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Families covered: Murray of Dunmore, Murray of Nairn

Charles Murray, 1st Earl of Dunmore (b 24.02.1661, 19.04.1710)
m. (18.12.1682) Catharine Watts (d before 22.01.1711, dau of Richard Watts of Great Munden)
1. James Murray, Lord Blair, Viscount Fincastle (b 07.12.1683, dsp 29.09.1704)
  m. (29.04.1702) Janet Murray (dau of Patrick Murray of Livingstone)
2. John Murray, 2nd Earl of Dunmore (b 31.10.1685, d unm 18.04.1752, Lt. General)
3. Robert Murray (b 07.01.1689, d 09.03.1738, Brigadier)
  m. (1708) Mary Ralket (dau of Sir Charles Ralket of Pitfirran)
  A. Catherine Murray (bpt 01.1709)
4. Charles Murray (b 18.3.1694, d unm 15.02.1745)
5. William Murray of Taymount, 3rd Earl of Dunmore (b 02.03.1696, d 01.12.1756)
  m. (1728) Catherine Murray (dau of William Murray, 2nd Lord Nairn) @1@ below
  A. John Murray, Governor of New York then Virginia then Bahamas, 4th Earl of Dunmore (b 1730, d 25.02.1809)
  m. (21.02.1759) Charlotte Stewart (d 11.11.1818, dau of Alexander Stewart, 6th Earl of Galloway)
  i. George Murray of Taymount, 5th Earl of Dunmore (b 30.04.1762, d 11.11.1836) had issue
  m. (03.08.1803) Susan Hamilton (b 03.08.1774, d 24.05.1846, dau of Archibald Hamilton, 9th Duke of Hamilton, 6th Duke of Brandon)
  ii. William Murray (b 22.08.1763, d 27.05.1773)
iii. Alexander Murray of Frimley (b 12.10.1764, d 07.1842, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (18.05.1811) Deborah Hunt (b c1795, d 28.01.1870, dau of Robert Hunt, CIC Bahamas)
  iv. John Murray (b 1765, d 01.07.1805, Captain RN)
  v. Leveson Grenville Keith Murray (b 16.12.1770, d 04.01.1835) had issue
  m1. Wemyss Dalrymple (d 14.12.1804, dau of Sir William Dalrymple, 3rd Bart of Cousland)
  m2. (24.01.1807) Anne (widow of John Thursby)
  m3. (10.05.1834, sp) Louisa Mitty Abraham (d 29.03.1852, dau of Thomas Abraham of Chapel House)
vi. Catherine Murray (b 1765, dsp 07.07.1783)
  m. (24.05.1782) Edward Bouverie (b 20.09.1760, d 30.12.1824, of Radnor family)
  vii. Susan Murray (b 1768, d 04.1826)
  m1. (07.07.1788) Joseph Tharp or Thorp of Chippenham
  m2. John Drew
  m3. (23.08.1809) Archibald E. Douglas (d 12.02.1855, rector of Coote Hill)
  viii. Augusta Murray (b 1772, d 04.03.1830)
  m/p. (04.04.1793, declared null) HRH Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (b 27.01.1773, d 21.04.1843)
  ix.+ other issue - Virginia (b 1773, d unm), Anne
B. William Murray (b 1734, d 25.12.1786, Captain RN, 3rd son)
  m. (11.08.1783) Sarah Maese (d 05.11.1811)
  C. Catherine Murray (b 1739, d 05.1781)
  m. John Drummond of Logie Almond (d 1781)
  D. Elizabeth Murray (b 1743)
  m. (24.07.1763) John Murray, Dean of Killaloe (d 18.06.1790)
  E.+ other issue - Charles (b 1732, d after 1751), Margaret (b 1736), Jean (b 1741, d unm before 28.05.1771)
6. Richard Murray (b 06.1698)
7. Thomas Murray of Dorney House (b 06.1698, d 21.11.1764, Lt. General)
  m. Elizabeth Arminger (sister of Lt. General Robert Arminger)
  A. Frances Maria Murray
8. Henrietta Maria Murray (dsp 27.10.1702)
  m. (1702) Patrick Kinnaird, 3rd Lord (d 31.03.1715)
9. Anne Murray (b 31.10.1687, d 30.11.1710)
  m. (04.04.1706) John Cochrane, 4th Earl of Dundonald (b 04.07.1687, d 05.06.1720)
10. Catherine Murray (b 10.01.1692, d 09.05.1754)
  m. (mcrt 03.11.1712) John Murray, 3rd Lord Nairn (b c1691, d 11.07.1770, Lt. Colonel) @2@ just below



