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Families covered: Ribton of Stillorgan, Rutter of Denbigh, Rutter of Mitcham, Riggs of Riggsdale, Reynes of Coneyburrows Park, Reynes of Tudeley, Ruskin of Melton Mowbray, Rayson of Leicester, Rayson of London

William Ribton of Sillough (Sollough) in Fingall, co. Dublin
m. Anne (d 1757-8)
1. Sir George Ribton of the Grove in Stillorgan, co. Dublin, Sheriff then Mayor of Dublin, 1st Bart (d 09.03.1762)
m. Anne Fisher
  A. Sir George Ribton of the Grove in Stillorgan, 2nd Bart (b 25.05.1740, d 1806-7)
  m1. (c03.1768/1770) Mary Grogan (d 01.02.1781, dau of John Grogan of Johnstown by Catherine, dau of Andrew Knox of Rathmacnee)
  i.+ 3 daughters
  m2. (1781-6) Jane Sheppey (dau/coheir of John Sheppey of Rockfield by Jane, dau of Rev. Edward Drury)
  iv. Sir John Sheppey Ribton of Woodbrook, co. Dublin, 3rd Bart (b 07.02.1797, d 01.05.1877, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (09.04.1818) Mary Anne Hayes (dau/heir of Jeremiah Hayes of Killuragh)
  m2. (20.01.1841) Emily Quinan (d 16.01.1887, dau of Thomas Quinan, relict of Walter Hussey Hill)
  v. George Ribton had issue
  m. Juliana Drury (niece of Admiral Drury)
  vi. Louisa Ribton
  m. Robert Reid
  vii. Jane Ribton
  m. Cecil Crampton (rector of Killucan)
  viii. Georgina Ribton
  m. John Ferguson (cousin of Sir Robert Ferguson, Bart)
  ix. Sophia Ribton (d 12.1821)
  m. (1820) (George) Gore (Dean, son of Arthur, 2nd Earl of Arran)
  x.+ other issue - George (dvp 04.1796), Emilia jane, Eliza, Charlotte
  B. Jane Ribton
  m. George Bambrick
  C. Eliza Ribton
  m. Robert Adair of Holybrook



Reginald Rutter of Denbigh & Nanmor
m. Margaret (dau/coheir of John Wynn ap Thomas ap Rhys ap Howel ap Rhys ap Howel Vychan by Gwen, dau of John ap Ifan)
1. Ellis Rutter
  A. Reginald Rutter of Denbigh (d 1675, Captain)
  m. Blanche
  i. Ffoulk Rutter of Gwern Glefryd, Flintshire (bur 28.02.1716)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 14.12.1716, dau of Gruffydd Lloyd)
  a. Ellis Rutter (bpt 1663, d by 1747, vicar of Dwygyfylchi)
  m. Mary (d by 1763, dau of John Thomas)
  (1) Ffoulk Rutter of Denbigh (bpt 30.09.1708, glover, 2nd son)
  m. (1738) Margaret (dau of R. Hughes)
  (A) Thomas Rutter of Mold, later of London (bpt 25.08.1739)
  m. Mary
  (i) John Rutter of Mitcham, Surrey (b c1769, d 1827)
  m. Louise Sewell
  (ii) Thomas Rutter (b c1773, d 1821)
  m. Mary Sewell
  (a) Phoebe Rutter
  (b) Maria Rutter
  m. William Rivers Fletcher
  (iii) Isaac Rutter
  m. Elizabeth Campbell
  (B) John Rutter of Mitcham, Surrey (b c1742, dsp 1826)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1703, d by 1759, vicar of Llanynys), Margaret, Elizabeth
  ii. Margaret Rutter
  m. Peter Edwards (d 1703?, vicar of Llannefydd)
2. Ellen Rutter
  m. Thomas Davies of Halkin (a 1642, son of Hugh Davies)



Edward Riggs of Riggsdale, co. Cork father of Frances, presumed also of ...
1. Edward Riggs of Riggsdale (d 1702, MP) the first mentioned by TCB
  m. Anne Allen (dau of Stephen Allen)
  A. Allen Riggs
  i. 2 daughters
  B. Edward Riggs of Riggsdale (d 1741, MP)
  m. (12.1715) Anne Medlicott (dau of Thomas Medlicott of Burfield (sb Binfield?))
  i. Edward Riggs of the Middle Temple 'of Killybegs' (d 1743)
m. (12.1741) Margaret Pigott (dau of Capt. Southwell Pigott of Capard)
  a. Anne Riggs (d 24.06.1781)
  m. (08.1765) Sir John Miller, later Riggs-Miller, of Ballycasey, 1st Bart (d 28.05.1798)
  ii. Anne Riggs probably of this generation
  m. (04.1739) Colclough Pigott of Capard (dsp 1779)
  C. Ruth Riggs (d before 1727)
  m. (1707) (Caleb) Falkiner
2. Frances Riggs probably of this generation
  m. Swithen Smart
  A. Susanna Smart (heir)
  m. (1693) Gershom Herrick of Shippool (b 1665, d 1730)



