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Families covered: Mercer of Aldie, Mercer-Henderson of Fordell, Mercer of Saline, Mercer of Scotsbank

Lawrence Mercer
(1) www.mercermillions.info, the web site that is the Main source for 'Mercer1', did not (at the time of review) bring the senior line of Mercers more forward than the 16th century although report of its ending is given, as mentioned below. The following pulls together what we have found on various sources including cross-references to 'Mercer of Aldie' elsewhere in our database. This page will probably be reviewed again in due course.
(2) It is a presumption that the above Lawrence, who had a younger brother born about 1525, was the same person as (Sir) Lawrence Mercer of Aldie, Perthshire, who married ...
m. Catherine Scott (dau of Sir William Scott, 9th of Balwearie) wife of Lawrence, possibly mother of ...
BLG1952 ('Tod-Mercer of Hope Bank formerly of Scotsbank') starts with a Sir Laurence whose eldest son was the following Sir Laurence and then moves to their youngest son Robert.
1. Sir Laurence Mercer of Aldie (a 1580)
  m. Jean (a 1580) wife of Robert, possibly mother of ...
  A. Lawrence Mercer of Aldie
  m. Christian Bruce (dau of Sir George Bruce of Carnock who d 1625) wife of Lawrence, possibly mother of ...
  i. Sir James Mercer of Aldie possibly of this generation
  a. Nichola Mercer (d 1675) dau of Sir James, had 1 daughter
  m. (c1646) James Primrose (b 28.01.1619, bur 17.09.1668, Clerk to the Privy Council)
  ii. Sir Lawrence Mercer 'of Meikleour' of Aldie (d 1645) probably of this generation
m. Cecily Colville (dau of John (James) Colville, Lord Colville of Culross)
  a. Sir James Mercer of Aldie, Bart (d before 04.1671)
  TCB (vol 4, 'Mercer of Aldie', p326) reports that Sir James had issue but says no more on his line. This was probably the Sir James (a 1643) who, according to www.mercermillions.info/aldie-castle/ (here) had one of his grooms hanged for stealing a bowl of corn. That groom "with his dying breath, uttered the curse that the Mercers would have no male heirs for 19 generations". That site then helps with the successive heirs to Aldie as shown below.
  m. (22.11.1648) Jean Stewart (dau of Sir Thomas Stewart of Grandtully)
  (1) Charles Mercer (b/d 1667)
  (2) Jean Mercer of Aldie (d 1672)
  (3) Grizell Mercer of Aldie (d unm 1706)
  (4) Helen Mercer (of Aldie (d 1720)
  m. Sir Laurence Mercer of Melginche (cousin) @@ just below
  (5) Mary Mercer not mentioned by the mercermillions site, dau of Sir James, possibly of this generation (had (at least) 1 daughter)
  m. John Stewart of Innernytie (d 1731)
b. ?? Mercer
  (1) Sir Laurence Mercer of Melginche, later of Aldie
  m1. Helen Mercer (d 1720, sister/heir of Grizell Mercer of Aldie, cousin) @@ just above
  (A) James Mercer of Aldie (dvp 1720)
  (B) Jean Mercer, heiress of Aldie (d 01.12.1749)
  m. (16.08.1720) Robert Murray, later Mercer (d Culloden 16.04.1746)
(C) Grizel Mercer  
  m. (1719) Charles Steuart of Ballechin (d 1764)
  (D) Helen Mercer
  m. (1720) Sir John Ogilvy, 4th Bart of Inverquharity (d 02.1748)
  m2. (1721) Jean Stewart (dau of Charles Steuart of Ballechin)
  iii. Christian Mercer possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William Moray, 9th of Abercairny (d 1640)
  The following comes from BLG1952 ('Tod-Mercer of Hope Bank formerly of Scotsbank').
  B. Robert Mercer of Saline & Salineshaw, Fife (youngest son)
  m. Rebecca Carmichael
  i. Robert Mercer of Saline (d 12.1665)
  m. Agnes Wardlaw
  a. Robert Mercer of Salineshaw (d 1705)
  m1. (03.1683) Jean Oliphant (d 1688, dau of James Oliphant of Kineddar)
  m2. (07.11.1689) Giles Frenton (dau of John Frenton of Millearn House)
  (1) James Mercer of Kirklands, Saline
  m. Jean Scott (dau of James Scott of Scotsbank)
  (A) Robert Mercer of Kirklands & Scotsbank (d 26.03.1768)
  m. (20.07.1757) Jean Brown (b c1728, d 12.08.1810, dau of William Brown of Elliston & Lindsaylands)
  (i) James Mercer of Scotsbank & Hyndhope (b 12.03.1760, d 1843)
  m. (20.06.1794) Anne Ainslie (dau of Major Henry Ainslie)
(a) Robert Mercer of Scotsbank (b 1797, dsp 03.11.1875)
  m. (27.10.1825) Elizabeth Scott-Moncrieff (d 1871, dau of William Scott-Moncrieff of Newhalls & Fossoway)
  Scotsbank passed to Robert's nephew who took the name Tod-Mercer.
  (b) Susan Mercer
  m. (1830) James Tod of Deanston & Hope Park (d 1858, WS)
  C. Giles Mercer possibly of this generation
  m. Archibald Dundas of Fingask (d 1624)
2. Anna Mercer possibly of this generation
  m. (09.09.1587) Sir James Learmonth of Balcomie (b 1564, d 22.03.1597/8)
3. Elizabeth Mercer possibly of this generation
  m. George Ramsay of Bamff (d 1620)



BLG1886 reports that the following George claimed descent from "a younger branch of the house of Mercer of Aldie".
George Mercer (JP in Surrey & Middlesex)
1. George Mercer (d 1822, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Jean Henderson (d 1814, dau of Sir Robert Henderson (of Fordell), sister of Sir John & Sir Robert Bruce, Barts)
  A. George Mercer, later Mercer-Henderson of Fordell (d unm 13.10.1852)
  B. Douglas Mercer, later Mercer-Henderson of Fordell (d 21.03.1854, Lt. General, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (02.11.1820) Susan Arabella Rowley (dau of Sir William Rowley of Tendring Hall, Bart)
  C.+ other issue - Robert (d 1814, Lt. Colonel), Elizabeth Isabella, Isabella Anne

Main source(s)
(1) For upper section (originally uploaded as Draft on 11.10.04, later revised) : as reported above
(2) For lower section : BLG1886 ('Mercer-Henderson of Fordell')
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