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Families covered: Pickering of Gretton, Pickering of Isham, Pickering of Killington, Pickering of Thorpe, Pickering of Tichmarsh, Pickering of Winanderwater

Sir Crystofer Pykerynge of Ellerton
m. Ellen Haryngton (dau of Sir Rychard Haryngton)
1. Sir James Pickering of Killington and Winanderwater (Winderwath)
  m1. Mary Lowther (dau of Sir Robert Lowther)
  A. James Pickering of Killington and Winanderwater
  m. Margaret Lascelles (d 17.11.1499, dau of (Robert) Lascelles of Eskrick)
i. Sir James Pickering of Killington
  Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Pickering) identifies Sir James's wife as Anne, dau of Christopher Moresby or Morysbye by dau of Ivo de Etton, but Visitation (Yorkshire, 1584/5 & 1612, Vaughan of Sutton) identifies her as dau of Christopher Moresby by Margaret, dau of Sir Lancelot (but should be Henry?) Thirkeld. Provisionally, we show her a generation later, being ...
  m. Anne Moresby (dau of Christopher Moresby by Elizabeth Parr)
  a. Sir Christopher Pickering of Killington
  m. Jane or Elizabeth Lewkner (dau of Sir Roger Lewkner by Eleanor Camoys)
  (1) Anne Pickering (d 25.04.1582)
  m1. Sir Francis (not Richard) Weston (dvp 17.05.1536)
m2. Sir Henry Knevet
  m3. John Vaughan of Yorkshire (a 1559)
  b. James Pickering
  m. Elsabeth Thyrkell (dau of Lancelot (not Sir Thomas) Thyrkell or Thirkeld)
  (1) Lancelot Pickering
  c. Thomas Pickering
  (1) Thomas Pickering
  m. Margaret Starkey (dau of Nicholas Starkey)
  d. William Pickering
  m. Wenefred Thyrkell (dau of Sir Thomas (sb Lancelot?) Thyrkell)
  (1) Wenefred Pickering possibly (??) the Winifred who married ...
  m. Henry Crackenthorpe of Newbigging
  (2)+ other issue - Christopher, John, Thomas, Edward, Anne, Ales, Jane, Elsabeth
  ii. John Pickering of Gretton
  m(2). ?? Colley (dau of ?? Colley of Glaston)
  a. William Pickering of Gretton
  m. Agnes
  (1) Richard Pickering of Gretton
  m. Anne Seyton (dau of Thomas Seyton of Seyton)
  (A) John Pickering of Gretton
  m. Frances Brandon (dau of _ Brandon of Bromwell)
  (i) Richard Pickering of Gretton (a 1618)
  m. Bridget King (dau of Richard King of Cottesmore)
  (a)+ issue - Richard (b c1617), Lawrence, Joice
  (ii) Anne Pickering
  m1. John Bryan
  m2. Robert Bute
  (iii) Ruth Pickering
  m. William Laxton of Grath
  (iv) Mary Pickering
  m. Thomas Rowlat of Corby
(B)+ other issue - William, Gilbert, Lawrence, Awdrey, Margery
  (2) Alis Pickering
  m. George Quinton of Bedfordshire
  (3) Katherine Pickering
  m. _ Fowke of Bedfordshire
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas, Henry
b. Gilbert Pickering of Tichmarsh
  m. Elizabeth Stanbanke (dau of James Stanbanke of Northamptonshire)
  (1) John Pickering of Tichmarsh
  m1. Lucy Kaye (dau of Edward Kaye of Woodham)
  (A) Sir Gilbert Pickering of Tichmarsh
  m. Elizabeth Haggard (dau of _ Haggard or Hogard of Born or Bourne)
(i) Sir John Pickering of Tichmarsh (d 29.01.1627-8)
  m. Susan Dryden (bur 16.04.1661, dau of Erasmus Dryden of Canons Ashby)
  (a) Sir Gilbert Pickering, 1st Bart of Tichmarsh (bpt 10.03.1610-1, bur 17.10.1668)
  m. Elizabeth Montague (bur 28.10.1679, dau of Sir Sidney Montague of Hinchingbroke)
  ((1)) Sir John Pickering, 2nd Bart of Tichmarsh (b c1640, bur 03.04.1703)
  m. (24.01.1668-9) Frances Alston (bur 21.04.1694, dau of Sir Thomas Alston)
((A)) Sir Gilbert Pickering, 3rd Bart of Tichmarsh (b c1670, d 28.02.1735-6)
  m. Elizabeth Stanton (bur 18.07.1741, dau of Stavely Stanton)
  ((i)) Sir Edward Pickering, 4th Bart of Tichmarsh (b c1716, d unm 03.07.1749)
  ((ii)) Frances Byrd Pickering (bur 10.01.1765, youngest dau) possibly the Frances who married ...
