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This section first uploaded 27.08.05.
Randoll (Randle le Roter of) Thornton
m. Ciceley or Avice or Amicia Kingesley (dau of Richard de Kingesley) called Cicely in Visitation (Pro Hatton) but Avice in Visitation (Done), Amicia by Ormerod
1. Piers Thornton
  A. Randoll Thornton
i. Sir Piers Thornton of Thornton
  m. Lucia Hellesby (dau of Sir William Hellesby)
  a. Ellin Thornton
  m. Sir Thomas de Dutton of Dutton, Sheriff of Cheshire (b 1314/5, d 1381)
  b. Elizabeth Thornton
  m. Hamon Fitton of Bollin
c. Mary Thornton
  m. Sir William Colborne
  d. Emma Thornton
  m. Hugh de Weverham
  e. Maud Thornton
  m. Henry Beeston
  f. Beatrix Thornton
  m. Thomas Samsbury or Sambury
2. Cicely Thornton
  m. David de Egerton (son of Phillip de Malpas)
3. Alice Thornton possibly of this generation
  m. Richard de Hellesby (dvp before 1270)



This section first uploaded 17.08.09.
William Maxwell of Aikenhead (d 1440)
1. John Maxwell of Aikenhead
  A. William Maxwell of Aikenhead
  i. John Maxwell of Aikenhead
  a. Walter Maxwell of Aikenhead (d before 09.07.1575)
  (1) Gavin Maxwell of Aikenhead
  m. Janet Bruce
  (A) Robert Maxwell of Aikenhead (d before 04.1597)
  m. Isobel Lockhart
  (i) John Maxwell, last of Aikenhead (a 1611)
  (B) John Maxwell
  m. Jean Dinwiddie
  (i)+ issue - Robert of Dinwiddie, Giles
  (2)+ other issue - Robert, William John
  b. John Maxwell
  ii. Jonet Maxwell possibly of this generation --
  m. James Hamilton of Torrance --
  B. John Maxwell



This section first uploaded 29.08.15.
Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1 (1847), 'Pedigree of Fawkoner', p16) shows Benedict & Mary as children of Thomas whose mother was Jane Bradshaw. Visitation shows as follows.
Thomas Winchcombe of Cholgrove (d 1574)
m. Christian Bradshaw (dau of Henry Bradshaw (Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer))
1. Benedict Winchcombe 'of Noke, Oxfordshire' (dsp 20.05.1623)
  m. (Anne) Faukner
2. Mary Winchcombe
  m. William Hall of High Meddow



This section first uploaded 02.09.15.
Sir Peter de Stoke Goldington (d 1252-3)
m. Joan (m2. Robert le Vavasour)
1. Dionesia de Stoke (dsp?)
  m. Sir Miles Hastings (dsp 1305-6, brother of Alice (m. Thomas Furneuse), ?? (m. Simon de Drayton) & Margery)
2. Maud de Stoke
  m. Alan FitzRoald
3. Isabella de Stoke
  m. Sir William Nodariis



This section first uploaded 04.10.15.
William Commander
1. Alice Commander
  m. (23.11.1574) Thomas Savage of Tachbrooke (bpt 10.02.1549, bur 23.02.1605)
2. Susan Commander
  m. Abraham Olney
3. Anne Commander
  m. Roger Savage



This section first uploaded 06.12.16.
James Stewart of Kilcattan, Isle of Bute (a 1505, d 1548?)
m. Marabella Crawford
1. John Stewart in Kilcattan (Kilchattan) (a 1548) mentioned (with his parents) on TSB (vol 2, p288)
  A. John Stewart in Kilchattan (a1556)
  N.B. Beware confusion with this other line of Stewarts of Kilchattan (Kilcattan).
1. William Stewart of Kilchattan (a 1506, 1541)
  m. Janet Cunningham
  A. John Stewart, 1st of Ascog, Isle of Bute (b c1547, a 1594)
  m. Marion Fairlie (dau of David Fairlie by Catherine Crawford)
  i. John Stewart of Ascog
m1. ??
  a. John Stewart of Ascog
  m. Margaret Cunningham
  (1) Robert Stewart of Ascog possibly of this generation
(A) Mary Stewart (coheir)
  m. (14.01.1719) Sir Mark Stuart Pleydell, Bart of Coleshill (b c1693, d 14.10.1768)
  (2) John Stewart of Ascog possibly of this generation
  (A) John Stewart of Ascog, later Murray of Blackbarony (dsp 05.04.1771)
  m. Margaret Murray (dsp 05.04.1771, dau/heir of Archibald Murray, brother of Sir Alexander Murray, 4th Bart of Blackbarony)
  (B) Grizel Stuart
  m. (15.03.1716) Robert Fullarton of Bartonholm (bpt 10.08.1705, d 15.09.1754, WS)
  (3) Elizabeth Stewart possibly of this generation
  m. William Weir (bpt 05.07.1677)
  m2. (1605) Gilles Kelso (dau of Archibald Kelso (by Janet Maxwell? sb Margaret Stewart?))
  b. Ninian Stewart 'of Ascog' (dsp?)
  m. (1636) Janet Blair
  c. daughter
  m. _ Fullarton of Greenwood



This section first uploaded 30.06.20.
The following is "a younger branch of the Smallwoods of Staffordshire".
Alan Smallwood of Egton, Cleveland, Yorkshire (d 03.12.1614)
1. Thomas Smallwood of Egton (2nd son?)
  m1. Jane Garnett (dau of William Garnett of the Hee (Hoe?))
  m2. Alice Watson (dau of Robert Watson of Rosedale)
  A. George Smallwood of Upleatham (b c1627, a 1666)
  m. Dorothy Coulthurst (dau of Robert Coulthurst of Upleatham)
  i. Dorothy Smallwood (b c1658, a 1666) probably the Dorothy who married ...
  m. William Sandford of Askham
  B. Mary Smallwood
  m. Richard Pursglove of Glaisdale
  C. Jane Smallwood
  m. John Twisley of Danby
  D. Elizabeth Smallwood
  m. Samuel Dickenson of Scarborough
  E.+ other issue - Alan (b c1628?, a 1666, cleric), Thomas of Norton (b c1630, a 1666), John
2.+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Ralph, George, James

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