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Families covered: Mackworth of Empingham, Mackworth of Mackworth, Mackworth of Meole Brace, Mackworth of Normanton

Mackworth de Mackworth
1. John Mackworth (d 1451, Dean of Lincoln)
2. Thomas Mackworth of Mackworth (d before 1446)
  m. Alice Basing (dau of Sir John de Basynges or Basing)
A. Henry Mackworth of Mackworth and Empingham, Sheriff of Rutland (a 1434, 1483)
  i. John Mackworth (dvp)
  a. George Mackworth of Empingham, Sheriff of Rutland (d 1536)
  m. Anne Sherard (dau of Geffrey Sherard of Stapleford)
  (1) Francis Mackworth of Empingham and Normanton, Sheriff of Rutland (d 1557)
  m. Ellen Hercy (dau of Humphry Hercy of Grove)
(A) George Mackworth of Normanton, Sheriff of Rutland ## see here ##
  m1. Grace Rokeby (dsp, dau of Ralph Rokeby)
  m2. Anne Hall (dau of Edmund Hall of Gretford)
  (i) Sir Thomas Mackworth, 1st Bart of Normanton, Sheriff of Rutland (d 03.1625-6)
  m. Elizabeth Hall (dau/heir of Henry Hall of Gretford by dau of Francis Neale of Tugby)
(a) Sir Henry Mackworth, 2nd Bart of Normanton (d 08.1640)
  m. Mary Hopton (b c1600, a 1681, dau of Robert Hopton of Witham)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Mackworth, 3rd Bart of Normanton (d 11.1694)
  m1. Dorothy Darell (d c1658, dau of Capt. George Darell of Cale Hill)
  ((A)) Dorothy Mackworth (d 1683-4)
  m. John Wingfield of Tickencote (b 24.01.1652, d 1680)
  ((B))+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (dvp), Utrechia
  m2. Anne Mackworth (a 1681, dau of Humphrey Mackworth of Betton)
  ((D)) Sir Thomas Mackworth, 4th Bart of Normanton (b c1673, d unm 03.1745)
  ((E)) Jane Mackworth (dsp)
  m. Abraham Rye of Lincolnshire
  ((F))+ other issue - Humfry (b c1662, dvp?), Hopton (b c1667, dvp?), Mary, Anne, Elizabeth
  ((2)) Robert Mackworth of Empingham (b c1625, a 1681)
  m1. (1625) Elizabeth Hatcher (d 1678, dau of John Hatcher of Empingham)
  ((A)) Robert Mackworth of Huntingdon (d 1732)
  m. Mary Dowse (dau of William Dowse of Huntingdon)
  ((i)) Sir Thomas Mackworth in Huntingdon, 5th Bart (d 17.10.1769)
  m1. Elizabeth Maule (dau of John Maule)
  ((a)) Mary Mackworth
  m. Rev. Charles Nailour of New Ross
  ((b)) Elizabeth Mackworth
  m. James Robinson of Ely
  ((c)) Sally Mackworth
  m. Leonard Fausett of Lincoln
  ((d)) Sukey Mackworth
  m. John Wilkinson of Wisbeach
  m2. (sp) Mary Reresby (dau of Rev. Leonard Rereseby of Thriberg)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Mackworth
  m. Lewis Smith of Great Gedding
  m2. Margaret Corbet (dau of Edward Corbet)
  ((B)) son (d young)
  ((C)) Mary Mackworth
  m. Piercy Butler
  ((3)) Henry Mackworth (b c1627, a 1681)
  m. (after 1680?) Dorothy Hall of Gretford
((A)) Henry Mackworth
  m. Katherine Roberts of Empingham
  ((i)) Sir Henry Mackworth, 6th Bart (d 14.01.1774)
  m1. Elizabeth Lumb (dau of Rev. Edward Lumb)
  ((a)) Sir Henry Mackworth, 7th Bart (dsp 1803)
  Not mentioned by BEB1841 was Sir Henry's marriage to ...
  m2. (16.08.1746) Anne Hamilton (b 12.06.1715, d 14.12.1792, dau of James Hamilton, 7th Earl of Abercorn)
  ((b)) Elizabeth Mackworth apparently of this marriage
  m. (18.04.1768) Thomas Huddleston of Milton
  Posssibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is unknown, was ...
  ((c)) Mary Mackworth
  m. Carew Reynell (d 1781, rector in Bristol)
  ((B)) Thomas Mackworth
  ((4)) Edward Mackworth (dsp)
  ((5)) Gustavus Mackworth (d 08.1659)
  m. Dorothy Bourchier (dau of Edward Bourchier, 4th Earl of Bath)
  ((A))+ issue (a 1681) - Bouchier (d unm), Mary
  ((6)) Margaret Mackworth
m. Philip Young of Kenilton
  ((7)) Jane Mackworth
  m. Hugh Underwood of Wittlesea
  ((8)) Elizabeth Mackworth possibly of this generation
  m. Francis Drake ("Minist. Plenipo. at Munich")
  ((A)) Elizabeth Drake (2nd dau)
  m. Edward Collins, Sheriff of Cornwall (b 07.09.1782, d 1855)
  (b) Peregrine Mackworth (b c1608, a 1681, 3rd son)
  m. _ Oliver (widow of Alexander Moor of Grantham)
  ((1)) son (d young)
  (c)+ other issue (d unm) - Sir Francis (d c1672), Neale (b c1609, a 1681), Anne, other
  (ii) Lucie Mackworth
  m. Francis Browne of Tolethorpe
  (iii) daughter
  m. _ Covill
  (iv)+ other issue - son (had issue), Thomas (d unm)
  ii. Thomas Mackworth of Meole Brace
  m. Agnes
  a. Arthur Mackworth of Meole Brace
  m. _ Barker
  (1) William Mackworth of Meole Brace (2nd son) had issue
(2) Johanna Mackworth
  m. William Prowde
  (3) Dorothy Mackworth
  m. R. Powell
  (4) Winifred Mackworth
  m. R. Gardner
  (5)+ other issue (had issue) - Thomas, Richard
  b. John Mackworth
  m. Elizabeth Hosier (dau of Thomas Hosier of Shrewsbury)
  c. William Mackworth of London (d 06/7.1534)
  m. Agnes Meredith (sister of Robert Meredith)
  (1) Elizabeth Mackworth
  d. Thomas Mackworth

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Mackworth of Normanton) with some support & input from BP1934 (Mackworth), Visitation (Rutland, 1681, Mackworth of Normanton)
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