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Families covered: Naldrett of Naldrett, Naldrett of Rudgewick, Nowers of Gayhurst, Nightingale of Lea, Naunton of Alderton, Naunton of Letheringham

The following may have been ancestors of the undermentioned John: Richard (bpt 1564) son of William who was possibly son of William of Rudgwick who d 1547.
John Naldrett of Naldretts in Rudgewick, Sussex (bur 01.03.1640-1)
m. Mary (bur 16.05.1618)
1. George Naldrett (bpt 12.06.1606, bur 16.12.1648, 2nd son)
  m. ?? (bur 14.05.1670)
  A. George Naldrett of Naldretts in Rudgewick (bpt 08.11.1629, bur 08.04.1689)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 04.11.1667)
  i. George Naldrett (bpt 22.11.1660, d 16.08.1717, 2nd son)
  m. Jean West (bur 12.07.1723, dau of Richard West of Slinfold)
  a. George Naldrett, Sheriff of Sussex (bpt 16.01.1706-7, d unm bur 26.09.1778)
  ii. Elizabeth Naldrett (bpt 25.06.1658)
  m. (06.06.1681) Peter Bettesworth of Fitzhall in Iping
  iii.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 13.03.1655-6, bur 07.08.1679), William (bpt 27.11.1662), Jane (bpt 01.1653-4)
  B.+ other issue - John (bur 22.07.161), Ralph (bpt 10.10.1645, bur 06.11.1676), Joan (bpt 07.01.1626-7)
2.+ other issue - John (bpt 14.08.1604), Susanna (bpt 07.06.1607)



Robert de Nodariis (Noers or Nowers) of Gayhurst Manor, Buckinghamshire (a 1086) possibly father or grandfather of ...
1. ?? de Nodariis (Noers or Nowers) presumed intermediary generation
  A. Ralf de Nodariis (Noers or Nowers) of Gayhurst Manor (a 1166, 1211, d before 1219)
  i. ?? de Nodariis (Noers or Nowers) (dvp before 1219?)
  a. Almarick/Aumary de Nodariis (Noers or Nowers) of Gayhurst Manor (a 1219, 1232)
  m. Sibyl Picot (dau of Ralph Picot)
  (1) Sir William de Nodariis (Nowers) of Gayhurst (d before 1302) the first mentioned by Lipscomb
  m. Isabella (dau/coheir of Sir Peter de Stoke Goldington by Joan)
  (A) Sir Almaric de Nodariis (Nowers) of Gayhurst (Gothurst), Weston, Stoke Goldington & Cestre Parva(d 1308)
  m. Joan
  (i) Sir John de Nowers of Gayhurst (b c1285, d c1327)
  m. Grace FitzNeale (d 1349, dau of Robert FitzNeale or FitzNiel or FitzNigel of Salden)
Lipscomb & Banks show that Sir John & Grace were parents of the Sir John who m1. Matilda, m2. Alice. VCH reports that Grace's heir was that John but he is identified as her grandson, being son of ...
  (a) John Nowers (dvm) generation omitted by Lipscomb & Banks
  ((1)) Sir John Nowers of Gayhurst (d 1396)
  m1. Matilda (a 1369)
  m2. Alice (d 1427)
  ((A)) Almaric/Aumury Nowers (b after 1386, dsp 1407)
  ((B)) Joan Nowers (d 1427)
  m. Sir Robert Nevill
  ((C))+ other issue -Agnetta (nun), Gratia (nun)
  ((2))+ other issue (dsp) - William, Almaric, Richard



