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Families covered: St. Loe of Chew, St. Loe of Knighton, St. Lo of Little Fontmell, St. Loe of Newton St. Loe, St. Loe of Tormarton
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A progenitor of this family is reputed to have come into England at the time of the Norman Conquest and to have obtained lands in/around Somerset. However, VCH (Gloucestershire, vol 11, Bisley & Longtree Hundreds, Minchinhampton) reports one manor that was "anciently called the manor of SEINCKLEY or SEYNTCLEY, a name later corrupted to St. Loe or St. Chloe" so it is not certain that all families of this name were related. The extract from MGH starts with ...
John St. Loe in Wiltshire
m. (before 1310) Joane Cheverell (dau/heir of Alexander Cheverell, Sheriff of Wiltshire)
1. Sir John St. Loe (a 1364)
  m. Ela
  A. Sir John St. Loe 'of Newton St. Lo', Wiltshire (d 08.11.1375)
  m1. Alice Paveley (d 21.10.1361, dau/coheir of Sir John Paveley of Broke)
  i. Joan St. Loe (b c1354)
  m1. (by 1375) Sir John Chidiock (b c1348, d 1390)
  m2. John Bache (d 1409-10)
  a. John Bache
  ii. Ela St. Loe (b c1357, d 08.02.1409-10)
  m1. Thomas de Bradston of Bradston, Gloucestershire (d 16.05.1374)
  m2. Sir Richard de St. Maur, Lord (b c1355, d 15.05.1401)
  m2. Margaret Clyvedon (d 05.01.1411-2, dau/heir (by Elizabeth) of John de Clyvedon (d before 1348) son (by Mary, dau of Philip Drokenesford) of John (d by 1336) son of Matthew de Clyvedon (a 1328), m2. Sir Peter Courtenay (son of Hugh, 2nd Earl of Devon))
  iii. Alexander St. Loe (b c05.1375, dspvm)
  iv. Elizabeth St. Loe (b 14.09.1389)
  m. William, Lord Botreaux (d 25.05.1395)



Sir Nicholas St. Loe (d 03.06.1487)
We have seen on a web site the suggestion that Sutton Manor came into the St. Loe family through the marriage of a Sir John St. Loe (a 1428) to Eleanor, dau of Sir Thomas Arundell of Wardour Castle by Catherine, dau/coheir of John Chydiock. That identification appears to be wrong (because it was a Sir John Arundell who married Catherine Chydiock and because Wardour Castle did not (we think) go into the Arundell family until a later generation). However, the Arundell records do show a marriage with this family a generation later, being by ...
m. Eleanor Arundell (dau of Sir Thomas Arundell of Lanherne) possibly wife of this Nicholas, possibly mother of ...
1. Sir John St. Loe of Chew, Somerset (d 04.03.1498/9)
  m. Isabel
  A. Nicholas St. Loe of Chew (b by 1479, d before 23.11.1508)
  m. Eleanor
  i. Sir John St. Loe of Chew Magna 'of Tormarton' (d 12.1558)
m1/2. Margaret Poyntz (dau of Sir Robert Poyntz of Iron Acton) probably (a) wife of this Sir John
  m2/1. Margaret FitzNicholas identified by the web site referred to below as the mother of Edward
  a. (Sir) William St. Loe 'of Tormarton' (d 1599)
Visitation just mentions William, notes that he was "filius pimogenitus" (eldest son), and reports that he dsp. HOWEVER, it appears that this was the wealthy Sir William St. Loe of Tormarton (etc.), Captain of the Guard and Grand Butler of England for Queen Elizabeth I, who married as follows:
  m1. Jane Bayntun (dau of Sir Edward Bayntun of Bromham) mentioned on various web sites
  (1)+ 2 daughters
  m2. ??
  m3. (1559) Elizabeth Hardwick of Hardwick Hall, "Building Bess of Hardwicke" (b 1521, d 13.02.1607/8)
  b. Edward St. Loe of Knighton (Broad Chalke, Wiltshire), later of Sutton Court in Chew (bur 06.05.1578)
Visitation shows Edward as married to a Margaret (d before 02.02.1592/3), showing her as mother of John. A web site - previously here (under Margaret Scutt), checked 14.11.20 but apparently no longer available - provided a story about alleged evil doings by this Edward and mentioned his marriages to Bridget Malte and Margaret Scutt (his step-daughter) but, whilst mentioning that Bridget was pregnant at the time of their marriage, said nothing about what happened to any offspring. That site also mentioned that Edward & Margaret had a daughter, Margaret (noting that, through her marriage to Richard Stephens, she was an ancestress of Queen Elizabeth II), but said nothing about the John shown by Visitation as Edward's successor. Provisionally, we presume that John was also of that marriage.
