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Families covered: Amyas of Horbury, Amyas of Netherton, Amyas of Sandal

We think it likely that the 3 families shown on this page were all closely connected to each other. However, we do not (yet) know how.
John de Amyas of Horbury, Yorkshire (a 1307)
1. John de Amyas of Horbury (a 1325)
A. John de Amyas of Horbury (a 1395)
  i. William de Amyas of Horbury (d before 1451)
  m. Elizabeth (d before 03.10.1451)
  a. Ralph Amyas of Horbury (d c12.1491)
m. Alice Anne (dau of Ralph Anne of Frickley by Grace, sister (sb dau?) of Sir Richard Goldsborough)
  (1) William Amyas of Horbury (d 08.02.1509-10)
  m. Isabell Sothill (dau of John Sothill of Dewsbury by Alison)
  (A) Thomas Amyas of Horbury
  (i) Alice Amyas
  m. Brian Bradford of Stanley (d c01.1558-9, son of George by ?? Mauleverer)
  (B) Alice Amyas
  m. John Birkhead
  (C) Anne Amyas
  m. William Power
  (D)+ other issue - Joan, Elizabeth
  (2) Robert Amyas
m. Mary Fairfax (dau of Sir William Fairfax)
  (3) Alice Amyas possibly duplication with below?
  m. Ralph Normanville of Kilnwick Percy
  b. Robert Amyas of York (d before 17.01.1485)
  m. Katherine
  c. Katherine Amyas
  m. John Allen of London (goldsmith)
  (1) Elizabeth Allen
  ii. John de Amyas (dsp)
  m. Catherine
  iii.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Agnes, Margaret
2. Maud de Amyas (a 1292)
  m. John de Waterton (son/heir of Richard of Walton)



William Amyas (d 1343)
1. John Amyas in Wakefield (dvp c1327, dyer)
  m. Alice Adam (dau of _ Adam of Danby)
  A. John Amyas (a 1350)
  m. Jean Bretton (dau of Henry Bretton)
  i. John Amyas (d before 12.08.1419)
  m. Ellen Lisle (dau of Jordan Lisle)
  a. Thomas Amyas of Netherton
  m. Elizabeth Bolstor (dau of Richard Bolstor)
(1) Edmund Amyas of Netherton
  m. Phillippa Lassel (dau of Henry Lassel)
  (A) Percival Amyas of Netherton (d before 29.05.1510)
  m. Elizabeth Sothill (dau of Thomas Sothill of Sotthill)
(i) John Amyas (d 09.06.1526)
  m. Agnes Fleming (dau of Robert Fleming of Wath)
  (a) Roger Amyas of Netherton (a 1531)
  m. Katherine Rockley (dau of Sir Thomas Rockley of Rockley by Alice, dau/coheir of Sir Roger Hopton)
  ((1)) Robert Amyas of Netherton
  m. Elizabeth Wombwell (dau of Roger Wombwell of Wombwell by Catherine, dau of Alexander Radcliffe of Ordsall)
  ((A)) Henry Amyas of Netherton
  ((i)) Elizabeth Amyas
  m. John Savile of Netherton (son of John of Stanley)
  (b) Agnes Amyas
m. George Frost of Altofts
  (c) Barbara Amyas
  m. Peter Banks
  (d)+ other issue - John (dsp 1519), Ralph (d 1531?, vicar of Penistone)
  (ii) Elizabeth Amyas
  m. William Bosville (son of John of Chevet by Joan Radcliffe of Ordsall) ## see here ##
  (iii) Isabel Amyas
  m. Nicholas Fenay of Fenay
  (iv) Margaret Amyas
  m. John Drax (son of Alexander)
(v) Alice Amyas possible duplication above
  m. Ralph Normanvile (son of Robert by Maud, dau of John Barnby)
  (vi) Agnes Amyas
  m. George Freeston of Altofts (son of William by dau of William Mallet of Altofts)
  (B) son (d 1500)
  (C) Alice Amyas
  m. John Thurgarland of Liley (son of Richard by Joan de Insula)
  (i) John Thurgarland 'of Lyley' (d 1548)
  m. Isabel Amyas (dau of Roger Amyas of Sandal by Alice, dau of Robert Staynton) @@ below
  (A) Roger Thurgarland
  m. Isabel Clayton
  (2) Elizabeth Amyas
  m. Laurence Kay of Woodsom (son of John, m2. Cicely, dau of William Bradshaw)
  (3) Alice Amyas
  m. Bryan Bradford of Stanley (a 1422)
  b. Richard Amyas (4th son?)
  m. Isabel
  (1)+ issue - Percival, Thomas (d 1544), Agnes, Muriel
  c.+ other issue - William, John (a 1420, Prior of Bredon), Joan
  B. Edmund Amyas (a 1352)
  C. Emma Amyas
  m. John Waterton (son of William of Walton by Ann)



William Amyas of Sandal (d before 20.03.1436)
m. Joan
1. John Amyas of Sandal (d 28.04.1469)
  m. Katherine
A. John Amyas of Sandal (d 1504)
  m. Agnes
  i. Thomas Amyas of Sandal
  ii. Roger Amyas of Sandal (d 10.03.1499)
  m. Alice Staynton (dau of Robert Staynton, son/heir of Thomas of Woolley Morehouse)
  a. John Amyas of Minthorpe (dsp 1516)
  m. Agnes
  b. Isabel Amyas
  m. John Thurgarland of Lyley (d before 24.09.1548) @@ above
  c. Mary Amyas
  m. Thomas Blacker of Blacker Hall (d before 22.10.1515, son of Robert by Mary, dau of John Sprigonell by Anne, dau of John Savile of Copley)
  d.+ other issue - Ralph (a 1531, vicar of Penistone), Beatrice
  iii. Katherine Amyas
  B. Katherine Amyas
  m. Robert Freeston of Altfots
  C. Agnes Amyas (a 1446)
  m. (1455) Thomas Frost
2.+ other issue - Robert, Elizabeth, Margaret, Agnes

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