (1) Philip Dumaresq (b 1659)
m. Elizabeth Messervy (dau of John Messervy of Bagot)
  (A) Philip Dumaresq (b 16843)
  m. Rachel Falle (dau/heir of Thomas Falle)
  (i) Philip Dumaresq 'du Morin' (b 1701)
  m. Ann Le Maistre (dau of Elias Le Maistre)
  (a) Douce Dumaresq (b 1747)
  m. Abraham De Ste. Croix of S. Laurence
  (b) Susan Dumaresq (b 1747)
  m. John Falle
  (c) Frances Dumaresq (b 1749)
  m. John Collas
(d)+ other issue - Philip (b 1725, d young), Charles (b 1729), George (b 1733), Daniel (b 1734), Philip (d 1744, d young)
  (B) Sarah Dumaresq (b 1697)
  m. John Godfrey of S. Laurence
  (C) Rachel Dumaresq (b 1701)
  (2)+ other issue - Charles (b 1660), Benjamin (b 1662), George (b 1664), Elizabeth (b 1665, d young), Elizabeth (b 1667), Susan (b 1668)
  b. Collette Dumaresq (b 1634)
  m. John De Carteret (Constable of S. Saviour)
  c. Collette Dumaresq (b 1647, 2nd of the name)
  m. Philip Messervy of Anneville
d.+ other issue - Hugh (b 1633), Francis (b 1635), Abraham (b 1638), George (b 1647), Elizabeth (b 1630, d young?), Elizabeth (b 1638), Sarah (b 1643, d 1655)
  ii. Collette Dumaresq (b 1613)
  m1. (1637) Edward Hubert
  m2. (1646) Thomas Falle
  C. Elizabeth Dumaresq (d 1639-40)
  m. (1608) Elias De Carteret
  D. Collette Dumaresq
  m. (1595) Germain Le Febvre
2. Richard Dumaresq
  m. (1597) Mary Lempriere (dau/coheir of Nicholas Lempriere)
  A. Abigail Dumaresq
  m. Nicholas Richardson
3. Edward Dumaresq (d 1626)
  m. (1601) Elizabeth Nicolle
  A. Richard Dumaresq (b 1615, 2nd son)
  m. (1644) Elizabeth Laurens (dau of Peter Laurens)
  i.+ issue - Margaret (b 1642), Ann (b 1645, d young)
  B. Sarah Dumaresq (b 1603)
  m. Clement Le Bastard
  C. Mary Dumaresq (b 1609)
  m. Thomas Machon
  D. Elizabeth Dumaresq (b 1611)
  m. Abraham Hamlyn
  E.+ other issue - Clement (b 1604), Elizabeth (d young?), Margaret (d young), Rachel
4. John Dumaresq
m. (1606) Mary Godfray (dau of Humphry Godfray)
5. Clement Dumaresq 'of La Chesnee'
  m. Margaret Crafford (dau/heir of Edward Crafford)
  A. Sarah Dumaresq (d 1659)
  m1. (1597) Richard De Carteret
  m2. (1642) John Nicolle
  B. Mary Dumaresq (d 1645)
  m. Nicholas Mallet
  C. Susan Dumaresq (d 1652)
  m1. Abraham Messervy
  m2. (1614) Philip Mallet
6. Elizabeth Dumaresq
  m. (1594) John De Quetteville

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