m1. (c09.1557) Bridget Malte (d 30.11.1557, dau of John Malte (tailor to the King), widow of John Scutt)
  m2. Margaret Scutt (d before 02.02.1592/3, dau of John Scutt by Bridget Malte)
  (1) John St. Loe of Knighton (bur 26.10.1618)
  m. Elizabeth Hyde (dau of Lawrence Hyde of Hatch, sister of Sir Lawrence)
  (A) Edward St. Loe of Knighton (a 1623)
  m. (04.08.1622) Margaret Faulkner (dau of William Faulkner or Fawknor of Sarum (Salisbury))
  (i) John St. Loe or St. Lo of Little Fontmell in Childe Okeford, Dorset (b c1623, d before 18.11.1668)
  m. Margaret Davey (b 1617-8, d 01.08.1677, dau/coheir of Thomas Davey of New Sarum)
  (a) Edward St. Lo of Little Fontmell (b c1647, d before 15.06.1694)
  m. Anne Style (dau/coheir of George Style of Mapowder)
  ((1)) Dorothy St. Lo (bpt 01.01.1682/3, d 04.04.1744)
  m. Christopher White
  ((2))+ other issue - John (b c1669?), Edward (bpt 08.09.1679), Thomas (bpt 11.07.1681), Anne (bpt 29.03.1672, bur 27.01.1672/3), Anne (bpt 28.04.1673), Mary (bpt 04.03.1673/4), Jane, Susanna (bpt 04.04.1678)
(b) Thomas St. Lo (b 1653-4, d 05.07.1719, 3rd son)
  m1. Jane Daubeny (dau of George Daubeny)
  m2. Susanna Toulson (dau of Jeffery Toulson)
  m3. Ann Hull (dau/coheir of Edmund Hull)
  Not clear which wife was mother of which child.
  ((1)) Lawrence St. Lo (d 20.10.1741)
  m. Margaret Arnold (dau of Henry Arnold of Ilsington in Puddletown)
  ((A)) Ann St. Lo
  m. Alexander Malet this connection is somewhat speculative
  ((B)) Susanna St. Lo
  m. William Coker of Wimborne Minster
  ((C)) Lora St. Lo
  m. _ Motringham of London
  ((D))+ othe issue - Henry, Thomas (d 1766), Jane, Margaret, Isabella
  ((2))+ other issue - John, Robert, Thomas
  (c) Elizabeth St. Lo
  m. Edward Duckombe of Corfe Castle
  (d)+ other issue - Lawrence, George (b 1648-9, d 05.07.1714), Charles, Henry (d by 11.1679)
  (ii)+ other issue - Edward, Margaret
(B) John St. Loe of London (bpt 14.08.1597, d before 18.10.1638)
  m. Mary
  (i) John St. Loe
  (C) Fardinando St. Loe (bpt 09.09.1599)
  m. _ Seamour (sister of Sir Robert Seamour of Dorset)
  (D) Margaret St. Loe (bpt 13.05.1590)
  m. William Jones of Woodland, Wiltshire
  (E) Gertrude St. Loe (bpt 18.10.1598, d 21.04.1662)
  m. Edward Ernly of Ashlington
  (F) Elizabeth St. Loe (bpt 26.05.1606)
  m. (30.04.1627) Walter Waller (vicar of Broadchalke)
  (G)+ other issue - Lawrence of Knighton (bpt 30.09.1604, d before 02.11.1658), Anne (bpt 30.05.1591, bur 02.12.1597), Martha (bpt 25.11.1593, bur 28.01.1612//3), Elizabeth (bpt 07.06.1595), Dorothy (d before 03.10.1638)
  (2) Margaret St. Loe not mentioned by Visitation
  m. Richard Stephens (d 1599)
  ii. Elizabeth St. Loe
  B.+ other issue - Mary, Eleanor
2. Nicholas St. Loe
  m. Maud (d before 05.11.1499, relict of John Wykes)
3. Edmund St. Loe

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : MGH (NS2, vol 2, 'Scheme shewing the connection between the several families of Botreaux, St. Loe, Clyvedon ...', p314+)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, 'St. Lowe'), Visitation (Dorset, 1677, 'St Lo') with input as reported above
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