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Families covered: Wombwell of Wombwell
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Robert Wombwell of Wombwell, Yorkshire (a 1136)
1. Ralph Wombwell of Wombwell
m. Jane (sister of Hugh of Darfield)
  A. Roger Wombwell of Wombwell
  m. Isabell Grey (dau of John Grey)
  i. John Wombwell of Wombwell
  m. Barbara (dau of Sir Thomas of Letwell)
  a. Richard Wombwell of Wombwell
  m. Ursula Bevet (dau of Sir John Bevet)
  (1) Hugh Wombwell of Wombwell
  m. Elizabeth Smethley (dau of Hugh Smethley of Smethley)
  (A) Henry Wombwell of Wombwell
  m. Elizabeth Gleming (dau of John Fleming of Wather)
  (i) Hugh Wombwell of Wombwell (a 1404) - continued below
  m. Jane Lowell (dau of John Lowell of Wombwell, sister/heir of Henry)
  (B) Henry Wombwell



Hugh Wombwell of Wombwell (a 1404) - continued above
m. Jane Lowell (dau of John Lowell of Wombwell, sister/heir of Henry)
1. Thomas Wombwell of Wombwell (d 1452)
  m1. Joan Troutbeck (dau of John Troutbeck)
A. John Wombwell of Wombwell (d before 31.07.1487)
  m. Elizabeth Bosvile (dau of John (sb William?) Bosvile of Ardsley)
  i. Thomas Wombwell of Wombwell
  m. Catherine Ingleby (dau of William Ingleby)
  a. Roger Wombwell of Wombwell (d before 26.09.1521)
  m. Catherine Radcliff (dau of Alexander Radcliff of Ordsall)
(1) Henry Wombwell of Wombwell (b c1489, a 16.04.1531)
  m. Catherine Mauleverer (dau of Sir William Mauleverer of Wothersome)
  (A) William Wombwell of Wombwell (b 1508/c08.1516, d 01.02.1577)
  m. Elizabeth Woodruffe (dau of Thomas Woodruffe of Wooley)
  (i) Thomas Wombwell of Wombwell
  m. Frances Wentworth (dau of Sir John Wentworth of Elmsall)
(a) William Wombwell of Wombwell (b c1565)
  m1. Ann Savile (dau of John Savile of Stanley)
  m2. Mary Rockley (dau of William Rockley of Rockley)
  ((1))+ issue - Darcy (bur 27.12.1605), Gervase (bur 03.07.1599)
  m3. Olive Barnell (bur 05.03.1653, dau of William Barnell or Burnell of Wynkerburne)
  ((3)) William Wombwell of Wombwell (bur 04.02.1662)
  m. Margaret Wentworth (bpt 04.04.1608, bur 16.03.1640, dau of Michael Wentworth of Wolley)
  ((A)) Thomas Wombwell of Wombwell (bur 10.08.1663)
  m. (26.06.1655) Martha Wentworth (bpt 17.03.1634, dau of Sir Thomas Wentworth of Empsall, she m2. Sir Henry Marwood, Bart)
  ((i)) William Wombwell of Wombwell (bpt 02.09.1658, bur 22.02.1695, 2nd son)
m. Elizabeth Copley (b c1662, bur 15.07.1742, dau of Sir Godfrey Copley of Sprotborough)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 14.05.1657, bur 09.05.1660), Thomas (dsp), daughter (d infant)
  ((B))+ other issue - William, Frances (bpt 10.10.1635, bur 16.03.1640)
  ((4)) Roger Wombwell of Darfield (bur 22.04.1658, 6th son)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of George Fouljamb)
  ((A)) George Wombwell of Wombwell, Yorkshire (b 1645/6, d 17.05.1682)
  m. Hannah Waugh (dau of William Waugh, she m2. William Stanley)
  ((B)) Margaret Wombwell (bpt 1646)
  m. Robert Cliffe of Matlock
  ((C))+ other issue - Olivia (bur 24.10.1657), Anne (bur 12.05.1659), Alice (bur 19.03.1659)
  ((5)) Foljambe Wentworth Wombwell of Hemingfield (bur 13.02.1654)
  m. Mary (bur 27.07.1690)
  ((A)) John Wombwell (bur 29.08.1664)
((6)) Elizabeth Wombwell
  m. John Blythe of Finchampsted
  ((7)) Oliva Wombwell
  m. Stephen Taylor of York
  ((8)) Dorothy Wombwell
  m. Thomas Brooke of London
  ((9)) Mary Wombwell
  m. Francis South of Bradfield
  ((10))+ other issue - Thomas (d unm, vicar of Wath), John (dsp), Francis (dsp)
(b) Mary Wombwell
  m. Richard Washington of Adwick
  (c)+ other issue - John (d young), Cotton of Wombwell (d before 03.08.1636), Woodruffe (d young), Francis, Appleton (bur 22.06.1629), Wentworth, Dorothy
  (B)+ other issue - Roger, Ralph, Ann
  (2) John Wombwell
(3) Katherine Wombwell
  m1. Nicholas Drax of Woodhall
  m2. James Woodrove of Preston Jacklin (d 1557)
  (4) (Elizabeth) Wombwell
  m. Robert Amyas of Netherton
b. John Wombwell of Kent (dvp)
  c. Hugh Wombwell (d c1520)
  Hugh is identified by both Dugdale and Thoresby as ancestor of the Wombwells of Thundercliffe. However Thoresby, who does not follow his line, shows him a generation later, as son of Roger. Commoners, used for the continuation, starts with Henry, grandson of Thomas Wombwell of Wombwell, but does not confirm that Hugh was the name of his father. Dugdale does.
  ii. John Wombwell
  iii. Elizabeth Wombwell
  m. William Fleming of Wath
  B. Thomas Wombwell
  C. Margaret (or Margery) Wombwell possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Langley of Rathorp Hall
  m2. Joan Fitzwilliam (dsp before 18.11.1454, dau of Sir William Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough)
2. Agnes Wombwell
  m. Robert Grice

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 03.02.07) : Visitation (J. W. Clay 1907, Yorkshire, Dugdale, 1665/6 (vol 2), 'Wombwell of Wombwel'l), 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p70)
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