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(1) The following family is often shown with its name as 'de Ripariis'. That was just the latinized version of the name which is given as Ryvers by Commoners, Rivers by TCP, and elsewhere as Revers or Reviers. TCP & Commoners both start with the following Richard of whom TCP reports: "His descent is unknown. Possibly he descended from the family of Reviers, Earls of Devon and lords of the Isle of Wight, in which the names Richard and Baldwin alternated for some generations."
(2) TCP & Commoners disagree on the pedigree of this family. We follow TCP but report what is shown by Commoners.
Richard de Rivers (d before 15.03.1221/2)
m1. ??
m2. (1200?) Joan de Port (dau of Adam de Port, widow of John Marshall)
1. John de Rivers of East Mersey
  TCP mentions this John (in a note) as "of Richard's family by his 2nd marriage". Commoners shows a John of this generation but as younger brother of Richard (son of Matilda/Maud) who, apart from being father of Lord John, was also father of Richard of Westhrop & Hampton, father of John & Richard( both dsp).
2.+ other issue?
Commoners mentions only 1 wife for Richard, Matilda d 1243, dau/coheir of Richard de Lucie of Dias). TCP identifies her as shown below.
m3. (1214) Maud de Beauchamp (dau of William de Beauchamp (by Maude, sister/coheir of Herbert de Lucy, grandson of Richard de Lucy, the Justiciar), widow of Geoffrey de Lascelles (son of Geoffrey de Cella, Seneschal of Poiitiers)
3. Sir Richard de Rivers of Ongar (d before 25.04.1243, eldest son of this marriage)
  m. (by 02.11.1241) Margery Biset (d by 12.1256, dau/coheir of John Biset of Kidderminster (by Alice, dau/heir of Thomas Basset, sister of Philippa, Countess of Warwick), elder sister of the wives of Ralph de Nevillle and Hugh de Plessis)
  We shall review this connection when we carry out our review of the Basset family.
  A. Sir John de Rivers of Ongar (b 1239-40, d before 01.04.1294)
  Commoners shows this John (father of the 1st Lord) as brother rather than son of Richard.
  (m1. ? Mary de Tany (dau of Richard de Tany))
  m(2). (by 1268) Maud (sister of John de Craye)
  i. John de Rivers, 1st Lord Rivers of Ongar (b by 1268, a 1321)
  Assuming that TCP is correct, Commoners appears to confuse the different generations of Johns, showing Lord John (d 1311-2) as father of John (d 1314-5) father of John (dsp 1358-9). BE1883 (Ripariis or De Rivers) starts with this John (d 1311), showing him as living in 1339 and father of Christiana (m. J. Bulkeley) and Edmund (father of Katherine who m1. William Lekhull, m2. John Hall).
  a. John de Rivers (dvp c11.1310)
  m. Helen (a 1325)
  (1) John de Rivers, 2nd Lord (b c1305, dsp)
  b. Edmund de Rivers
  (1) Katharine de Rivers
  m1. William de Lekehull
(A)+ issue (dsp) - John (d 1439), Thomas (d 1455)
  m2. John Hall of Sussex (d 1433)
  (C) Drew Hall
  c. Sir Richard de Ryvers de Ripariis of Ryvers Hall, Boxted, Tormerton, etc. (d 1362-3)
  Richard is not mentioned by TCP but is identified by Commoners (which does not mention Edmund) as a younger son of the 1st Lord.
  m1. Maude (dau of Sir John de Breton)
  (1) Margaret de Ryvers (dsp 1375-6)
  m2. Matilda de Heriz (dau of Sir John de Heriz of South Winfield son/heir of John brother/heir of Henry grandson/heir of Robert brother/heir of William de Heriz of Wyverton in Nottinghamshire)
  (2) Margaret de Ryvers (2nd of the name)
  m. Sir Roger Beler of Criche (d 1380-1)
(3) Margaret de Ryvers (3rd of the name)
  m. (1346-7) Thomas Beler of Gunnelveston
  (4) Sarah de Ryvers, heiress of Dodyngton
  m. John Garlek
  (A) Walter Garlek of Dodyngton (dsp)
  m3. Emma
  (5) Sir Thomas de Ryvers of Tormerton, Westhrop etc (dsp 1405-6)
  m. Isabel (d 1436-7)
  (6) Henry de Ryvers of Tormerton, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (dsp 1401-2)
  d. Christian de Rivers
  m. Robert de Bulkeley of Eaton
  ii. Joan de Rivers presumed of this marriage
  m. Sir William de Tracy
  m(3) ? Christian
  B.+ other issue - son (d young?), Maud
4. Sir Baldwin Rivers (d 1256)
5. ? John de Rivers
  TCP notes that a John, father of another John, may have been of this marriage. Commoners reports that there was (definitely) a John of this generatiion and that he was of Ongar and that it was his son John who was the 1st Lord. See note at the top of the page.
  A. John de Rivers



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Thomas Ireland of Wem, co. Salop
m. Martha or Sarah Holland (dau of Rev. Thomas Holland)
1. John Ireland (author)
  m. Mary Murray
  A.+ 4 children (d young)
2. Philip Ireland
  m. Mary Bickerton
  A.+ issue - Thomas, John, Philip, Richard, Blanch, Sarah
3. Joseph Ireland
  m. Abigail Lawrence (dau of John Lawrence by Abigail Wright)
  A. Edward Ireland
  m. _ Saxton (dau/coheir of _ Saxton of Duffield)
  i.+ issue - Edward, Thomas, Marion, Elizabeth
4. Roger Ireland
  m. Elizabeth Ireland
  A.+ issue - Thomas, Randle, Roger, Mary, Sarah
5. Martha Ireland (d unm)

Main source(s):
(1) For Rivers : TCP (Rivers), Commoners (vol IV, the section on De Ryvers within Whatton of Leicestershire)
(2) For Ireland : FMG (vol 1, MS81, 'Holland', p180)
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