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Families covered: Dukes of Lower Lorraine, Dukes of Upper Lorraine, Counts of Ravensberg

Odoacar / Regnier, Graf im Bliesgau/Theirgau
m. (c910) Kunigunde (a 890, whose mother was Ermentrude, dau of King Louis II of Neustria and the West Franks)
Were probably the parents of ...
1. Wigerich, Graf im Bidgau
  A. Adalbero, Bishop of Metz (b before 910, d 962)
  B. Gozelin / Gothelon, Count of Bidgau (b c911, d 18.10.942/3)
  m. Uda of Metz (d 07.04.963)
  i. Count Reginar (a 943/965)
  a. Bardo (a 985)
  (1) son (a 985)
  b. Adalbero, Bishop of Laon (d 1031)
  c. Gozelo, Count in Ardenne (b 965, d c1028)
  (1) Kunigunde (a 1028)
  ii. Godfrey 'Barbatus', Count of Ardenne, Count of Verdun (d 1003)
  ROYL (table CCCLXIV) provides an alternative ancestry for Godfrey.
  m. (c963) Mathilde of Saxony (d 25.05.1008)
  a. Frederic, Count of Verdun (b after 962, d 06.01.1022)
  b. Adalbero, Bishop of Verdun (d 988)
  c. Herman, Count of Verdun, Graf im Eifelgau und in Westfalen (d 1029)
  m. Matilda
  (1) Herman II, Graf in Westmunsterland (a 1030)
  m. Ethelinde von Northeim
  (A) Otto I von Calvelage, Count of Ravensberg (d 1170)
  m. Oda
  (i) Hermann, Count of Ravensberg(d 1221)
  m1. Jutta of Thuringia
  (a) Otto II, Count of Ravensberg (d 1244)
  m. Sophie of Oldenburg
  ((1)) Hermann (d 1242/4)
  ((2)) Jutta of Ravensberg (d after 0302)
  m1. (c1244) Graf Heinrich von Tecklenburg
  m2. (1250/2) Walram von Monschau
  (b) Hermann (a canon)
  (c) Ludwig I, Count of Ravensberg (d 1249)
  m1. Gertrud zur Lippe (d 1244)
  ((1)) Hedwig of Ravensberg (d 1265)
  m. Graf Gottfried von Arnsberg
  ((2)) Sophie of Ravensberg (a 1244, 1275)
  m. Herman von Holte
  ((3)) Getrude of Ravensberg (a 1247, 1266)
  m. Ludof von Steinfurt, gt von Iburg
  ((4)) Jutta of Ravensberg (d 1282)
  m. Graf Heinrich von Hoya
m2. Adelheid von Dassel (d 1263)
  ((5)) Otto III, Count of Ravensberg (b 1246, d 1305/6)
  m. (by 29.09.1258) Hedwig zur Lippe (d 1315)
  ((A)) Otto IV, Count of Ravensberg (d 1328, 2nd son)
  m. Margaret, heiress of Berg (d 1384)
  ((i)) Hedwig of Ravensberg (d 1336)
  m. Wilhelm, Duke of Braunschweig (d 1369)
  ((ii)) Margaret, heiress of Ravensberg and Berg (d 1389) GJ
  m. Gerhard VI of Julich, Count of Ravensberg and Berg (d 1360) GJ
  ((B)) Berhard, Count of Ravensberg (a 1346)
  ((C))+ other issue - Hermann, Ludwig, Jutta, Uda, Sophie, Adelheid, Hedwig
((6)) Ludwig, Bishop of Osnabruck (d 1308)
  m2. Adelheid
  (B) Heinrich, Count of Ravensberg (d 1185)
  (C) Hedwig, heiress of Dale
  m. Gerhard, Count of Hainault
  (2) Matilda of Verdun (d after 1039) GHJSWY
  m. (c1015) Reginar V, Count of Hainault (d after 1039) GHJSWY
  (3)+ other issue - Gregor, Godfrey, Bertilda
  d. Godfrey I, Duke of Lower Lorraine (d 1023)
  e. Gozelo I, Duke of Antwerp, Duke of Upper and Lower Lorraine (b 967, d 19.04.1004)
  (1) Godfrey II 'der Bartige', Duke of Upper and Lower Lorraine (d 1069)
  m1. Uda
  (A) Godfrey III 'the hunchbacked', Duke of Lower Lorraine (d 1076)
  m. (1069/70) Matilda of Tuscany (d 1115, dau of Margrave Boniface of Tuscany)
  (i) Beatrix of Lorraine (b/d 1071)
  (B) son (d 1046/7)
  (C) Ida of Lorraine (d 1113) GHJWY
m. Eustache II, Count of Boulogne and Lens (d c1080) GHJWY
  (D) Wiltrudis of Lorraine (d 1093)
  m. Graf Adalbert von Calw (d 1099)
  m2. (1054) Beatrix of Upper Lorraine @@ below
  By reference to the dates, it may have been this Godfrey (though by which wife is not clear) who was the Godfreye, Comte de Verdun, surnamed "le Captif" who, according to BE1883 (Verdun), may have been the father of ...
