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Families covered: Beckett of Cartuther (Corthither), Baauw of Beechland, Best Lord Wynford, Blackburn of Marrick Abbey, Blackburn of St. Nicholas

Edmund Beckett of Corthither, Cornwall
m. Amastatius (sic) Corthither (dau/heir of Thomas Cartuther (by Margaret, dau/heir of Richard Hidon by Hawise) son of William (by Joane, dau/heir of Nicholas Loveputa) son/heir of Sir Fulgens Cartuter by Margaret, dau of Lucus Tredewy)
1. William Beckett
m. Joane Pardarva (dau/coheir of Thomas Pardarva or Paderda by Joane (who m1/2. Nicholas Beckett), dau of Roger le Taylor)
  A. John Beckett
  m. Isabell (or Elizabeth) Upton (dau of Thomas Upton of Trelask by Joan, dau of Sir John Trelawny)
  i. John Beckett of Corthithe
m. Joane Totwell (dau/heir of William Totwell of Plymouth by Ann, dau/heir of Thomas War)
  a. Gilbert Beckett 'of Cartuther' (d by 1533)
  m1. Elizabeth Glynn (d 24.12.1513, dau/coheir of John Glynn of Morvale, widow of Edward Kendall)
  m2. Elizabeth Tawes (dau of John Tawes)
(1) Mary Beckett
  m. John Hame
  (2) Elizabeth Beckett
  m. Peter Grisling
  m3. Joane Menwinnick (dau/heir of John Menwinnick of St. Jermyns, m2. William Hichins)
  (3) Robert Beckett (bur 1603)
  m1. Ann Coryton (dau of Peter Coryton)
  m2. Margaret Arundell (bur 1612, dau of Sir John Arundell of Trerice)
  (4) Oliver Beckett (3rd son)
  m. Margery Penfall (dau/coheir of Sir Richard Penfall)
  (A) John Beckett
  (i) Oliver Beckett (bpt 1604)
(5) Jane Beckett
  m. John Flamock of Dulowe
  (6)+ other issue - Thomas, Peter
  b. Roger Beckett (dsp)
  c. Elizabeth Beckett
  m. Rafe Clycard
  d. Anne Beckett
  m1. John Harris of Lanest
  m2. Anthony Samuell of Restormell
  e. Jane Beckett
  m. Walter Coade
f. Blanche Beckett
  m. Thomas Coryton
  g. Jane Beckett
  m. Richard Wood
  ii.+ other issue - Richard, Isabell, Joane, Margaret, Eleanor, Joan, Emma, Elizabeth
Probably connected to the above family, given that he was of the same generation as the above Edmond and married the mother of Edmond's son's wife, was ...
Nicholas Beckett
m. Joane le Taylor (dau/heir of Roger le Taylor, m1/2. Thomas Paderda)
1. Edmond Beckett
  m. Joane Lanhergy (dau of Thomas Langergy by Alice, dau of Stephen Fairford)
  A. Anne Beckett (heir)
  m. John Beer of Killygrath



According to BLG1886, "This family is of Dutch extraction, many of its members having been Burgomasters of Amsterdam."
Gerald Blaauw (b 1708, d 13.12.1775)
m. (13.06.1730) Maria Agneta Van Heyst (dau of David Van Heyst)
1. William Blaauw (b 09.11.1748, d 27.12.1808, to England)
  m1. (1772) Anne Charlotte Le Maitre (dau of Charles Le Maitre)
  A. Maria Anne Blaauw (d 06.02.1821)
  m. (06.02.1796) Thomas Gardiner Bramston of Skreens (d 1831)
  B. Charlotte Julia Blaauw (d 1787)
  m2. (1789) Loiusa Puller (d 26.10.1842, dau of Christopher Puller of Woodford)
  C. William Henry Blaauw of Beechland, Sheriff of Sussex (b 25.05.1793, d 26.04.1870) had issue
  m1. (14.06.1825) Harriet King (d 26.05.1828, dau of John King MP)
  m2. (16.06.1832) Margaret Emily Gillman (dau/coheir of Sir John St Leger Gillman, Bart of Curraheen, by Hannah (sb Susanna), dau of Sir Thomas Miller, Bart)
  D. Louisa Agnes Blaauw (d 18.01.1877)
  m. (24.04.1813) Charles R. Manners Molloy (d 1824, Captain, son of Captain _ by Juliana, dau of Sir John Laforey, Bart)
  E. Frances Elizabeth Blaauw
  m. (14.06.1817) Frederick Burmester of Gwynne House (d 1856)
2. Gerald Blaauw (Burgomaster of Amsterdam) had issue



