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Families covered: Waller of Groombridge, Waller (Valer) of Hockerton, Waller of Old Stoke

This family has obviously been the subject of much investigation by various descendants for there are a number of web sites that provide information on it, some of the sites being quite impressive. BIFR1976 starts with the following William. As it shows a different father for the Thomas who married Christina or Christian Chassunt, and as BP1934 confirms that Henry of Hockerton, brother of David, Master of the Rolls, was ancestor of the later family, we give precedence to what is shown on various web sites but record what BIFR reports to preserve that data, albeit in blue to signify its subsidiarity.
William Waller of Kent (a temp Henry III 1216-1272)
m. Agnes Mortimer (dau of Elyas Mortimer)
1. Robert Waller (a 1291)
  A. Robert Waller of Bilsington (a 1362)
  i. John Waller
  m. dau of Vincent Herbert or Finch
  a. Thomas Waller of Lamberhurst and Groombridge (d 01.1410)
  m. Christian Chassunt (dau of Thomas Chassunt of Chassunt of Cheshunt)
  Apart from Thomas's date of death, this is as shown below.
The following Alured has been identified as progenitor of this family.
Alured de Valer (a 1066)
1. ?? de Valer
  Not certain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? de Valer
  i. Alured de Valer of Newark (d 1183)
  m. Adelina de Hockerton
a. John de Valer
  (1) Henry de Valer
  (A) William de Valer (d 1278)
  (i) Valer de Valer (d 1316)
  BLG1886 starts with ...
  (a) David de Valer or Waller (dsp, Master of the Rolls to King Edward III)
  (b) Henry de Valer or Waller of Hockerton (d 1371?)
  m. Alicia de Mortimer
  Visitation (Kent) & Berry start with ...
  ((1)) Thomas Valer or Waller of Groombridge (d 1371 or 1390)
  m. Christina Chassunt (dau of Henry Chassunt)
  ((A)) John Waller of Groombridge (b 1363, d 1420) - continued below
  m. Margaret (dau of Thomas Lansdall or Langsdall or Laudsdale)
  BIFR1976 suggests that John's wife was called Mary and that it was John's brother who married her sister Margaret Langsdall and inherited Langsdall.



