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Families covered: Early Lords of Norwich, Noble of Chorley, Noble of Lichfield, Neale (Neele) of Prestwood, Nettles of Beare Forest, Nettles of Netterville, Nettles of Toureen

Walter de Norwich 'of Mettingham', Sheriff of Norfolk, Treasurer (d 1329, Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
m. Catherine (dau of Sir John de Hedersete, widow of Piers Braunche)
1. Sir John de Norwich, 1st Lord (d 1362)
  m. Margery (d 1366)
  A. Sir Walter de Norwich (dvp 1360)
  m. Margaret (d 1395)
i. Sir John de Norwich, 2nd Lord (dsp 1373)
  m1. Valerine Stapleton (dau of Sir Miles Stapleton of Bedale)
  m2. Eleanor Fraunceys (a 1376, dau of Richard Fraunceys (son of John of Wimpole) by Elizabeth de Huntingfield)
  ii. Margaret de Norwich
  m. (1353, sp) John Playz, later 5th Lord (son of Richard Playz)
2. Sir Roger de Norwich (dsp 1371)
3. Sir Thomas de Norwich
  A. Catherine de Norwich
  m. Robert de Breuse (dsp before 12.07.1325)
4. Margaret de Norwich (d 1358)
  m1. Thomas de Cailly, Lord of Buckenham (dsp before 30.07.1316)
  m2. Robert de Ufford, 1st Earl of Suffolk (b 09.08.1298, d 04.11.1369)
5. Cicely de Norwich
  m. Sir Roger de Huntingfield (d 1357)



John Noble of Farwell, Staffordshire
m. Maud Deyken (dau of Nicholas Deyken of Chorley)
1. Edward Noble of the Close of Lichfield
  m. Isabell Lowe (dau of Humphrey Lowe, bailiff of Lichfield, son of Thomas of Cakemore in Halesowen)
  A. Michael Noble of Lichfield Close (d 02.1648)
  m. Mary Cotton (dau of Walter Cotton of Crakesmarsh)
  i. John Noble of Chorley, Staffordshire (b 1621-2, d c1676)
  m. Jane Brandreth (dau of John (not Richard) Brandreth of Shenston)
a. Mary Noble
  m. _ Spademan (vicar of Burton, from Derby)
  b.+ other issue - Michael (b c1650, a 1680, of the Middle Temple), John, Walter
  Visitation ends with this generation. We presume that one of the sons was father of the following Walter though it is possible that the youngest son was the same person as the following Walter, father of Walter & Mary.
  (1) Walter Noble of Chorley
  (A) Walter Noble of Chorley (dsp?)
  (B) Mary Noble (b 31.12.1706, d 09.10.1798, coheir)
  m. (04.05.1732) Robert Landor of Rugeley (b 05.11.1708, d 23.03.1781)
  ii. Weston Noble
  m. Joane Cotes (dau of John Cotes of Callowhill)
  iii. Isabell Noble
  m. Anthony Hewet
  iv. Mary Noble (b c1621, d 19.11.1693)
  m. John Cotton of the Inner Temple (cadet of Bellaport)
  v. Margaret Noble
  m. Thomas Cropley of St. Edmundsbury



The Visitation spells the family name throughout as "Neele". Cross-references to the family normally use "Neale".
Richard Neele of Prestwood, Leicestershire (a 1485, justice)
1. Christopher Neele or Neale
  A. Richard Neele or Neale of Prestwood
m. Elizabeth Slorrey (dau of William Slorrey)
  i. Francis Neale 'of Kethorpe' 'of Prestwould & Tugby'
  m1. Jone (Jane) Hall (dau of ?? Hall of Grantham)
  a. Mary Neale
  m1. Everard Digby of Tilton
  m2. (1593) Samson Erdeswike of Sandon (d 1603)
  m2. ??
b. (Jane) Neale
  m. (Henry) Hall of Gratford (d 1616)
2. Richard Neele or Neale
  A. Robert Neele or Neale
  m. Alice Sutton (dau/heir of John Sutton of Osbaston)
  i. John Neale of Lyn Magna, Leicestershire
  m1. Margaret Bateman of Busholk
  a. George Neale of Lyn Magna (a 1602)
  m. Winifred Cooke (sister of Lord Chief Justice Sir Edward Cooke, relict of Mingay)
  m2. Alice
  b.+ other issue - Edward, Francis
  ii. Alice Neale
  m. ?? of Ashby
  iii. Elizabeth Neale
  m. _ Elliott
  iv.+ other issue - William, Anthony, Edward, Margaret/Margery



BLGI1912 reports that the following John was "of an ancient English family".
John Nettles of Toureen, Sheriff of co Waterford (a 1630, d by 1684, to Ireland from Herefordshire)
m. Mary Greatrakes (dau (sister?) of Valentine Greatrakes of Affane)
1. John Nettles of Toureen, Sheriff of co Waterford (d 1715, Major)
  m. Ellen Evans (dau of Capt. Thomas Evans, sister of Sir William, Bart)
  A. John Nettles of Toureen (co Wateford), Malallagh & Beare Forest (co Cork) (d 12.05.1726)
m. Martha Ryves (dau of Robert Ryves of Rathlogan & Ryves Castle)
  i. John Ryves Nettles of Toureen, Bear Forest & Nettleville (d 11.1785)
  m. (1738) Catherine Bowerman (dau of John Bowerman of Coolyne)
  a. Robert Nettles of Nettleville (d 1831, Captain)
  m. (1769) Esther Conran (dau of John Conran of Dublin)
  (1) Richard Nevill Nettles of Nettleville (d 21.04.1851) had issue
m. (17.04.1804) Anne Gibbs (dau of Daniel Gibbs of Derry by (Mary) dau of Sir Robert Warren of Warren's Court, 1st Bart)
  (2)+ other issue - William (d Waterloo 1815), 2 sons, 3 daughters
  b. Alice Nettles (dsp) probably of this generation
  m. (1794) Richard Orpen of Ardtully (b 1736)
  c.+ other issue including Harry (dsp 1811, Lt. Col, 3rd son)
  ii. Robert Nettles (rector of Ballinamona)
  m1. Jane Bowerman (d 1762, dau of John Bowerman of Coolyne)
  a. Jane Nettles
  m. William Nettles (cousin)
b. Elizabeth Nettles
  m. (1783) Kilner Baker
  m2. (1775, sp) Jane Drew (dau of Francis Drew of Drew's Court)
  B. Mary Nettles
  m. Edward Jones of Youghal
2. Robert Nettles of Ballyduff (co Waterford), Mahallagh & Nettleville (co Cork)
3. Ruth Nettles
  m. Barry Drew of Ballyduff
4. Mary Nettles
  m. (1670) Rev. Patricius Christian of Old Grange
5. Penelope Nettles
  m. Henry Wallis of Drishane
6. Elizabeth Nettles
  m. Richard Croker of Curryglass

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