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Families covered: Counts/Dukes of Limburg, Dukes of Lower Lorraine, Counts of Arlon, Counts of Berg
[The early generations of this family will be researched further in due course.]

Giselbert I of Longwy, Count in Moselle possibly father of ...
1. Conrad of Arlon (d 1032)
  A. Walram (Walraven) I of Lower Lorraine, Count of Limburg and Arlon (d 1052)
  m. Adelheid of Upper Lorraine
  i. Walram (Walraven) II of Lower Lorraine, Count of Limburg and Arlon (d c1082)
  ROYL (table CCCXX) provides a different ancestry for Walram. We follow GenEU.
  m. (1062) Jutta of Luxemburg (b c1040, d after 21.08.1057, dau of Friederich II, Duke of Lower Lorraine)
  a. Heinrich I, Count of Limburg and Arlon, Duke of Lower Lorraine (b c1059, d 1119)
  As an alternative to the ancestry shown here, GenEU suggests that Heinrich's parents may have been Udo, Count of Limburg (a 1061) and either the same or a different Jutta of Luxemburg.
  m1. ?? heiress of Limburg (dau of Walram II, Count of Arlon)
  m2. Adelaide (b c1061, d c1106, dau of Botho von Pottenstein)
  Uncertain which wife was the mother of Heinrich's children.
  (1) Walram III, Count of Limburg, Duke of Lower Lorraine (b c1085, d 1139)
  m. (c1110) Jutta of Wassenberg (b c1087, d 24.06.1151, dau of Gerhard II, Count of Wassenberg)
  (A) Heinrich II, Duke of Limburg, Count of Arlon (b c1111, d 08.1167)
  m1. (1136) Matilda von Saffenberg (b c1113, d 02.01.1145, dau of Adolf, Count of Saffenberg)
  (i) Heinrich III, Duke of Limburg, Count of Arlon (b c1140, d 21.06.1221)
m. Sofie von Saarbrucken (b 1150, d 1221, dau of Simon I, Count of Saarbrucken)
  (a) Henry, lord of Wassenberg (d 1214)
  (b) Walram IV, Duke of Limburg, Count of Luxemburg (b 1180, d 02.07.1226)
  m1. Kunigunde of Lorraine (d 1214, dau of Frederick I, Duke of Lorraine )
  ((1)) Heinrich IV, Duke of Limburg (b c1195, d 25.02.1247)
  m. (1218) Margaret (or Irmgard), heiress of Berg (d 1248, dau of Adolph IV, Count of Berg )
  ((A)) Adolf IV, Count of Berg (b 1220, d 22.04.1259)
  m. (1240) Margaret (d 1314, dau of Lothar von Hochstaden)
((i)) Adolf V, Count of Berg (d 1296)
  m. Elizabeth of Geldern (d 1315, dau of Otto III, Count of Geldern)
  ((ii)) Wilhelm, Count of Berg (d 1308)
  m. Irmgard of Cleves (d 1319)
  ((iii)) Henry von Windeck, Count of Berg (d before 1295)
  m. Agnes (dau of Engelbert I, Count of the Marck)
  ((a)) Adolf VI, Count of Berg (dsp 1348)
  m. (1312) Agnes of Cleves (dau of Theodoric VIII, Count of Cleves)
  ((b)) Margareta, Countess of Berg (d 1384) GJ
  m. Otto IV, Count of Ravensberg (d 1328) GJ
  ((c))+ other issue - Henry (priest), Kunigunde (Abbess), Elisabeth, Agnes (nun)
  ((iv)) Irmgard of Berg (b c1255, d 24.03.1294) GJ
  m. (12.01.1273) Eberhard I, Count of the Marck (d 1308) GJ
  ((v))+ other issue - Engelbert, Walram, Conrad (Bishop of Munster), Margareta
((B)) Walram V, Duke of Limburg (d 1279)
  m1. Jutta of Cleves (dau of Dietrich V, Count of Cleves)
  ((i)) Irmgard, Duchess of Limburg (d 1283)
  m. Rainald I, Count of Geldern (d 1326)
  m2. (1278) Kunigunde of Brandenberg (d after 08.06.1292)
  ((C)) Margaret of Limburg
  m. Frideric of the Marck
  ((2)) Walram I, Hr zu Monschau und Poilvache (d 1242) had issue
  m. (before 07.1237) Elizabeth of Bar-Mousson (d 1262)
  ((3)) Sophie of Limburg (d 1226/7)
  m. Friderich II, Count of Altena (d 1226)
  m2. (05.1214) Ermesinde of Luxemburg (b 06.1186, d 12.02.1247, dau of Henry I 'the Blind', Count of Namur, Luxemburg, etc)
  ((4)) Henri II 'le Blond', Count of Luxemburg (b 1217, d 24.11.1281) GHJSWY
m. (04.06.1240) Marguerite of Bar-le-Duc (b c1220, d 23.11.1275, dau of Henry II, Count of Bar) GHJSWY
  ((5)) Gerard de Durbuy (d 1276) had issue
  m. (1253) Matilda of Cleves (d 1304)
  ((6)) Catherine of Limburg (d 1255) G
  m. (1225) Matthias II, Duke of Lorraine (d 24.06.1251) G
  (c) Simon of Limburg, Cardinal, Elekt of Liege (b 1178, d 1195)
  (d) Frederick of Lummen (d 1211/2)
  m. dau of Louis de Lummen
  ((1)) Matilda of Lummen
  m. Louis d'Oudenarde
  (e) Gerhard, Count of Wassenberg (d 1225) had issue
  m. Beatrix von Merheim (dau of Rutger von Merheim)
(f) Macharius of Limburg (a 1214)
  (g) Jutta of Limburg
  m. Goswin von Valkenburg
  (h) Isalda of Limburg (d 1221)
  m. (before 1217) Dietrich I von Heinsberg und Valkenburg (b 1192, d 04.11.1227)
  (ii) Margarethe of Limburg (b c1138, d 1172) GHJSWY
  m. (01.1155) Godfrey III, Duke of Brabant (b 1142, d 21.08.1190) GHJSWY
  m2. (c1150, div before 1152) Laurette of Lorraine (d c1175, dau of Thierry of Lorraine, Count of Flanders)
  (B) Gerhard, Hr von Wassenberg (a 1148, 1166)
  m. Elisabeth
  (i) Gerhard (a 1148)
  (C) Walram, Count of Arlon (d after 25.12.1145)
(D) Beatrix of Limburg (d after 1146)
  m. (before 1135) Ruprecht I, Count of Laurenberg (d before 13.05.1154)
  (E) daughter
  m. Gf Ekbert von Tecklenburg
  (2) Agnes of Limburg (d 1136)
  m1. Friederich von Putelendorf (d 1125)
  m2. Walo von Veckenstedt (d 1126)
  (3) Adelaide of Limburg (b c1090, d before 1146)
  m1. (c1115) Friderich I, Count of Werl-Arnsberg (d 1124)
  m2. (before 1130) Kuno, Gf von Horburg (d 1139)
  m3. (c1140) Konrad, Count of Dachau (d 1159)
  (4) Matilda of Limburg (b c1095, d 1141) GHJSWY
  m. Henri of Namur, Count of Laroche (b 1070, d c1138) GHJSWY
  b. Konrad I von Merheim (b c1055, d after 1088) had issue

Main source(s): GenEU (Luxemburg8), ROYL (table CCCXX)
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