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Families covered: Allin of Somerleyton, Anguish of Moulton, Atslow of Downham, Auber (of the French Hospital)

Robert Allin
1. Sir Thomas Allin, 1st Bart of Somerleyton (b 1613, d 1686, Admiral)
  m1. Alice Whiting (dau of Captain _ Whiting, RN)
  A. Sir Thomas Allin, 2nd Bart of Somerleyton (dsp 1696)
  m. (1672) Mary Caldwall (dau of John or Thomas Caldwall or Colwall of London)
  B. Ann Allin (b 1636-7, d unm 31.05.1664)
  C. Alice Allin
  m. Edmund Anguish of Moulton @1@ below
  m2. (1682) Elizabeth Anguish (sister of Edmund Anguish) @2@ below
2. Mary Allin (d 1672)
  m. _ Uther (Rear Admiral)
3. Alice Allin
  m. Robert Ashbey



Commoners reports that "This family, originally from the isle of Angus, (whence the surname of Anguish is supposed to have derived), ....".
Richard Anguish of Moulton, Norfolk (b 1572-3, d 14.02.1627)
m. (1603) Aubrey Gilbert (b c1580, d 18.12.1626, dau of Thomas Gilbert of Borlingham)
1. Thomas Anguish of Moulton (d before 28.06.1653)
  m. Elizabeth Anguish (dau of Edmund Anguish of Melton, m2. Talmach Castell of Raveningham)
  A. Edmund Anguish of Moulton
m. Alice Allin (dau of Thomas Allin of Leistoffe & Somerleyton) @1@ above
  i. Sir Richard Anguish, later Allin, 1st Bart of Somerleyton, Suffolk (d 19.10.1725)
  m. Frances Ashhurst (dau of Sir Henry Ashhurst, Bart of Waterstock)
  a. Sir Thomas Allin, 2nd Bart of Somerleyton, Sheriff of Suffolk (d unm 11.08.1764)
  b. Sir Ashhurst Allin, 3rd Bart of Somerleyton (d 1770, rectror of Blunston-cum-Flixton, 4th son)
  m. Thomasin Norris
  (1) Sir Thomas Allin, 4th Bart of Somerleyton (d unm 1794)
  (2) Frances Allen (d unm)
  c. Diana Anguish or Allin
  m. Thomas Henry Ashurst of Waterstock
d.+ other issue (dsp) - Henry, Richard, William
  ii. Edmund Anguish of Moulton (b c1660, d 1708)
  m. Mary Betts (d before 21.07.1707, dau of William Betts of Yoxford or Gosford)
  a. Thomas Anguish of Halesworth (d 23.04.1763, minister)
  m. Mary Elmy of Beccles
  (1) Thomas Anguish (d 31.12.1785)
  m. Sarah Henley of Docking
  (A) Thomas Anguish of Somerleyton (d unm 1810)
  (B) George Anguish of Somerleyton Hall (b 07.02.1764, prebendary of Norwich)
  (C) Catherine Anguish (d 08.10.1837)
  m. (1788) Francis Godolphin Osborne, 5th Duke of Leeds (b 29.01.1751, d 31.01.1799)
  (D)+ other issue - Charles (d unm), Ann, Charlotte, Maria (d 1814), Isabella (d 1788)
  b. Edmund Anguish of London
  m. Rebecca Betts
c. Mary Anguish of Beccles
  d. Dorothy Anguish
  m. Rev. Thomas Symonds
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1663, d young), Allin
  B. Anne Anguish
  m. John Smith
  C. Alice Anguish (bpt 1634)
  m. Augustine Castle of Raveningham
  D. Elizabeth Anguish
  m. (1682) Sir Thomas Allin of Lowesoft, 1st Bart @2@ above
  E.+ other issue - Richard (dsp before 04.02.1670-1), Mary, Katherine
2. Katherin Anguish
  m. Richard Anguish (son of Edmund of Great Melton)



