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Families covered: Beler of Criche, Beler of Gunnelveston, Bellers of Kirkby Bellers, Beler of (Eye) Kettleby
[Much of the following was first released within BZmisc02 on 07.02.09 (using the Leicestershire Visitation?). It was expanded on 09.05.13 (using Commoners & Mundy?) after which we left the note that "we suggest that the next few generations should all be viewed with caution. They will be investigated further in due course." It was investigated, reviewed and then redone on 01.03.23 using Nichols & BLG1862 when it was moved to this page. It is arguable that we should identify this page as DRAFT and not release it into 'the database proper'. However, we believe that there is little chance of our making a significant improvement to it in the near future and that it is 'good enough' to be shown in the main database.]

Hamon de Beler of Eye Kettleby (a 1160)
(1) The early generations reported below should (still) be viewed with some caution as it looks as though there are too many generations. [This is even though we accept that, whilst most families in recent times have 3 or 4 generations in 100 years, some families in olden times did have 5 or even 6 generations in a century.] The repetition of names between different generations, and the likelihood that some people married more than once, is probably the cause of the confusion. We suspect that several efforts have been made to sort this out but we are not convinced that a 'definitive pedigree' has yet been produced for this family. We do not wish to give a false impression that we have managed to sort it all out, hence this note, but we have tried to capture all of the data provided by the sources we have identified below, albeit trying to avoid clear duplication.
(2) The most recent sources we have used were both released by the family but, whilst BLG1862 (which provides a pedigree back to this Hamon) appears to have relied on Nichols, BLG1879 ('Bellairs of Deeping Fen') starts with William of Stoke d'Albini (d 1570) and reports only that "this very ancient family claims descent from (this) Hamon". We do not know whether that reflected concern about the earlier part of the pedigree or was to reduce the length of the article so that it would cost less.
(3) Nichols, Commoners and, for the early generations, BLG1862 spell the family name as Beler. Visitation (i.e. Leicestershire 1619) & Mundy spell the name as Bellers. To keep things simple, we generally keep to Beler.
1. Sampson de Beler of Kettleby generation omitted by BLG1862
  A. Ralph de Beler of Eye Kettleby generation omitted by Visitation which shows Sampson as the husband of ...
  m. Emma de Folvile (dau of Sir Walter de Folvile of Ashby Folvile)
  i. William de Beler of Kettleby (a 1235, 1273)
  m. Isabel d'Angervile (dau of Sir Robert d'Angervile) named Mabell by Visitation & Mundy
  a. Hamon de Beler of Kettleby (a 1288) generation omitted by BLG1862
  (1) Visitation mentions Hamon, showing him as father of Sir Richard Bellers, but does not follow this line any further though we suspect that it confused the lines of Hamon and his brother William. See note #1# below.
(2) Except as reported below, Mundy supports Nichols in this line.
(3) BLG1862 shows
  m. Mabell Mansell (dau of Sir _ Mansell)
  (1) Ralph de Beler of Kettleby (a 1288) generation omitted by BLG1862
m. Sibell Perers (a 1290, dau of John de Perers or Perrers)
  (A) Hamon de Beler of Kettleby (a 1288, d 1304)
  Mundy shows Hamond dsp with it being his brother William who was father of ...
  (i) Sir Ralph Beler of Kettleby (d before 1345)
  m. Agatha Bingham (a 1345, dau of Sir Richard Bingham of Bingham)
  (a) Sir Henry Beler (a 1388) generation omitted by BLG1862 & Mundy
  m1. Lettice Prest (dau/coheir of Walter Prest of Melton) @@ see here @@
  ((1)) Sir James Bellers of Kirkby, Kettleby & Sisonby
Nichols shows James's wife as Margaret, dau of Nicholas Barnard, and his step-mother as a different Margaret, dau of Nicholas Barnard of Hoffinham by Ellen, sister of Sir Phiip Limbrey & aunt/heir of Elizabeth Limbrey. Mundy shows his wife as Margaret, dau of Nicholas Bernake by Ellen, dau of Phillip Lymbury. BLG1862 shows her as ...