  m. John Bernard (Captain RN)
  ((iii))+ other issue - John (bur 07.05.1703), Gilbert (bpt 21.02.1705-6, bur 18.04.1721), John (bpt 14.10.1712, bur 28.10.1712), Jemima (bpt 29.10.1709), Dorothy Elizabeth (bur 10.11.1766)
  It was probably one of these daughters who married
  m. Hinton Maddock of Chester
  ((B)) St. John Pickering (bpt 13.04.1671, d infant)
  ((2)) Gilbert Pickering 'of London' (b 18.09.1656, a 1681)
Visitation (Northamptonshire) identifies Gilbert's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Pinchon of London, but Commoners identifies her as ...
  m. Mary Creed (dau of John Creed of Tichmarsh)
  ((A)) Edward Pickering
  m. Teresa Brown (dau of Wiston Brown of Thrapston)
  ((i)) Edward Pickering (d 1766)
  m. Katherine Lacy (dau of Edward Lacy of Daventry)
  ((a)) Edward Lake Pickering (d 01.1788)
  m. (1768) Mary Umfrevile (dau of William Umfreville)
  (((1))) Edward Roland Pickering of Old Lodge (b 25.12.1778) had issue
m. (15.10.1805) Mary Vere (dau of Samuel Vere of Upton and Earl's Colne by Ann, dau of Edward Proctor of Ware)
  ((b))+ sons (dsp)
  ((B)) Mary Pickering (d 1742) probably of this generation
  m. John Booth of Clerkenwell (b 1667, d 1725)
  ((C))+ other issue including Elizabeth (b c1669, a 1681)
  ((3)) Sidney Pickering of London (a 1681)
  m. (19.11.1673) Honor Pickering (dau of Sir Henry Pickering of Whaddon)
  ((A))+ issue - Sidney (b c1686), Honor (d young)
  ((4)) Mountagu Pickering of Birchmore (b 03.06.1654, bur 01.04.1694)
  m. (18.05.1679) Elizabeth Alston (dau of Sir Thomas Alston)
  ((A)) Edward Pickering (bpt 31.03.1681)
  ((5)) Francis Pickering in Oporto (b 30.01.1657-8, 6th son)
  The following comes from Burke's 'Royal Families' (1847, 'John William Searle', Pedigree LXXVI).
  m. Joanna Houst (dau of Currio Cander Houst (Dutch Consul at Oporto))
  ((A)) Francis Pickering
  m. Lucretia Charr of London
((i))+ issue - John (d unm), Gilbert (monk), daughter (nun)
  ((B)) Edward Pickering of Oporto (d c1761)
  m. Eusebia Aylward (dau of Richard Aylward of Operto, son of Peter of Carrick)
  ((i)) Maria Theresa Pickering (d 06.12.1774)
  m. (12.01.1766) John Searle of Oporto (d 1800)
  ((ii)) Margaret Pickering
  m. James Ferrier (Brigadier General in Portuguese army)
  ((iii)) Anne Pickering
  m. Thomas Fitzgerald (Major General in Portuguese army)
  ((iv))+ other issue - Eusebia (nun), Elizabeth (d unm)
  ((6)) Elizabeth Pickering (bur 16.05.1728)
  m. John Creed of Oundle (d 18.09.1701)
  ((7))+ other issue - Oliver (bur 17.13.1668-9), Theophilus (b 10.05.1662, d 20.03.1710-1, rector of Sedgefield), Frances (d unm), Ann (d young), Mary (d young)
  (b) Edward Pickering of Lincoln's Inn (bpt 26.07.1618, a 1681, 3rd son) had issue
m. Dorothy Weld (dau of Sir John Weld of Arnolds, sister of Humphrey of Weld House, London)
  (c)+ other issue - John (bpt 03.12.1615, d unm 11.1645), Sidney (bpt 28.04.1620, bur 28.0.1621), Frances (d unm), Elizabeth (bur 24.03.1609-10)
  (ii) Christopher Pickering
  m. Jane Mordaunt (dau of Sir Charles Mordaunt)
  (iii) Henry Pickering (b c1584, d 09.1657, Rector of Aldwinckle)
  Thanks to a regular contributor (CV, 27.12.20) for drawing our attention to 'Notes & Queries' (Series 10, Vol 5, 03.02.1906, p83), shown on Wikisource here, which identifies Henry, father of Mary, as a son of Sir Gilbert. Henry's dates come from TCB (vol 3, p151).
