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Families covered: Boyd of Bonshaw, Boyd of Carlung, Boyd of Kilmarnock, Boyd of Pitcon

The first Robert shown here is often identified as the progenitor of the Boyd families although that is by no means certain. He was named Boyd from his complexion, 'boidh' meaning fair. He is often shown as son of Simon, brother of Walter, 3rd Hereditary Steward of Scotland, but that appears to have been both a misidentification of that Simon and presumptuous as to Robert's relationship with that Simon.
Sir Robert 'Boyd' FitzAlan (a 1205) may (but may not) have been the father of ...
1. Robert Boyd (a 1263) may (but may not) have been the father of ...
  A. Robert Boyd (a 1296) may (but may not) have been the father of ...
  i. Sir Robert Boyd, 1st of Kilmarnock (d c1333)
  a. Sir Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock
  (1) Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock (a 1409)
  m. Alice Gifford (dau of Hugh Gifford of Yester)
(A) Sir Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock (d 07.07.1432)
  m. Joanna Montgomery (probably sister (not dau) of Sir John Montgomery of Ardrossan)
  (i) Sir Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock (d 09.07.1439)
  (a) Robert Boyd, 1st Lord of Kilmarnock, Governor of Scotland, Chamberlain (d before 14.10.1482)
  m. Mariota Maxwell (d 1473, dau of Sir Robert Maxwell of Calderwood)
((1)) Sir Thomas Boyd, Earl of Arran (dvp 1470)
  He was attainted along with his father and forfeited his earldom.
  m. Mary Stewart (dau of James Stewart, King James II of Scots)
  ((A)) James Boyd, 2nd Lord of Kilmarnock (b c1468, dsp unm 1483-4)
  ((B)) Margaret Boyd (dsp 1533)
  m1. Alexander Forbes, 4th Lord (dsp before 06.05.1491)
  m2. (c09.08.1509) David Kennedy, 1st Earl of Cassillis (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  ((2)) Alexander Boyd 'of Bonshaw', 3rd Lord of Kilmarnock (a 06.1508)
Alexander is referred to by TSP as being the 3rd Lord but was apparently not recognised as such in his lifetime. On the basis that he was later accepted as 'de jure' Lord, we follow TSP but note that, as BE1883 does not, the numbering of the Lords is not hereafter agreed by the main sources.
  m. Janet Colville (dau of Sir Robert Colville of Ochiltree)
  ((A)) Robert Boyd, 4th Lord of Kilmarnock (d before 10.05.1558)
  m1. (before 1518) Helen Somerville (b c1489, dau of Sir John Somerville of Quothquan, 1st of Cambusnethan)
  ((i)) Robert Boyd, 5th Lord of Kilmarnock (b c1517, d 03.01.1589-90)
  m. (mcrt 1535) Margaret Colquhoun (d 08.1601, dau of George Colquhoun, 5th of Glens)
((ii)) Margaret Boyd
  m. John Montgomery, younger of Lainshaw (dvpsp before 10.02.1560-1)
  m2. (before 12.1542) Elizabeth Napier
  m3. (before 02.1548-9) Marion Colquhoun (dau of Sir John Colhquoun of Luss)
  ((B)) Thomas Boyd of Pitcon (d 1547) - continued below
  m. Marion Fairlie (a 11.10.1580, dau of John Fairlie of that ilk)
  ((C)) Adam Boyd of Penkill & Trochrigg (d after 21.11.1577)
  m. (before 12.1531) Helen Kennedy (dau of John Kennedy, 2nd Lord)
((D)) Margaret Boyd
  m. George Colquhoun, 5th of Glens
  ((E)) Euphemia Boyd
  m. John Logie of Logiealmond
  ((i)) Margaret Logie, heiress of Logiealmond --
  m. (1493) Thomas Hay of Logie (d Flodden 09.09.1513) --
  ((F)) Mary Boyd (b 1476) --
  p. James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran (b c1475, d 03.1529) --
  ((G))+ 3 other sons
  ((3)) Archibald Boyd of Nariston, later of Bonshaw (d before 04.05.1507)
  m. Christian Mure (a 28.01.1523)
  ((A)) Robert Boyd of Bonshaw (d before 28.01.1523)
((i)) John Boyd of Bonshaw (a 1545) had issue
  ((B)) Patrick Boyd
  ((C)) daughter
  m1. Hugh Mure of Pokellie
  m2. (c14.12.1493) Archibald Craufurd of Craufurdland
((D)) Elizabeth Boyd --
  m. Thomas Douglas, younger of Lochleven (dvp) --
  ((E)) Margaret Boyd --
  m. John Mure of Rowallan (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  p. James Stewart, King James IV of Scots (b 17.03.1473, d Flodden 09.09.1513) --
  ((4)) John Boyd (a 10.1482)
  ((5)) Elizabeth Boyd (d before 1498) --
  m. (04.03.1467-8) Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus, Chancellor ("Bell the Cat", b c1448, d c12.1513) --
  ((6)) Annabella Boyd see note ## below --
  m. Sir John Gordon of Lochinvar (d after 05.1517) --
  ((7)) Margaret Boyd (a 08.1502)
m. Robert Boyd of Badenheath
  (b) Sir Alexander Boyd of Drumcol (d 22.11.1469)
  m. Janet Kennedy (d c1471)
  ((1)) Alexander Boyd (d before 08.1502)
  (c) Janet Boyd
m. (before 20.07.1454) Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood (d 1490)
  (d) Margaret Boyd --
  m. Alexander Montgomery, 1st Lord (d 1470) --
  (e) Annabella Boyd probably of this generation
  We provisionally show Annabella as different from the one who married Sir John Gordon of Lochinver (see ## above) but she may have been that one.
  m. (09.12.1449) Edmund Hay of Talla (d before 13.10.1466)
  (ii) William Boyd, Abbot of Kilwinning
  (iii) Margaret Boyd possibly of this generation --
  m. Patrick Dunbar of Cumnock & Mochrum --
  (2) William Boyd (a 1372) ancestor of Boyds of Badenheath
  (3) Robert Boyd of Ardneill (aka Portincross) (a 1372)
  b.+ other issue - Alan Boyd (d Perth 1339), James (a 1342)