John Waller of Groombridge (b 1363, d 1420) - continued above
BIFR1976 identifies this John as of Speldhurst. Groombridge is near the village of Speldhurst, Kent.
m. Margaret (dau of Thomas Lansdall or Langsdall or Laudsdale of that place)
1. Sir Richard Waller of Speldhurst, Sheriff of Kent (b 1395, d 1462)
  m. Silvia or Margaret Grundy or Gulby
  BLG1886 (Waller of Farmington), which identifies Sir Richard's wife as Silvia Gundy (whereas several web sites name her as Margaret Grundy, BIFR1976 calls her Magdalene Gulbye, and Visitation (Kent) identifies her as _ Gulby), reports 2 sons for Sir Richard, Richard and John (who married Joan Whetenhall), but it looks as though that John was son of an intervening Sir William Waller not mentioned by BLG1886 or Visitation (Kent) or Berry. Lipscomb starts with Richard (m. _ Gulby) father of Richard (m. Alice Brudenell), Alice & John father (by Anne Whetenall) of William of Speldhurst (m. Anne Falconer). The web sites are reasonably (albeit not completely) consistent in what they show for the next generation, and BP1934 (Waller) identifies Sir Richard's sucessor John as his grandson, so it appears that BLG1886 (and BIFR1976 & Lipscomb & Berry) missed out ...
  A. Sir William Waller of Groombridge (dvp)
  i. John Waller of Groombridge (b 1425, d 1510 or 05.03.1517)
m. Joan (or Anne) Whetenhall = Joanna Whitehall (dau of William Whetenhall or Whitehall of Heckhurst)
  a. William Waller of Groombridge (& Speldhurst), Sheriff of Kent (b 1465, d 1555)
  m. (1537) Anne Falconer (dau of William Fallemar or Fauconer or Falconer of Esteney)
  (1) Sir William Waller of Groombridge (d 18.01.1555)
  m. Alice Hendley (dau of Walter Hendley) named Elizabeth (m2. George Fane) by Berry
  (A) Sir Walter Waller of Groombridge (d 07.1599)
  m. Anne Chowte (dau of Philip Chowte (Chute) of Kent)
BP1934 identifies Sir Walter's second wife and mother of Sir George and Sir Thomas as Mary Hardress. We follow BIFR1976, BLG1886 (Waller of Castletown) and some web sites by showing her as 2nd wife of his son George.
  (i) Sir George Waller of Groombridge
  m1. Eliza Sondes (dsp, dau of Michael Sondes)
  m2. Mary Hardress (dau of Sir Richard Hardress or Hardres)
  (a) Sir Hardress Waller of Castletown, Governor of Cork (b c1604, d c1666, judge, Major General, regicide)
  m. (1630) Elizabeth Dowdall (d 15.04.1658, dau of John Dowdall of Kilfinny)
  (ii) Sir Thomas Waller (a temp James I)
  m. Margaret Lennard (dau of Lord Dacre)
  (a) Sir William Waller of Osterley Park (b 1597, d 19.09.1668, parliamentarian General)
  m1. Jane Reynell (dau of Sir Richard Reynell of Devon)
  m2. ??
  (b) Sir Walter Waller
  (c) Ffynes Waller
m. Sir John Jackson of Yorkshire
  (iii) Margaret Waller
  m1/2. Paul Garraway of London
  Probably the Margaret who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Edmond Brydiman of Tingrave
  (B) Eleanor Waller
  m. Thomas Parker of Ratton
  (C)+ other issue - Richard, William, Elizabeth
  (2) John Waller ## shown here by BLG1886, BP1934 & Lipscomb, see 2 duplications just below
  m. Elizabeth Farinfold or Fainfold
  (3) Joan Waller possibly of this generation
  m. George Fane of Badsell, Sheriff of Kent (d 1571)
  b. John Waller of Leighton (b 1466) ## shown here by BIFR1976 & Visitation (Kent) & Berry, see duplication just above & duplication just below
m. Elizabeth Farnfold (dau of William Farnfold or Farnefold of Steyning)
  ii. Elizabeth Waller probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Gilbert
  B. John Waller of Beaconsfield Castle (d c1490) ## shown here by various web sites, see 2 duplications just above
  m. Elizabeth Farinfold (dau of William Farinfold of Leigh)
  C. Richard Waller (b 1428, d 21.08.1474)
  m. Alison Brudenell (dau of Edmund or Edward Brudenell of Bunar (by Anne Dipden, heir) son of William (by Agnes, dau/heir of Thomas Boulstrod) son of William by dau/coheir of Thomas Grove)
The following comes from Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, Waller).
  i. John Waller (d 12.07.1486?)
  m. Joane Hampton (heir)
  a. Richard Waller of Old Stoke, Southamptonshire
m. Mary Kingsmill (dau of John Kingsmill)
  (1) Richard Waller of Old Stoke (Oldstoke)
  m. Margaret Pawlett (dau of William Pawlett, Marquiss of Winchester)
  (A) William Waller of Old Stoke
  Visitation (Hampshire) identifies William's 1st wife as _ Somester. TCP (Ogle of Catherlough) identifies her as ...
  m1. Anne Somester of Devon
  (i) Charity Waller (b c1595, d 05.10.1645)
  m1. Sir Thomas Phelips, 1st Bart of Barrington (d 29.04.1626/7)
  m2. (sp) William Ogle, Viscount Ogle
  (ii) Susan Waller
  m. (1616) Sir Richard Tichborne of Southamptonshire (d 1657)
  m2. Elizabeth Woodward (dau of William Woodward)
(B)+ other issue - Steven, John, John, Elizabeth, Mary
  (2) Alice Waller
  m. Tristram Pistar
  (3) Julian Waller possibly the Julian who married ...
  m. Augustus Whytehead of Titherley
  (4)+ other issue - William, John, William, James, Thomas, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Malyn
  b. Julian Waller
  m. Sir Thomas Manwood of Kent
  c.+ other issue - John, Elizabeth
  ii. William Waller
  iii. Alice Waller
  m. John Exhurst
  D. Alice Waller
  m. Sir John Guildford of Halden

Main source(s): various web sites (including www.alleylaw.net/mostwall.html), BLG1886 (Waller of Farmington), BIFR1976 (Waller of Kerry and Limerick), BP1934 (Waller) with some input/support from BLG1886 (Waller of Castletown), Visitation (Kent, 1619, Waller), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p296), Lipscomb (Bucks, 'vol 3, 'Pedigree of Waller of Beaconsfield', p182) and as reported above
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