  (v) Elizabeth Pickering
  m. Robert Horsman of Kensington
  (iv)+ other issue - Mary, Frances (dsp)
  (B) John Pickering of Ellington (4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Martyn of Cambridgeshire
  (i)+ issue - Gilbert, Mathew, Edward, James (dsp), Elizabeth, Aliss
  (C) Edward Pickering of Aldmonbury had issue in Hampshire
  (D) William Pickering of Norfolk
m. _ Godfry
  (i)+ issue - Robert, Elizabeth
  (E) Henry Pickering of Aldwarke
  m. Isabelle Smyth
  (i)+ issue - John, Henry
  (F) Grace Pickering
  m. Miles Willesden of Norfolk
  (G) Elizabeth Pickering
  m. Robert Throgmorton of Ellington (bpt 01.10.1551, d 12.01.1631)
  (H)+ other issue - Robert, James (dsp)
  m2. Ursula Oxenbridge (dau of Thomas Oxenbridge of Etchingham)
(J) Mary Pickering
  m. _ Leigh of Adlington
  (K) Margaret Pickering
  m. Robert Keys of Lincolnshire (conspirator in the gunpowder polt)
  (L)+ other issue - Lewis of Artleborough/Sittingburgh (dsp), Mary
  (2) James Pickering
  m. Katherine Hanmer (dau of John Hanmer of the Fennes)
  (A) Edythe Pickering
  m. William (or Nicholas) Berie of Astwell
  (3) Boniface Pickering
  m. Katherine Rolfe of Hertfordshire
  (A) Gilbert Pickering of Thorpe
  m. Ellen Brown (dau of Anthony Brown of Tolthorpe)
  (i) Boniface Pickering of Oundle (a 1618)
  m. Mary Harrison (dau of Clement Harrison of Oundle)
  (ii) Jane Pickering
  m. James Gorsett of Witham
  (iii) Alice Pickering
  m. Geoffrey Bevill of Witham
(iv)+ other issue - Nevill, Michael, James, Robert, Grace
  (B) James Pickering of Thorpe (a 1618)
  m. Joan Clifford (dau of Henry Clifford of Keston)
  (i) Robert Pickering 'of Tichmarsh' (3rd son)
  m. Ellen Catlyn (dau of William Catlyn of Paunds (Raunds))
  (ii) Ann Pickering
m. Sylvester Bedell of Huntingdonshire (b c1569, d 1629)
  (iii) Lucy Pickering
  m. Lewis Leigh of Bedfordshire
  (iv)+ other issue - Henry (dsp?), Francis (dsp?), Walter, James, Elizabeth, Lettice, Jane, Susan
  (C) Michael Pickering
  m. Elizabeth Whetstow
  (i) Catherine Pickering dau of Michael of Tichmarsh (later of Raunds), possibly fits here
  m. (c01.1603-4) Randle Bird of Baintoin (b c1568, d c1660)
  (4) Jane Pickering
  m. John Cooke of Glapthorne
  (5) Mary Pickering
  m. Henry Daye of Thrapstone
  c. Henry Pickering
  d. Joan Pickering
  m. George Purcell of London
  e. Elizabeth Pickering
m. Thomas Maye of London
  iii. Thomas Pickering of Barrowhall
  a. Robert Pickering of Isham
  m. Margaret Luffwick (dau of John Luffwick, son of John)
  (1) Thomas Pickering of Isham
  m. Margaret Shukburgh (dau of Anthony Shukburgh of Harrowden Parva)
  (A) Thomas Pickering of Finchingfeilde (2nd son)
  m. Sarah Bust (dau of _ Bust of Everton)
  (B) John Pickering of Isham
  m. Patience Spicer (dau of John Spicer of Leckhamsted)
  (i)+ issue - Winifred (b c1610), Anne (b c1615), Sarah (b c1616), Patience
  (C) Isabel Pickering
  m. William Fetch of Aldwinkle
  (D) Elizabeth Pickering
m. _ Chetham
  (E) Margery Pickering
  m. Nicholas Eswick of Drystoke (Stoke Dry)
  (F) Mary Pickering
  m. Henry Hewitt of Thorpe Malzon
  (G) Alice Pickering
  m. William Mathew of Bradden ## see here ##
  (H) Bridget Pickering
  m. Thomas Perkins of Haringworth
  (I) Jane Pickering
  m. Samuel Spicer of Leakampsted
  (J) Margaret Pickering
  m. Thomas Douglas of Burton Latymer
  (K)+ other issue - Robert, Ursula
  (2) Elizabeth Pickering
  m. George Nicholls of Luffwick
(3) Ann Pickering
  m. Walter Selby of Thingdon (Finedon)
  m2. Margaret Norwood (dau of Sir John Norwood)
  B. Sir Edward Pickering
  i. Edward Pickering (dsp)
2. Katherine Pickering
  m. _ Stapleton
3. Mary Pickering (nun at Watton)
4. Ellen Pickering (d 1446)
  m. Thomas Borough ## see here ##
5. Margaret Pickering
  m. Sir Robert Roos
  A. Thomas Roos
  m. _ Stapleton (sister of Sir William Stapleton)
  B. Ellen Roos
  m. _ Nelson
  C.+ other issue - John, Bryan, Robert, Roger, Jane, Mary, Elsabeth, Anne, Agnes

Main source(s): Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Pickering), Visitation (Walter C. Metcalfe 1887, Northamptonshire, 1564+1618-9, Pickering - various), Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681, Pickering of Tichmarsh), Commoners (vol 2, Pickering of Old Lodge, p191+)
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