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Families covered: Amyand of London, Cornewall of Moccas Court
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BP1934 starts with Isaac Amyand, identying him as "a refugee from Mornac, Saintonze, at the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes (brother of the Rev. Daniel Amyand, Rector of Holdenby)". MGH, which reports that Isaac was "Refugee in London from Mornac, Xaintonge", identifies additional siblings whom we show as all children of ...
?? Amyand
1. Daniel Amyand (d before 14.08.1730, Rector of Holdenby, Northamptonshire)
2. Isaac Amyand (d before 28.09.1702)
  m. Anne Hottot (d before 26.02.1727-8)
  A. Charles Amyand
  m. (c02.1706-7) Justine Morris
  i. Isaac Amyand of Charles Town, South Carolina (d unm before 20.12.1739 in London)
  B. Claudius Amyand (d 06.07.1740, surgeon to King George II, 3rd son)
  m. (05.11.1717) Mary Rabache (d before 17.03.1760)
  i. Claudius Amyand (b 10.08.1718, dsp 01.04.1774, MP)
m. (26.11.1761) Frances Payne (b c1719, dsp 25.12.1800, dau of Rev. Thomas Payne, widow of George Compton, 6th Earl of Northampton)
  ii. Sir George Amyand of London, 1st Bart (b 26.09.1720, d 16.08.1766, MP, Director of the East India Company)
  m. (09.04.1746) Anna Maria Korteen (d 30.06.1767, dau of John Abraham Korteen of Hamburg)
a. Sir George Amyand, later Cornewall of Moccas Court, 2nd Bart (b 08.11.1748, d 26.09.1819)
  m. (15.07.1771) Catherine Cornewall (d 27.03.1835, dau of Veltere Cornewall of Moccas)
  (1) Sir George Cornewall, 3rd Bart of Moccas Court (b 16.01.1774, d 27.12.1835) had issue
  m. (26.09.1815) Jane Naper (d 13.02.1853, dau of William Naper of Loughcrew)
  (2) Katherine Frances Cornewall (dsp 17.03.1832)
  m. (03.1796) Samuel Peploe of Garnstone
  (3) Frances Elizabeth Cornewall (d 20.02.1864)
  m. (12.12.1805) Henry Devereux, 14th Viscount Hereford (d 31.05.1843)
  (4) Harriett Cornewall (d 11.08.1838)
  m. (11.03.1805) Sir Thomas Frankland Lewis, Bart of Harpton Court (d 22.01.1855)
  (5) Caroline Cornewall (d 23.04.1875)
m. (10.02.1810) Sir William Duff Gordon, 2nd Bart (d 08.03.1823)
  (6)+ other issue - Charles (b 13.06.1785, d unm 26.06.1822), Anna Maria (b c1779, d 23.08.1872)
  b. John Amyand (b 06.11.1751, dsp 05.06.1780, MP for Camelford)
  c. Anna Maria Amyand (b 26.03.1752, d 08.03.1829)
  m. (03.01.1777) Sir Gilbert Elliot, 1st Earl of Minto (b 23.04.1751, d 21.06.1814)
d. Harriet Mary Amyand (b 02.05.1761, d 20.08.1830)
  m. (28.07.1777) James Harris, 1st Earl of Malmesbury (b 21.04.1746, d 21.11.1820)
  iii. Thomas Hans Amyand (b 27.04.1728, d 1762, rector of Hambledon & Fawley)
  m. (17.08.1758) Frances Ryder (dau/heir of Thomas Ryder or Rider)
  a. Thomas Amyand of Amyand House, Twickenham (b 1762-3, dsp 24.08.1805, Director of the Bank of England)
  b. Frances Amyand (d 21.07.1820)
  m. (16.07.1781) William Henry Haggard of Bradenham Hall (d 13.02.1837)
  c. Charlotte Amyand (b 03.05.1761, d unm 01.02.1784)
  iv. Anne Amyand (b 07.09.1719, d 01.1766)
  m. John Porter (dsp 11.04.1756, MP for Evesham, son of "Porte de Larroques" or Laroche)
  v. Mary Catherine Amyand (b 29.04.1726, dsp)
  m. (03.01/4.1759) Sir Richard Adams (d 15.03.1773, Recorder of London, Baron of the Exchequer)
  vi. Judith Amyand (b 19.09.1732)
  m. (16.12.1760) Thomas Ashton (Rector of St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate)
  vii.+ other issue - Carolina Wilhelmina (b 19.03.1722, d before 06.12.1748), Mary (b 02.03.1723-4, d infant), Rachel Maria (b 10.10.1730, d unm 1753)
  C. Magdalene Amyand
  m. (14.12.1683) Jerome Morin or Morier (d 1730)
  i. Anne Morin (a 12.1739)
  m. Stephen De Gulhon or D'Egulhon (d before 05.12.1739, Captain)
  ii.+ other issue - Jeremiah, Esther
  D. Anne Amyand (d before 16.11.1728)
  m1. (26.09.1699) Jean Chapoul Lafage of London (d before 03.088.1717, surgeon)
  m2. (09.02.1718-9) Albert Le Blanc (dsp, before 05.06.1729)
  E.+ other issue - Isaac, John (of Guernsey?), Daniel, Theodore, Benjamin, Mary
3. John Amyand
  A. Isaac Amyand alias Desgraves
  i. Daniel Amyand alias Desgraves
4. daughter
  m. _ Jappie
  A. John Jappie

Main source(s): MGH (NS1, vol 4 (1884), 'Huguenot Refugee Family of Amyand', p180), BP1934 ('Cornewall')
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