Thomas Boyd 'of Linn' of Pitcon (d 1547) - continued above
m. Marion Fairlie (a 11.10.1580, dau of John Fairlie or Fairly of that ilk, m2. James Stewart of Bute)
1. Thomas Boyd of Pitcon (a 1568)
  A. Thomas Boyd of Pitcon (d c05.1617)
  m. Isabel Glen (dau of William Glen of Barr)
  i. Robert Boyd of Pitcon (b 1617, d c1650, 2nd son)
  m. (1633) Anne Blair (dau of Bryce Blair of that ilk) wife of Robert, probably mother of ...
  a. Bryce Boyd of Pitcon (d c1660)
  m. Isabell Henderson (dau of _ Henderson of Baikie, m2. Alexander Crawfurd of Fergushill)
(1) Thomas Boyd of Pitcon
  m. Agnes Scott
  (A) Robert Boyd of Pitcon (d by 1725)
  (i) Thomas Boyd, last of Pitcon (d after 12.02.1783)
  (a)+ issue - sons (dsp?, including Thomas), 4 daughters
  (B) John Boyd probably of this generation
John is not mentioned in Paterson's notes on 'Boyd of Pitcon' (volume 1, Parish of Dalry) but he is mentioned as being of this family in the notes on 'Cuninghames and Boyds of Carlung' (volume 2, Parish of West Kilbride).
  m. Marion Cuninghame of Carlung (dau of Henry Cuninghame of Carlung)
  (i) John Boyd of Carlung & Corse (d 1786)
  m. (1720) Elizabeth Hunter (dau of Robert Hunter of Kirkland)
  (a) John Boyd of Carlung (d 1792)
  (b) William Boyd (dvp young)
  (c) Jean Boyd
m. (before 1792) Robert Hunter of Kirkland (cousin)
  (d) Marion Boyd
  m. Robert Steele (minister in Greenock)
  (C) Jane Boyd
  m. Andrew Macredie of Perceton (d 1764)
  (D) Dorothea Boyd probably of this generation
  m. George Hunter of Kirkland
  b. Annabella Boyd probably of this generation
  m. Rev. Robert Hodgert or Hodzart
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (d young), (b c1610, d c1625), Annabell
2. Richard Boyd (a 1568)

Main source(s):
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(2) For lower section (uploaded 15.12.07) : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p420+)
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