  m. Margaret Barnard (dau of Nicholas Barnard of Hoffingham)
  ((A)) John Bellers of Kirkby, Kettleby & Sisonby (a 1461)
  m. Elizabeth Sutton or Houby (dau/heir of Anthony Sutton or Houby, m2. Thomas Segrave)
  ((i)) John Bellers of Kettleby Beler (Kirby Bellers) (dsp 1475)
  m. Katharine (m2. Thomas Digby)
((ii)) Marina or Mary (or Marian) Beler
Nichols shows Marina as m1. Sir Thomas Green of Greensnorton, with daughters Anne, Elizabeth & Johanna, m2. Nicholas Griffin. BLG1862 & Mundy shows Marina m. Sir Thomas Greene (daughters not mentioned). Visitation shows Mary as married to Sir Thomas Billne (daughters not mentioned). BE1883 ('Griffin of Braybroke Castle') suggests that Marina m1. Thomas Green of Green's Norton m2. Nicholas Griffin of Braybrooke and that it was Nicholas who was father of her 3 daughters. Noting that some cross-references to her daughters support the view that the father of her daughters was Thomas Green, we show those daughters under ...
  m1. Sir Thomas Greene of Green's Norton
m2. Nicholas Griffin of Braybrooke
  ((iii)) Johanna (Joane) Bellers
  m. William Villiers of Brokesby
  ((iv)) Eleanor (Ellyn) Bellers (a 1475)
  m. William Ruskyn of Melton Mowbray
  ((v))+ other issue - Anthony (dsp), Margaret (prioress of Langley) 
((B)) Joane Bellers shown by Mundy as of this generation
  m1. Simon Digby of Tilton
  m2. Thomas Seyton
  m2. Margaret Barnard (dau of Nicholas Barnard (Bernake) of Hoffingham (by Ellen, sister of Sir Philip Limbrey), aunt/heir of Elizabeth Limbrey)
  (B) William de Beler
  Nichols shows a William as younger son of Ralph & Sibell but does not follow his line. As reported above, Mundy shows him as father of Ralph (m. Agatha Perers) rather than William. [This may also be the William shown by Visitation as father of Richard (m. Agatha Vichan). See just below.] Provisionally, we show this as the William shown by BLG1862 as younger son of William by Isabel Dangervile.
  b. William de Beler
  #1# William is not mentioned by Nichols but is by Visitation.
  (1) Richard Bellers
  m. Agatha Vichan (dau of Sir Richard Vichan)
  Visitation shows Richard & Agatha as parents of James father (by Margaret Barnack) of the John who m. Elizabeth (dau of Anthony Sutton alas Howbey) whom we, following Nichols, show above.
  ii. Roger Beler, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 1277) this line is supported by Nichols with some support from BLG1862
  m. Alice (d 1277)
  a. William de Beler of Kirkby (a 1286, 3rd son)
  m. Amicia
  (1) Roger de Beler of Kirkby (Leicestershire) & Criche (Derbyshire) (d 02.1325/6)
The following comes mostly from Commoners which supports the male line shown above.
  m. Alice (d 1308, dau of William son of Peter de Wakebrugge by Juliana, sister of Hubert FtzRalph of Criche)
  (A) Sir Roger Beler of Criche, etc. (d 1380-1)
  m1. Margaret de Ryvers (2nd dau of Sir Richard de Ryvers de Ripariis of Ryvers Hall)
  (i) Margaret Beler
  m1. Sir Robert de Swillington of Ryvers Hall (d 1391-2)
  m2. (sp) John de Aylesford
  m2. (sp) Margaret Grey (dau of John Grey, Lord of Codnor)
  m3. (sp) Elizabeth (d 1362-3) mentioned by Commoners but not by Nichols
m4. Catharine (d 1381-2)
  (ii) Thomasine Beler (d unm 1381-2)
  m5. (sp) Mary (d 1391-2, m2. John Seyntelere)
  (B) Thomas Beler of Gunnelveston, Nottinghamshire
  m. (1346-7) Margaret de Ryvers (3rd dau of Sir Richard de Ryvers de Ripariis of Ryvers Hall)
  (i) Alice Beler
  m. Sir Richard de Whatton
  (ii) Elizabeth Beler of Gunnelveston, etc. (dsp 1361-2)
  m. _ de Dreby
  (C) Avice (Anice) Beler
  m. Sir Ralph Cromwell
  (2) William Beler of Ingwarby (a 1286)
  b.+ other issue (a 1288) - Roger of Kirkby, Ralph of Kirkby

Main source(s): 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 1, 1795, 'Pedigree of Beller of Eye-Kettleby and Kirkby', p278), Commoners (vol 4, the section on De Ryvers within 'Whatton of Leicestershire', p230+), Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Villers'), Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, 'Leeke of Wyerhall in Edmonton')
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