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Families covered: Savile (Saville) of Halifax, Savile of Howley, Savile of Lupset, Savile of Pontefract (Pomfret), savile of Stanley Hall, Savile of Sussex, Savile of Thornhill, Savile of Wakefield

Sir John Savile of Thornhill, Sheriff of Yorkshire (a 1460, d before 21.06.1482)
m. Alice Gascoigne (dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorp)
1. Sir John Savile or Saville of Thornhill
  m. Joan Harrington (dau of Sir Thomas Harrington of Hornby Castle) possibly wife of this Sir John, possibly mother of ...
A. Sir John Savile or Savill of Thornhill
  This generation reported in Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Paston).
  m. Elizabeth Paston (dau of Sir William Paston)
  i. Sir Henry Savile of Thornhill, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 20.04.1558)
  m. (29.08.1517) Elizabeth Southill (dau of Thomas Southill of Southill)
a. Edward Savile of Thornhill (dspl 1562)
  m. _ Legh (dau of Sir Richard Legh of St. Albans)
  b. Dorothy Savile
  m. John Kay of Oakenshaw & Heath (not John Jay of Woodsome)
  p. Margaret Barkston (dau of Peter Barkston)
  c. Sir Robert Savile (or Barkston) of Howley, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 1585)
  The following is supported by 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p152).
  m1. (01.03.1554/5) Anne Hussey (d 1562, dau of Sir Robert Hussey of Linwood)
  (1) Sir John Savile of Howley, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, 1st Lord of Pomfret or Pontefract (b 1556, d 31.08.1630)
  m1. Catherine Willoughby (dau of Charles Willoughby, 2nd Lord of Parham)
  m2. (20.11.1586) Elizabeth Carey (dau of Sir Edward Carey of Aldenham)
  (A) Henry Savile (dvp)
  m. Helen Oglethorpe (dau of William Oglethorpe)
  (i) John Savile (d young)
(B) Edward Savile (dsp)
  m. Anne Tolson (dau of Richard Tolson of Cumberland)
  (C) Sir Thomas Savile, 1st Earl of Sussex (bpt 14.09.1591, d c1659/1646)
  m1. (sp) Frances Sondes (dau of Sir Thomas Sondes of Throwley)
  m2. (after 11.1640) Anne Villiers (dau of Christopher Villiers, 1st Earl of Anglesey)
  (i) James Savile, 2nd Earl of Sussex (b 1647, dsps bur 11.10.1671)
  m. Anne Wake (bpt 19.01.1647/8, dau of Robert Wake of Antwerp and London)
  (a) James Savile (d infant bur 16.07.1671)
(ii) Frances Savile (d 06.06.1695)
  m. (c01.06.1668) Francis Brudenell, younger of Cardigan (dvp 1698)
  (iii) Elizabeth Saville
  m. John Touchet
  (D) Catherine Savile
  m1. Sir Thomas Bland of Kippax Park
  m2. Walter Welsh
  (E) Anne Savile
  m. Piers Leigh of Lyme
(F) Elizabeth Savile
  m1. Alveray Copley of Batley (d 1632 (sb d c1623?))
  m2. Richard Banks
  (G) Frances Savile
  m. Thomas Bradley (rector of Castleford)
  (H)+ other issue (d unm) - Robert, Edmund
  (2) Sheffield Savile of Leeds (d 1598) 
  m. (1588) Dorthy Beeston (dau of Robert Beeston of Beeston)
m2. Isabel Copley (dau of Alverey Copley, m2. Joseph Penington)
  (3) Isabel Savile
  m. Francis Brakenburgh
  partner unknown
  (4) Edward Savile of Leeds
  ii. Anne Savile
  m. Sir Henry Thwaites
  iii. Elizabeth Savile
  m. Sir Thomas Conyers
iv. Margaret Savile
  m1. Richard Corbett
  m2. Thomas Wortley of Wortley (d 11.04.1543)
2. William Savile (dsp)
3. Thomas Savile of Lupset
  m. (c08.1482) Margaret Balforth (dau of Thomas Balforth)
  A. John Savile of Lupset
  m. Anne Wyatt (a 1545, dau of William Wyatt, widow of John Spelman, m3. Leonard Bates)
i. Henry Savile of Lupset & Barrowby, Sheriff of Yorkshire (a 1567)
  m. Joan Vernon (dau/heir of William Vernon of Barrowby (by Dorothy, dau/heir of James Deane of Barrowby), widow of Sir Richard Bozon)
  a. Sir George Savile, 1st Bart of Thornhill, Sheriff of Yorkshire
  m1. Mary Talbot (dau of George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury)
  (1) Sir George Savile (dvp 1618)
  m1. ??
