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Families covered: Ufford of Ufford, Ufford of Suffolk

Robert de Peyton, lord of Ufford (d c1298, lord justice of Ireland)
m1. Mary (a 1280, widow of William de Say)
1. Sir Robert de Ufford, 1st Lord (b 11.06.1279, d by 09.09.1316)
  m. (before 1298) Cecily de Valoines (b c1281, d 16.07.1325, dau of Sir Robert de Valoines of Orford Castle, lord of Walsham)
  A. Robert de Ufford, 1st Earl of Suffolk (b 09.08.1298, d 04.11.1369, 2nd son)
  m. Margaret Norwich (sister of Sir John Norwich)
  i. Robert de Ufford (dvpsp before 12.04.1364/29.06.1368)
BE1883 identifies his wife as Elizabeth FitzAlan (son of Richard, son of Richard, Earl of Arundel). We follow TCP which shows that Elizabeth as wife of this Robert's nephew.
  m. Elizabeth de Botetourt (d 11.04.1384, dau of John de Botetourt, 1st Lord)
  ii. Thomas de Ufford (dvpsp before 29.06.1368)
  m. Elizabeth de Beauchamp (dau of Thomas de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, by Catherine de Mortimer)
  iii. Walter de Ufford of Combs (dvpsp beofre 15.07.1360)
  m. (before 16.11.1351) Elizabeth de Montagu (d before 14.07.1361, dau of Thomas de Montagu, 1st Lord)
  iv. William de Ufford, 2nd Earl of Suffolk (d 15.02.1381)
  m1. (before 02.02.1362/3, Joan Montagu (b 02.02.1348/9, d before 12.06.1376, dau of Edward de Montagu, 2nd Lord)
a. Robert de Ufford (dvpsp c01.08.1375)
  m. (c28.10.1371) Elizabeth FitzAlan (d c1375, dau of Richard FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel)
  m2. (by 12.06.1376) Isabel de Beauchamp (dau of Thomas de Beauchamp, 3rd Earl of Warwick)
  v. John de Ufford (b c1342, d 08/9.1375, prebendary of Salisbury and Lincoln)
  vi. Cecilie de Ufford
  m. John Willoughby, 3rd Lord of Eresby (d c1373)
  vii. Catherine de Ufford
  m. (before 06.05.1335) Robert de Scales, 3rd Lord (d 13.08.1369)
viii. Margaret de Ufford
  m. William Ferrers, 3rd Lord of Groby (d 08.01.1370/1)
  ix. Joan de Ufford (d young?) apparently of this generation
  m. (mcrt c1330!) John de St. Philibert, 1st Lord (b c1326, d 03.09.1358)
  B. John de Ufford, Archbishop of Canterbury (d 1348)
  C. Sir Ralph de Ufford, Chief Justice of Ireland (d 1346)
  BE1883 reports Dugdale who suggests that this Ralph was brother of the above Lord Robert and that he married twice, the second time to Eve de Clavering by whom he was father of Lord John de Ufford of the second creation. We follow TCP (Ufford) which shows the father of Lord John and husband of Eve de Clavering as Sir Thomas de Ufford, below.
  m. (before 06.07.1345) Maud Plantagenet (b 1298/c1310, d before 05.05.1377, dau of Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster)
i. Maud de Ufford (d 25.01.1412/3)
  m. (before 10.06.1350) Sir Thomas de Vere, 8th Earl of Oxford (b c1336, d 18.09.1371)
  D. Eve de Ufford (a 05.1370) apparently of this generation
  m. Sir John de Brewes of Stinton, etc. (b 10.08.1306, a 05.1370)
  E. Alicia de Ufford possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas de Pabenham of Pavenham (d 1345)
  F.+ other issue - William (a 1311, dvpsp), Edmund
2. Margaret de Ufford apparently of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Edmund de Colville of Bytham Castle (b 25.01.1287/8, d 1315/6)
m2. Joan (a 11.1307)
3. Sir Thomas de Ufford (d Bannockburn 24.06.1314)
  m. Eve de Clavering (d c1369, dau of John FitzRobert de Clavering, 2nd Lord)
  A. John de Ufford, Baron Ufford (dsp 20.07.1361)
  m. (before 08.09.1351) Alice
  B. Sir Edmund de Ufford
  m. Sybil Pierpont (dau of Simon Pierpont)
i. Sir Robert de Ufford of Horsford
  m. Eleanor Felton (dau of Sir Thomas Felton)
  a. Ella de Ufford
  m. Richard Bowes
  b. Sybil de Ufford, a nun
  c. Joan de Ufford
  m. Sir William Bowet or Bowett of Horsford
  (1) Elizabeth Bowet
  m. Sir Thomas Dacre (dvp)
  ii. Ela de Ufford
  This connection is confirmed on Bank's' Baronies in Fee' (vol 1, p267).
  m. Sir Miles Stapleton of Ingham and Bedale (b c23.06.1357, d 10.04.1419)
  C. Sir Robert de Ufford

Main source(s): BE1883 (Ufford of Suffolk), BE1883 (Ufford), TCP (Ufford), TCP (Suffolk)
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