FMG starts with 2 brothers whom we show as sons of ...
?? Nightingale
1. Thomas Nightingale of Lea (d 1734)
  m. Catherine Bowler of Lea
  A. Henry Nightingale of Matlock Wold
  m. Ellen
  i. John Nightingale of Matlock Wold
  m. Mary Wilmot of Derby
  a. Job Nightingale had issue
  b. Thomas Nightingale had issue (in America)
  c. Peter Nightingale of Manchester
  m. _ Cantril of Manchester
  d. Ellen Nightingale
  m. _ Cantril of Manchester
  ii. Mary Nightingale
  m. John Blackwell
  iii. Elizabeth Nightingale
  m. William Cooke
iv. Catherine Nightingale
  m. James Riggett
  B. Peter Nightingale of Lea
  m1. Anne Cheetham
  i. Peter Nightingale of Lea & Woodend, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 1735-6, d unm 25.06.1803)
  ii. Anne Nightingale (b c1732, d 07.02.1815)
  m. George Evans of Senior Field (b c1726, d 28.03.1808)
  m2. Elizabeth Low (sister of Cassandra, wife of _ Gell of Wirksworth)
  m3. Elizabeth Alsibrook (d 16.08.1762, dau of Robert Alsibrook, widow of Gerbas Dodd)
  C. Paul Nightingale of Derby
  i. John Nightingale of Mansfield Woodhouse had issue
  ii. daughter
m. _ Redhead of London
  D. John Nightingale (a 1758)
  i.+ issue - John, Ann
  E. Rebecca Nightingale
  m. Thomas Milnes of Derby (d before 22.11.1762)
  i. Thomas Milnes of Derby (dsp after 04.05.1764)
  ii. (Anna) Milnes (d 02.05.1753)
  m. John Lumb of Silcoat(s)
  F. Catherine Nightingale
  m. Benjamin Bland of Somercoats
  G.+ other issue - Job (d young), Mary
2. Richard Nightingale (a 1732)
  m. Sarah Bland (sister of Benjamin Bland)
  A. Thomas Nightingale
  i. daughter
  B. John Nightingale
  i.+ issue - John Alfreton (a 1804), Thomas in Criche (a 1804), Job in Criche (a 1804), Joseph in Criche (a 1804), Mary, 2 daughters
  C.+ other issue - Sarah, Mary



Thomas Naunton name found on various web sites as father (but by different wives) of ...
1. William (or Henry) Naunton of Letheringham & Alderton, Suffolk named Henry by Visitation (1664-8) but William by Visitation (1612), Commoners & Nichols
  m. Elizabeth Wingfield (dau of Sir Anthony Wingfield of Letheringham)
Visitation (Suffolk, 1664-8) & Nichols mention only William as child of Henry & Elizabeth. Commoners mentions only Henry (and only Elizabeth Ashby as wife of Henry). The other children (and some more information on Henry's family) come from Visitation (1612).
  A. Henry Naunton of Letheringham & Alderton Hall (3rd son?)
  m1. Elizabeth Ashby (dau of Edward Ashby of Loseby)
  i. Sir Robert Naunton of Letheringham Priory (d 1630, Secretary of State) dates shown on various web sites as 1563-27.03.1635
  m. Penelope Perrot (dau of Sir Thomas Perrot by Dorothy Devereux)
  a. James Naunton (b c01.1622, dvp 12.03.1624)
  b. Penelope Naunton
  m1. (25.08.1624) Paul Bayning, 2nd Viscount (bpt 04.03.1615/6, d 11.06.1638)
  m2. Philip Herbert, Earl of Pembroke & Montgomery (b 1620-1, d 11.12.1669)
  ii. William Naunton (3rd son)
  Nichols shows this as the William whio m. Anne Pelle. Provisionally we follow Visitation (Suffolk, 1664-8) in showing that William a generation earlier. Commoners reports the following.
  a. ?? Naunton
  (1) ?? Naunton
  (A) William Naunton (dsp 1758)
  iii.+ other issue - Anthony (d young?), Sisley
  m2. Bridget Palgrave of Norfolk (relict of _ Smarte of Ipswich)
  v.+ other issue - Ann, Elizabeth (d unm)
  B. William Naunton of Letheringham (d 11.07.1635)
  m. (1612) Anne Pellse (d 30.10.1628, dau of Lawrence Pellse (or Pelle) of Kettleburrow)
  i. Robert Naunton of Letheringham (b c1613, d 20.01.1665)
  Nichols ends this line naming only Robert's youngest son, William (b c1693, dsp 21.08.1758). Visitation (Suffolk, 1664-8) provides the following.
m1. Mary Cooke (dau/coheir of Arthur Cooke of Thorrington)
  a. Theophila Naunton
  m. John Leman
  m2. Jane Spencer (dau of Robert Spencer of Randlesham)
  b.+ other issue - Robert, Jane
  m3. Barbara (Castle) (dau of Talmach Castle)
  d.+ other issue - Charles, Ellinor, Anne, Elizabeth
  C. Elizabeth Naunton
  m. _ Haymond or Hayman of Chilenden Grene
  D. Ursula Naunton
  m. Robert Gosnold of Otley
  E.+ other issue - Tristram (dvpsp?), Anthony (dvpsp?), John, Henry

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