  m2. Anne Wentworth (dau of Sir William Wentworth, Bart of Wentworth Woodhouse)
(A) Sir George Savile, 2nd Bart of Thornhill (d unm young)
  (B) Sir William Savile, 3rd Bart of Thornhill (d 24.11.1643)
  m. Anne Coventry (dau of Thomas Coventry, 1st Lord of Aylesborough)
  (i) Sir George Savile, 4th Bart, 1st Marquess of Halifax (b 11.11.1633, d 05.04.1695)
  m1. (29.12.1656) Dorothy Spencer (d 16.12.1670, dau of Henry Spencer, 1st Earl of Sunderland)
(a) Henry Savile (dvpsp)
  m. Esther de la Tour (dau of Charles de la Tour, Marquess of Gouvernet)
  (b) Sir William Savile, 2nd Marquess of Halifax, 5th Bart (b 1665, d 31.08.1700)
  m1. (1687) Elizabeth Grimston (dau of Sir Samuel Grimston, 3rd Bart of Gorhambury)
  ((1)) Anne Savile (d 18.07.1717)
m. (07.02.1705-6) Charles Bruce, 4th Earl of Elgin, 3rd Earl of Ailesbury (b 1682, d 10.02.1746-7)
  m2. (02.04.1695) Mary Finch (bpt 18.05.1677, d 19.09.1718, dau of David Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham)
  ((2)) Dorothy Savile (d 21.09.1758)
  m. (21.03.1720) Richard Boyle, 4th Earl of Cork, 3rd Earl of Burlington (b 25.07.1695, d 03.12.1753)
  ((3)) Mary Savile (b 28.09.1700, d 30.07.1751)
  m. (11.06.1722) Sackville Tufton, 7th Earl of Thanet (b 11.05.1688, d 04.12.1753)
((4))+ other issue - William (b 21.03.1696, d 18.02.1697), son (bur 24.03.1697/8), Essex (d young)
  (c) George Savile (d unm Buda 1688)
  (d) Anne Savile (b 1663, bur 23.01.1689/9)
  m. (10.08.1682) John Vaughan, 3rd Earl of Carbery, 2nd Lord Vaughan of Emlyn, Governor of Jamaica (bpt 18.07.1639, d 16.01.1712)
  m2. (11.1672) Gertrude Pierrepont (b c1641, d 01.10.1727, dau of William Pierrepont of Thoresby)
  (e) Elizabeth Savile (d 1708)
m. (1691-2) Philip Stanhope, 3rd Earl of Chesterfield (b 03.02.1672-3, d 27.01.1725-6)
  (ii) Anne Savile (b 18.01.1634/5, d 22.03.1666)
  m. (12.05.1656) Thomas Windsor Hickman, later Windsor, 7th Lord Windsor of Stanwell, 1st Earl of Plymouth (b c1627, d 03.11.1687)
  (iii)+ other issue - Henry (dsp, MP), Margaret
  m2. Elizabeth Ayscough (dau of Sir Edward Ayscough of South Kelsey)
  (2) Sir John Savile of Lupset
  m1. (1626) Elizabeth Armitage (dau of John Armitage of Kirklees)
  (A) (Grace or Elizabeth) Savile
  m. William Hirstler (Hustler) of Cleveland
  m2. Anne Soame (dau of Sir John Soame)
  (B) Sir John Savile of Lupset, 6th Bart of Thornhill (d unm 1704)
  (C) Mary Savile
  m. _ Jennison of Newcastle
  (D) Anne Savile
  m. John Harris of London
  (3) Richard Savile (dsp)
(4) Henry Savile of Bowling
  m. Anne Crewse (dau of Robert Crewse of Lodon)
  (A) John Savile (rector of Thornhill)
  m1. ?? (sp)
  m2. Barbara Jennison (dau of Thomas Jennison of Newcastle)
  (i) Sir George Savile of Rufford, 7th Bart of Thornhill
  m. (1722) Mary Pratt (dau of John Pratt of Dublin)
  (a) Sir George Savile, 8th Bart of Thornhill (b c1716, d unm 10.01.1784)
  (b) Arabella Savile (b 1725, bur 24.09.1767)
  m. ?? Hewett (John Thornhagh, later Hewet, of Fenton, etc. (d 17.05.1787))
  (c) Barbara Savile (d 22.07.1797)
  m. (26.12.1752) Richard Lumley-Saunderson, 4th Earl of Scarborough (d 12.05.1782)
  (ii) Anne Savile
  m. Sir Nicholas Cole, Bart of Brancepeth
  (iii) Gertrude Savile
  (B) Elizabeth Savile
  m. Count Montfelto
  (C) Anne Savile
m. Sir Robert Forbes
  (D) Mary Savile
  (5) Mary Savile
  m. John Archer of Gray's Inn
  b. Francis Savile
  m. Catherine (dau of William, Lord Conyers ??)