William Atteslough or Atslow of Eversholt, Bedfordshire
m. Anne Levenham (dau of John Levenham of Brickelsworth (Lelam of Brixworth?))
1. Edward Atslow of Downham, Essex
  m. Frances Wingfield (dau of John Wingfield of Suffolk)
  A. Henry Atslow of Downham
  m. Ellen Church (dau of Edmond Church of Maldon)
  i. Edward Atslow of Downham (b c1604)
  m. (after 1633) ?? Paris
  a. Helen Atslow
  m. Sir William Andrews, Bart
  B. Elizabeth Atslow
  m. Edward Francis of Petworth
  C. Anne Atslow
  m. Edmond Church of Maldon



Peter Auber ("Huguenot Refugee from Ecuquetot, near Montivilliers (six miles from Havre de Grace) in Upper Normandy")
1. Peter Auber (b 1694, d 28.09.1766, "a Director of the French Hospital")
  m. (25.11.1716) Marie Delmare (b 13.01.1698, d 01.10.1766, dau of Peter Delamere & Marie Viard)
  A. James Auber (b 30.07.1730, d 24.09.1810, "a Director of the French Hospital", weaver, 3rd son)
  m. (1754) Anne Mary Galhié (b 1731, d 02.10.1805, dau of Stephen Galhié by Marie, dau of Michael Berton of the Liberty of the Tower)
  i. Peter Auber (b 31.07.1756, d 16.05.1811, "a Director of the French Hospital")
  m. (10.09.1788) Anne Page (d 10.12.1844)
  a. Peter Auber (b 23.07.1789, d 14.12.1849, Chief Secretary of the H.E.I.C.) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (04.12.1815) Mary Jane Hull (d 05.121873, dau of James Watson Hull)
a. Charles Peter Auber (b 30.07.1790, d 08.06.1825, Captain)
  a. Henry Peter Auber (b 04.03.1792, d 12.06.1821) had issue
  m. (25.08.1817) Jane Auber (cousin) @@ below
  ii. James Auber (b 02.02.1759, d 31.05.1797)
  m. (19.07.1788) Anne Greaves
  a.+ issue - James (b 18.07.1790, d 21.07.1790), John (b 27.12.1792, d 01.01.1793), Mary Anne (b 11.05.1789)
  iii. John Aubur (b 01.01.1764, d 19.02.1798, Rector of Blaisdon)
  m. (31.07.1793) Jane Grove (b c1777, d 27.10.1800, dau of Rev. Hugh Grove of Melbury)
  a. John Auber (b 17.03.1795, d infant)
  b. Jane Auber (b 05.02.1796, d 1866)
  m. (25.07.1817) Henry Peter Auber (cousin) @@ above
  c. Johannah Maria Auber (b 13.05.1798, d 1858)
  m. (18.08.1823) Henry Harvey (b 04.05.1792, d 20.11.1854, Canon of Bristol Cathedral, Vicar of Olveston then Bradford)
  iv.+ other issue - Anne (b 17.08.1757, d unm 19.05.1841), Charlotte Mary (b 20.08.1760, d unm 1835), Catherine (b 24.08.1762, d unm 13.07.1843), Elizabeth (b 28.05.1766, d 05.05.1771), Harriet (b 04.10.1773, d 22.01.1862)
  B. Isaac Auber (b 25.11.1735, d 27.08.1807)
  m. (06.12.1763) Mary Galhié (b 1736, d 02.08.1776, dau of Stephen Galhié)
  i.+ issue - Isaac in Croydon (b 15.08.1764, d 02.06.1801, surgeon), Stephen (b 23.09.1765, d 14.05.1830, solicitor), William (b 23.08.1766, d 25.02.1836), Robert (b 07.02.1767, d 02.10.1767), Robert Henry (b 24.02.1774,m d 14.07.1859, Rector of Wanlip), Emilie 9b 14.07.1776, d unm 17.10.1832)
  C. Mary Auber (b 23.07.1719, dsp 02.05.1781)
  m. (1772) John Hooper of Cheshunr (b 1724-5, d 21.07.1799, m1. Elizabeth Fowler, surgeon)
  D.+ other issue - Peter (b 08.04.1721, d unm 01.08.1787, "a Director of the French Hospital"), John (b 11.11.1722, d 14.04.1723), Judith (b 01.01.1723-4, d infant), Judith (b 01.01.1725-6, d 27.03.1730), Judith (b 23.05.1728, d unm 11.06.1806), Susannah (b 11.10.1732, d unm 18.10.1780), Elizabeth (b 09.08.1742, d unm 10.07.1815)

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