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Families covered: Mostyn of Talacre
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Pyers Mostyn of Talacre
m. Ellen Griffith (dau of Thomas Griffith of Pant-y-Llong-du)
1. Pyers Mostyn of Talacre (dsp)
  m. Lowry Conwy (dau of John Conwy of Bodrhyddan)
2. William Mostyn of Talacre
  m. (c1540) Anna (dau of Henry ap Harry of Basingwarke/Greenfield)
  A. Edward Mostyn of Basingwarke
  m. Elizabeth Morgan (dau of Edward Morgan of Golden Grove)
i. John Mostyn of Talacre
  m. Anne Fox (dau of Henry Fox of Lehurst)
  a. Sir Edward Mostyn, 1st Bart of Talacre (d 03.11.1706)
  m1. Elizabeth Downs (dau of Robert Downs of Bodney)
  (1) Sir Pyers Mostyn, 2nd Bart of Talacre (d 15.11.1720, 2nd son)
  m. Frances Selby (dau of Sir George Selby of Wentington (sb Winlaton))
(A) Edward Mostyn (dvp unm)
  (B) Sir Pyers Mostyn, 3rd Bart of Talacre (d unm 1735)
  (C) Sir George Mostyn, 4th Bart of Talacre (d 30.09.1746)
  m1. Mary Clifton (dsp, dau of Thomas Clifton of Lytham by Eleanora Alathea Walmesley)
  m2. Theresa Townley (d 27.03.1766, dau of Charles Townley of Townley by Ursula Fermor)
  (i) Sir Edward Mostyn, 5th Bart of Talacre (b 27.04.1725, bur 13.03.1775)
m. (06.1748) Barbara Browne (dau of Sir George Browne, Bart of Kiddington)
  (a) Sir Pyers Mostyn, 6th Bart of Talacre (b 23.12.1749, d 29.10.1823)
  m. (1780) Barbara Slaughter (d 02.10.1815, of Ingatestone)
  ((1)) Sir Edward Mostyn, 7th Bart of Talacre, Sheriff of Flintshire (b 10.04.1785, d 18.07.1841) had issue
m1. (20.10.1808) Frances Blundell (d 25.01.1825, dau of Nicholas Blundell of Crosby)
  m2. (02.08.1826) Constantia Slaughter (d 12.12.1872, dau of Henry Slaughter of Furze Hall, cousin)
  (b) Charles Browne Mostyn, later Browne (b 21.11.1753, d 19.09.1844)
  m1. (01.07.1775, sps) Elizabeth Witham (dau of Henry Witham)
  m2. Anne Tucker
  ((1)) Charles Browne Mostyn, younger of Kiddington (d 11.03.1821) had issue
  m. (17.05.1801) Mary Lucinda Butler (d 02.12.1831, dau of George Butler of Ballyraggett)
  Their son George became 6th Baron Vaux of Harrowden following his success in proving that he was the senior heir of that barony, the descent being proven from his mother's father's father's father's father's mother's mother's father, George Vaux.
  ((2)) Henry Mostyn of Usk (b 1799, d 01.08.1845) had issue
m. (04.04.1825) Jane Caroline Bower (d 06.02.1849, dau of William Bower of Weymouth)
  ((3)) Francis Mostyn, Bishop (d 11.08.1847)
  ((4)) Winifred Mostyn (d 13.03.1852)
  m. (15.02.1821) Hugh O'Connor of Dublin
  ((5)) Louisa Mostyn (d unm)
(ii) Thomas Mostyn (b 02.03.1732, 4th son)
  m.(1773/8) Mary Catharine Roper (dau of Henry Roper, 10th Lord Teynham)
  (iii) Mary Mostyn
  m. (1752) Hon. Charles Talbot (b c1722, d 11.04.1766)
  (iv) Elizabeth Mostyn (d 1767)
  m. Henry Blundell of Ince Blundell (b 1724)
(v) other issue - Pyers (b 01.01.1727), Charles (d young)
  (D) Mary Mostyn
  m. John Hornyold of Blackmore Park
  (E) Frances Mostyn
  m. John Dalton of Thurnham
  (F) Anne Mostyn
  m. Thomas Culcheth of Culcheth (dsp 1747)
  (G)+ other issue - Thomas, Winifred (d unm), Juliana (d unm)
(2) Margaret Mostyn
  m. _ Fettiplace
  (3)+ 4 sons and 2 daughters (d unm)
  m2. Ellen Draycott (dsp 1685, dau of Francis Draycott of Staffordshire, widow of Thomas Pool of Pool)
  m3. Mary Molyneux (bur 28.01.1697-8, dau of Richard, 1st Viscount Molyneux, widow of Sir George Selby)
  Reported in BEB1841 (Poole of Poole) as sister of Sir Edward, Bart of Talacre, and in BP1934 (Gerard) as sister of Sir Edward, Bart, and in TCB (vol 4, 'Poole') as dau of John of Talacre and sister of Sir Edward (Bart),was the first Mary shown below. The 2nd Mary is identified in BLG1886 (Blount of Orleton) as daughter of John Mostyn of Talacre.
  b. Mary Mostyn
  m1. James Poole of Poole
  m2. (sp) Sir William Gerard, Bart of Bryn (bur 16.04.1702)
  c. Mary Mostyn possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Blount (d 1731)
  B. Elizabeth Mostyn probably of this generation
  m. William Pugh of Penrhyn Creuddyn
3. Robert Mostyn
  m. Catherine Griffith (dau of Lewis of Llanerch Hall)
4. Henry Mostyn of Calcoed (d 1651, rector of Llanllechi,. 7th son) possibly of this generation
  m. Elin (dau of Edward Wynne of Bodewryd, relict of William Lewis of Presaddfed)
5. Jane Mostyn
  m. John Egerton of Egerton and Oulton (d 1590)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Mostyn (of Talacre))
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