  c. Cordell Savile
  m. Mary Welbeck (dau of William Welbeck of Sutton)
  d. Bridget Savile
  m. Henry Nevil of Grove
ii. George Savile of Grantham shown here by Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (p860)
  m. Elizabeth Sturley (dau/heir of _ Sturley, son/heir of Henry)
  B. Thomas Savile of Stanley Hall in Wakefield
  BEB1844 shows 2 younger sons of this generation, Thomas of Grantham and George of Wakefield. We presume that the Thomas was the same person as the Thomas of Stanley Hall (sometime 'of Thornton' and 'of Netherton'), identified as the 3rd son of Thomas of Lupset, who heads the pedigree in Visitation (Foster, Yorskshire, 1584/5, Savile of Stanley Hall). Foster provides the following.
  m. Joan Michell (dau of John Michell of Crossley)
  i. Henry Savile of Wakefield (dsp)
ii. Thomas Savile 'of Overthorpe'
  a. Elizabeth Savile
  m. _ Radcliffe
  b. Dorothy Savile
  m. (Richard) Tempest of Tong (d 1607)
  iii. John Savile of Stanley Hall
  m. Elizabeth Coxon (dau of Robert Coxon of Wakefield)
  a. Edward Savile of Stanley Hall
  m. Katherine Copley (dau of Avery Copley of Batley)
(1) John Savile (b c1578, dsp)
  (2) Grace Savile
  m. Gervase Hatfield of Hatfield Hall
  b. Henry Savile of Boxhall in Wakefield
  m. Ann Bosvile (dau of Gervase Bosvile of Newhall)
  (1)+ issue (a 1585) - George (b c1580), John, Henry, Elizabeth
  c. John Savile of Netherton
  The following comes from FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), Amyas of Netherton).
  m. Elizabeth Amyas (dau/heir of Henry Amyas of Netherton)
  (1) Elizabeth Savile (d before 03.1653)
  m. (c1611) Gregory Armytage 'of Netherton' (bur 28.03.1653, son of John of Kirklees by Emma, dau of John Gregory of Kingston)
  (2) Bridget Savile
  m. Robert Williamson
(3) Ellen Savile
  m. _ Payne
  (4) Grace Savile
  d. Robert Savile of Bromhall
  e. Alice Savile
  m. Richard Sproston of Wakefield
  f. Jane Savile
  m. James Metcalfe (son of Sir Christopher)
  g. Margaret Savile
  m. William Waller of Wakefield
h. Ann Savile
  m. (William) Wombwell
  iv. Robert Savile of Snydale
  m. _ Greene
  a. Alice Savile (heir) probably of this generation
  m1. (22.11.1603) John Bedford of Crownest in Dewsbury (bur 02.1636)
  m2. (04.1637) Robert Nettleton
  b.+ pther issue (dsp?) - Robert, Henry, George, son
  v. George Savile of Wakefield
  m. _ Rookes
  a. George Savile 'of Wakefield'
  (1) Margaret Savile (d 1613)
  m. (22.07.1612) Sir Thomas Midleton of Chirk Castle (b 1586, d 1666)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, Dorothy
  C. George Savile of Wakefield
  i. Dorothy Savile possibly fits here (father George a grandson of Sir John of Thornhill) but possibly a generation later?
  m. Sir John Rodes of Barlborough (b c1562, d 16.09.1639)
  D. Alice Savile possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William Calverley of Calverley (a 1521)

Main source(s): BEB1844 (Savile of Thornhill), BE1883 (Savile of Sussex) with input from TCP (Savile of Pomfret), TCP (Sussex), BE1883 (Savile of Halifax), TCP (Halifax) and further input as reported above
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