Thomas Best of Haslebury Plucknett, Somerset
TCP notes that it has been suggested that the mother of the following William was a daughter of Sir William Draper but states that this would "be chronologically impossible, unless she was illegit., but perhaps she was Sir William's niece or cousin."
1. Sir William Draper Best, 1st Lord Wynford (b 13.12.1767, d 03.03.1845, Chief Justice)
  m. (06.05.1794) Mary Anne Knapp (b 25.03.1768, d 05.03.1840, dau of Jerome Knapp by Sarah, dau/heir of George Noyes of Southcote)
A. William Samuel Best, 2nd Lord Wynford (b 19.02.1798, d 28.02.1869, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (21.07.1821) Jane Thoyts (b 1802-3, d 23.02.1895, dau of William Thoyts of Sulhampstead by Jane, dau of Abram Newman of West Bergholt Hall & Brook House)
  B. Thomas Best (b 12.08.1799, d 04.09.1864, Vice Admiral)
  m. (25.08.1835) Marianne Kenyon (d 18.09.1866, dau of George, 2nd Lord Kenyon)
  C. Samuel Best (b 02.12.1802, d 20.01.1873, rector of Abbots Anne) had issue
  m1. (11.04.1826, sp?) Charlotte Willis Burrough (d 23.09.1833, dau of Judge Sir James Burrough)
  m2. (21.02.1835) Emma Duke (d 07.09.1891, dau of Lt. Col. Charles Duke)
  D. Grace Anne Best (d 1868)
  m. (1814) Philip Lake Godsal (d 1858)
  E. Ann Best (d 1836)
  m. Sir William Fanshawe Martin, Bart (Admiral)
  F.+ other issue - William Chapple (b 07.07.1795, d infant), John Charles (b 09.12.1810, d 13.02.1840, Captain)



Robert (or Anthony) Blackburn of Marrick Abbey (bur 22.05.1704)
m. _ Messenger of Fountains (d 19.05.1703)
1. Giles Blackburn of Marrick Abbey
  m. _ Slingar
  A. John (or Joseph) Blackburn, last of Marrick Abbey, of Friar Head in Craven
  m. Frances Malham (dau/heir of Col. Francis Malham of Elslack)
2. Timothy Blackburn
  A. daughter
  m. _ Wilson of Eshton
3. Francis Blackburn of St. Nicholas
  m. Jane Inman
  A. Francis Blackburn of St. Nicholas (alderman of Richmond)
m. Alice Comber (bpt 15.03.1680, d 11.1740, dau of Rev. Thomas Comber, m2. William Kirkby of Ashlack)
  i. Francis Blackburn (b 1704-5, d 07.08.1787, rector of Richmond, archdeacon of Clebeland)
  m. (1744) Hannah Hotham of York (widow of Joshua Elsworth of Richmond)
  a. Francis Blackburn (d 21.01.1816, vicar of Brignal)
  m1. ??
  (1) daughter
  m. (16.01.1808) William Frend
  (2)+ other issue - Francis (d 11.06.1829. vicar of Weston-uper-mare), son (in America)
  m2. ?? (d 1836)
  b. William Blackburn of London
m. Hannah Wilson (dau of William Wilson of Ayton)
  (1)+ issue - William Theophilus, Rachel Elizabeth, Dorothea Frances
  c. Jane Blackburn
  m. (1774) John Disney (vicar of Swindenby)
  d. Sarah Blackburn
  m. John Hall (vicar of Chew, rector of Dundry, m2. (sp) sister of Sir _ Ball (Governor of Malta))
  (1) Hannah Mary Hall
  m. _ Pointon of Sheffield
  (2) Sarah Hall
  m. Peter Coates of Stanton Drew
  (3) Theophila Hall
  m. _ Wright of London
  e.+ other sisue - Thomas of Durham (d unm 16.06.1782), Alice (d young)
  ii. Thomas Blackburn (d unm)
  iii. Jane Blackburn
  m. (by 1737) Sir Onesipherous Paul of Rodborough, Bart
4.+ other issue - Roger, Robert

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