William Murray, 2nd Lord Nairn (b c1664, d 03.02.1726)
m. Margaret Nairn (b c1673, d 14.11.1747, dau of Robert Nairn, 1st Lord)
1. John Murray, 3rd Lord Nairn (b c1691, d 11.07.1770, Lt. Colonel)
  John was attainted for his support of the Jacobite rebellion.
  m. (mcrt 03.11.1712) Catherine Murray (b 10.01.1692, d 09.05.1754, dau of Charles Murray, 1st Earl of Dunmore) @2@ just above
  A. John Murray (d 07.11.1782, Lt. Colonel, 3rd son)
  m. (1756) Brabazon Wheeler (d 22.04.1801, dau of Richard Wheeler of Layrath)
  i. John Murray (d unm 1781)
  ii. William Murray, 4th Lord Nairn (b 1757, d 09.07.1830)
The title was restored in 1824.
  m. (06.1806) Caroline Oliphant (b 16.08.1766, d 27.10.1845, dau of Laurence Oliphant of Gask)
  a. William Murray, 5th Lord Nairn (b 1808, d unm 17.12.1837)
  iii. Brabazon Murray (d unm 06.03.1783)
B.+ other issue - James (dsp 1737), William (dsp 1729/30), Charles of Silverwells (d 08.06.1795), Robert (d before 07.1755), Edward (d before 07.1755), Thomas (dsp 14.04.1777), Henry (b 01.11.1727, d 1818), Margaret (dsp 1729/30), Clementina (dsp)
2. Robert Murray, later Mercer (d Culloden 16.04.1746)
  m. (16.08.1720) Jean Mercer (d 01.12.1749, dau of Sir Laurence Mercer of Aldie)
  A. James Mercer (dsp 1758)
  B. William Mercer of Aldie (d 19.01.1790, Colonel)
  m. (03.04.1762) Margaret Murray (dau of William Murray of Pitkaithley)
  i. Jean Mercer (d 12.12.1789)
  m. (10.04.1787) George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount Keith (b 07.01.1745-6, d 10.03.1823, Admiral)
  ii.+ other issue - Cochrane (d unm 1801), William (dsp 1729/30)
C. Margaret Murray
  m. (04.04.1758) James Robertson of Lude (d 1803)
3. William Murray of London (dsp 25.03.1743)
4. James Murray (d 05.10.1788)
  A. Mary Murray (dsp)
  m. Lt. Cook (RN)
5. Margaret Murray (d 28.05.1773)
  m. (mcrt 01.11.1712) William Drummond of Machany, 4th Viscount Strathallan (d Culloden 1745)
6. Amelia Ann Sophia Murray (d 18.03.1774)
  m. (mcrt 09.1719) Laurence Oliphant of Gask
7. Catherine Murray
  m. (1728) William Murray of Taymount, 3rd Earl of Dunmore (b 02.03.1696, d 01.12.1756) @1@ above
8. Marjory or May Murray (d 01.1793)
  m. (03.1739) Duncan Robertson of Drumakin
9. Charlotte Murray (d 11.08.1787)
  m. (mcrt 09/10.06.1731) John Robertson of Lude (d by 1758)
10. Mary Murray (d unm 02.03.1774)
11. Louisa Murray (d 05.04.1782)
  m. (27.04.1748) David Graham of Orchil
12. Henrietta Murray (b c1713, d unm 19.08.1802)

Main source(s):
(1) TSP (Dunmore), BP1934 (Dunmore)
(2) TSP (Nairn)
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