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Families covered: Stanton of Birchmore, Staunton of Clydagh, Stanton of Smewens, Stanton of Woburne

John Staunton or Stanton (a 1475)
Visitation shows John as younger brother of Thomas Stanton of Stanton, both being sons of Thomas of "Stanton neer Belvoyr (Com) Lei(cester)". The connection is to the family of Staunton of Staunton Park which is in Nottinghamshire (which may have had a 12th century connection to the Lord de Belvoir) but that seems reasonable given that BLGI1912 identifies the arms of the following family, quartered with those of Lynch, as "Arg. two chevronels, sa." which is the same as those shown for the connected family. We are not concerned about Visitation spelling the family name throughout as Stanton rather than Staunton.
1. Edward Stanton of Woburne in Bedfordshire, 1st of Smewens in Buckinghamshire
A. Edward (Edmond) Stanton of Smewens
  m. Elizabeth Gray (dau of Reginald Gray, brother of Edmund, Lord Grey)
  i. Reginald Stanton of Smewens (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Shuckborough (dau of Anthony Shuckborough of Shuckborough)
  a. Anthony Stanton 'of Great Brickhill' (a 1634)
  m. Anne Furtho (dau/coheir of Edward Furtho of Furtho)
  (1)+ issue (a 1634) - Sandys, Anthony, Reginald, Anne, Elizabeth, Susan
  b. George Stanton or Staunton (to Ireland) - continued below
  c. Elizabeth Stanton
  m1. Robert Brown
  m2. Ralph How of London
  d. Frances Stanton
  m. Richard Sanders of Wanden
  e. Mary Stanton
  m. William Stanton (son of Sir Francis) @1@ below
  f.+ other issue - John, Edward
  ii. Elizabeth Stanton
  m. Sir Francis Stanton of Woburn (d 1635/9) @2@ above
  iii. Anne Stanton
  m. Thomas Chamberlain of Stratton Audley



George Stanton or Staunton (to Ireland) - continued above
1. George Staunton of Clydagh, co. Galway (2nd son)
  m. Eliza Martyn (dau of James Martyn of Tillyra)
  A. son
  B. George Staunton of Cargin & Clydagh
m. Anne Lynch (dau of Nicholas Lynch of Galway)
  i. George Staunton (Colonel)
  m. Margaret Leonard (dau of John Leonard of Carra)
  a. Sir George Leonard Staunton, 1st Bart (b 1737, d 14.01.1801, diplomat in China, FRS)
  m. (1771) Jane Collins (dau of Benjamin Collins of Wilford)
  (1) Sir George Thomas Staunton, 2nd Bart (b 26.05.1781, d unm 10.08.1859, MP, oriental scholar)
  b. Lucy Barbara Staunton apparently of this generation
  m. Richard Wolsey Cormick of Wolsey Park
  (1) Victoire Cormick
  m. (1792) Mark Lynch of Renmore & Duras Park
  2 of their sons inherited property from the 2nd Bart and assumed the name Staunton.
  ii.+ 4 sons + 2 daughters
2.+ 2 sons



Except for the possible intermarriage, we are not aware of the connection between the following family and that shown above although wedo hink that a connection was not unlikely. Nichols identifies the arms of this branch as "Vaire, Argent and Sable, a canton Gules".
Sir Francis Stanton of Birchmore in Woburm, Bedfordshire (a 1634) possibly the Francis of Woburn (d 1635/9) who married ...
m. Elizabeth Stanton (dau of Edward (Edmond) Stanton of Smewens) @2@ above, possibly mother of ...
Nichols, who does not identify Francis's wife, shows that his sons were Robert and (without providing any detail on them other than their names) Francis, Edward & William. Vistiation (Buckinghamshire), used for the upper section above, just shows his son William who married his cousin Mary.
1. Robert Stanton of Birchmore
  m. Mary Prescott (dau/coheir of Edward Prescott of London)
A. Francis Stanton of Birchmore
  m. Mary Staveley (dau of Arthur Staveley, m2. Stephen Pheasant)
  i. Staveley Stanton of Birchmore
  m. Elizabeth Alston (a 1682, dau of Sir Thomas Alston of Odell)
  a. Staveley Stanton of West Langton (b c1673, a 1682)
  b. Francis Stanton (b c1676, a 1682)
  c. Elizabeth Stanton (b 1687, d 1744 (bur 18.07.1741?))
  m. Sir Gilbert Pickering, 3rd Bart of Tichmarsh (b c1670, d 28.02.1735-6)
  B.+ other isuse - Robert, Elizabeth, Mary, Anne
2. Francis Stanton
3. Edward or Edmond Stanton (b 20.10.1600, d 14.07.1671) had issue
  Edward (aka Edmond) is identified in Wikisource ("Edmond Staunton") as "an eminent divine among the Puritans".
4. William Stanton possibly the William who married ...
  m. Mary Stanton (dau of Reginald Stanton of Smewen) @@ just above

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, 'Stanton of Smewnes in Great Brickhill')
(2) For middle section : BLGI1912 ('Lynch-Staunton of Clydagh') with support from Wikipedia ("Sir George Staunton")
(3) For lower section (added 29.03.23) : 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Staveley and Stanton of West Langton', p664)
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