  (E) Bertram de Verdun of Farnham Royal HJY
  (2) Gozelo II, Duke of Lower Lorraine (d 1046)
  (3) Frederick of Lorraine = Pope Stephen IX (d 1058)
  (4) Uda of Lorraine EGHJSWY
  m. Lambert II, Count of Louvain (d after 21.09.1062) EGHJSWY
  (5) Regelinde of Lorraine (b c1015, d after 1067) GHJSWY
  m. Albert II, Count of Namur (d 1063/4) GHJSWY
  (6) Matilda of Lorraine (d 1060)
  m1. Sigebodo of Santois
  m2. Heinrich Furiosus, Pfgf of Lower Lorraine (d 1085)
  f. Irmgard of Lorraine (d 1042)
m. (div 1018) Otto von Hammerstein, Count in der Wettergau und im Engersgau
  g. daughter
  m. Count Godizo von Aspelt u. Heimbach
  h. Ermentrude of Lorraine (d after 1010)
  m. Arnold de Rumigny, Sn de Florennes (d c1010)
  C. Frederick I, Duke of Upper Lorraine (b c912, d 18.05.978)
  m. (954) Beatrix of France (d after 987, dau of Hugues I, Count of Paris)
  i. Henry of Upper Lorraine (d by 978)
  ii. Adalbero, Bishop of Metz (d 1005)
  iii. Thierry I, Duke of Upper Lorraine (b c965, d 1027/33)
  m. Richildis von Metz (d by 995)
a. Frederick II, Duke of Upper Lorraine (b c995, d 1026)
  m. (1012/3) Mathilda of Swabia (b c998, d 1043/4, dau of Hermann II, Duke of Swabia)
  (1) Frederick III, Duke of Upper Lorraine (b c1020, d 1033)
  (2) Beatrix of Upper Lorraine (d 1076)
  m1. (c1037) Boniface I di Canossa, Margrave of Tuscany (d 1052)
  m2. 1054) Godfrey II 'der Bartige', Duke of Upper and Lower Lorraine (d 1069) @@ above
  (3) Sophie of Upper Lorraine (b 1018, d 21.06.1093) GHJSWY
  m. (05.05.1037) Ludwig II, Count of Mousson, etc (d 1073/76) GHJSWY
  b. Adela of Lorraine (d by 995)
  m. Walram I, Count of Arlon (d after 1052)
  c. Adalbero of Lorraine (d before 1014)
  iv. Ida of Lorraine (b c970, d 1026) GHJS
  m. Radbot, Count of Altenburg and Habsburg (d 1027) GHJS
  v. daughter (b after 954)
  m. (c965) Berthold I of Upper Isar (b by 954, d c26.08.990)
D. Giselbert, Count in the Ardenne (b c915, d c965)
  m. Hedwig
  i. Gottfried (a 938, 965)
  E. Sigebert (a 942)
  F. Liutgard of Metz (d after 08.04.960)
  m1. Count Adalbert of Metz
  m2. Eberhard IV, Count in Nordgau (b by 940, d 18.12.972/3)
  G. Siegfried, Count of Luxembourg (b c922, d 15.08.998) EGHJRSWY
  m. (c950) Hedwig of Alsace/Nordgau (b c937, d 13.12.992)

Main source(s): GenEU (Luxemburg1), 'Royal Genealogies'
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