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Families covered: Counts of Durbuy, Counts of Laroche, Counts of Namur

Berengar, Count in the Lommengouw (d c946)
m. (c915) Symphoronia of Lomacensis (d 952, dau of Reginar, Count of Hainaut)
1. Robert I, Count in the Lommengouw (d c981)
  m. Oda of Lorraine (dau of Otto, Duke of Lorraine)
  A. Giselbert
  B. Ratbod
  C. Albert I, Count of Namur (d before 1011)
  m. (c990) Adelaide or Ermentrude (b 970/975, d 1019, dau of Charles of Laon, Duke of Lower Lorraine)
i. Robert II, Count of Namur (d c1031)
  ii. Albert II, Count of Namur (d c1064)
  m. Regelinde of Lorraine (b c1015, d after 1067, dau of Gozelo I, Duke of Antwerp, Duke of Upper and Lower Lorraine)
  a. Albert III, Count of Namur (b before 10.08.1035, d 22.06.1102)
  m. Ida, heiress of Laroche (b c1035, d 31.07.1102, dau of Bernhard II / III, Duke of Saxony)
  (1) Godfrey, Count of Namur (b 1067/8, d 19.08.1139)
  m1. (c1087, div c1104) Sibylle (dau of Roger, Count of Chateau-Porcien)
  (A) Elizabeth of Namur
  m1. Gervais, Count of Rethel (d 1124)
m2. Clarembaud de Rosoy
  (B) Flandrine of Namur
  m. Hugues d'Epinoy/d'Antoing
  m2. (1109) Ermesinde, heiress of Luxembourg and Longwy (b 1075, d 24.06.1143, dau of Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg)
  (C) Albert of Namur (d c1127)
  (D) Henry I 'the Blind', Count of Namur, Luxemburg, Laroche, Durbuy and Longwy (b 1111, d 14.08.1196)
  m1. (1152/9, div 1163) Laurette of Lorraine (d c1175, dau of Thierry of Lorraine, Count of Flanders)
  m2. (1168) Agnes of Geldern (dau of Henry, Count of Geldern)
(i) Ermisinde, heiress of Luxemburg, etc (b 07.1186, d 12.02.1247) GHJSWY
  m1. (1197) Theobald I, Count of Bar and Luxemburg (b c1160, d 1214)
  m2. (05.1214) Walram IV, Duke of Limburg, Count of Luxemburg (b 1180, d 02.07.1226) GHJSWY
  (E) Clementia of Namur (b after 1101, d 28.12.1158)
  m. (c1130) Konrad, Count of Zahringen (d 1152)
(F) Alice of Namur (b c1115, d 07.1169) GHJSWY
  m. (c1130) Baldwin IV 'de Bouwer', Count of Hainault (b c1108, d 06/8.11.1171) GHJSWY
  (G) Beatrix of Namur (b after 1101, d 1160) GHJSY
  m. Gonthier or Ithier, Count of Rethel GHJSY
  (2) Henri of Namur, Count of Laroche (b 1070, d c1138)
  m. Matilda of Limburg (b c1095, d 1141, dau of Henry I of Lower Lorraine, Count of Limburg and Arlon)
  (A) Godefroid, Count of Laroche
  (B) Henry II , Count of Laroche (d c1153)
  m. Elizabeth
  (C) Frederick of Namur, Archbishop of Trus (d 1174)
  (D) Matilda (Mahaut) de Laroche (b 1133) GHJSWY
  m1. Thierry de Walcourt
  m2. Nicolas, Sn d'Avesnes, Conde, etc (b c1129, d 1169/71) GHJSWY
  (E) Beatrix of Namur
  m. Gerhard van Breda
(3) Frederick of Namur, Bishop of Liege (d 1121)
  (4) Albert of Namur, Count of Jaffa (d after 1122)
  m. (1118/9) Manille (widow of Hugues de Puiset, Count of Jaffa)
  (5) Alix of Namur (b 1068, d after 30.09.1124)
  m. (c1083) Otto, Count of Chiny (b c1065, d 1025/31)
  b. Henri I, Count of Durbuy
  (1) Godfrey, Count of Durbuy (d c1124)
  m. Alix (dau of Henri, Count of Grandpre)
  (A) Richard of Durbuy, Bishop of Verdun (d 1171)
  (B) Henri II, Count of Durbuy (d c1147)
  (C) Alix of Durbuy, a nun
  iii. Hedwig of Namur (b by 1000, d after 1074) GHJSWY
  m. Gerhard IV, Count of Metz, Duke of Upper Lorraine (b after 977, d 14.04.1070) GHJSWY
  iv. Ermengarde of Namur (b c957, d c1010)
  m. Otto I of Chiny (b c942, d 1013)

Main source(s): GenEU (Luxemburg2)
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