MGH reports that the following family "descended from those of the name at Mereworth" and identifies its arms as "Chequy or and gules, a canton ermine, on a bend azure, a griffin's head erased or between two birds argent".
William Reynes of Tudeley
1. Thomas Reynes of Tudeley
  A. Andrew Reynes of Brenchley (3rd son?)
  m. Mary Allharm (dau of John Allharm of Marden)
  i. Edward Reynes, later of Lewes then Coneyburrows Park in Barcombe, Sussex (b 1592-3, d 26.08.1677, of Staple Inn)
  m1. Anne Stonestreat (d 09.07.1632, dau of William Stonestreat of Lewes)
  a. Mary Reynes (dsp)
  m. (02.06.1646) John Awcocke
  b.+ other issue (d unm) - Richard (a 1680), Anne (bpt 25.07.1631)
  m2. Anne Rowe (dau of John Rowe of Lewes (son of John of Tunbridge by Sidney Drew) by Susan, dau of William Curlewes)
  d. John Reynes of Coneyburrows Park (b 1635, d unm 23.10.1687)
  e. Susannah Reynes of Coneyburrows Park (b 1638, d 05.04.1704)
  m. (c08.1672) Thomas Medley of Buxted & Friston (b 1645, bur 23.02.1728)
  i.+ other issue - Andrew, Robert, Mary (d infant?), Elizabeth, Anne, Mary
  B.+ other issue - Jeremy, John, William (dsp), Thomas (dsp)



William Ruskin or Ruskyn of Melton Mowbray
m. Eleanor (Ellyn) Beler (a 1475, dau of John Beler of Kirkby, sister/coheir of John)
1. Jasper Ruskin of Melton Mowbray generation shown by Nichols but not by Mundy
  m. Katharine
  A. Anne Ruskin
  Nichols shows Anna as married to John Leke of Edmonton & Kirton. Mundy shows as follows.
  m1. John Leek of Wyerhall
  m2. John Kirton of Edmonton
  B. Margaret Ruskin
  m. Richard Lacy of Halifax and/or Melton Mowbray
  C.+ other issue - Jasper (dsp), Catherine (nun), Elizabeth (dsp)



William Rayson (or Reson) of Newbury, Berkshire
m. _ Lasenby of Whitewell
1. William Rayson or Rasisn (dsp)
2. Richard Rayson of London (d 1620, grocer)
  m. Magdalen Van Cashe (dau/heir of John Van Cashe of Mecklin in Brabant (by dau/cobheir of _ Coline), m2. _ Hind of Leicester)
  A. Anthony Rayson (d infant)
  B. George Rayson of Leicester (b 1583-4, d 18.08.1676)
m. Elizabeth Ironmonger (dau of Henry Ironmonger of Burton-on-the-Woulds)
  i. Henry Rayson of Barrow-on-Soare (b c1628, a 1682, 2nd son)
  m1. Anne Ing (dsp, dau of Alexander Ing of Leicester)
  m2. Mary Tipler (dau of William Tipler of Hungarton)
  a. Henry Rayson (d infant)
b Elizabeth Rayson (b c1674) probably the Isabella (d 21.10.1738) who married ...
  m. (1708) John Dalby of Castle Donington (b c1678, d 24.10.1734)
  c.+ other issue (a 1682) - Henry (b 1673), George (b c1676), William (b c1679), Mary (b c1677)
  ii. George Rayson of Leicester (d c1674)
  m. Dorothy SIsson of Ireland
  a. Elizabeth Rayson possibly the Isabel (d c1668) who married ...
  m. Tyringham Stephens (b 05.1635, bur 21.06.1710, archdeacon of Leicester)
  b.+ other issue - George (d unm), Dorothy
  iii. William Rayson of London (b c1631, a 1682)
  m. Susanna Davenport (dau of William Davenport of London)
  a. Elizabeth Rayson
  iv.+ other issue (d young) - Thomas, John
  C. Anne Rayson
  m. Thomas Brown
  D. Magdalen Rayson
  m. Richard Chapman of Leiceester
  E. Mary Rayson
  m. Philip Cowper of Leicester
3. Joan Rayson
  m. _ Moore of London

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