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Families covered: MacLeod of Dunvegan, MacLeod of Glenelg, MacLeod of Harris, MacLeod of MacLeod, MacLeod of Waternish

Leod Olafson of Harris, Lewis, etc (b c1200, d c1280)
Leod is generally viewed as the 1st Chief of Clan MacLeod. The ancestry we showfor him is as widely reported but Mackenzie reports that "Dr. Skene, in his Highlanders of Scotland, declared against it, stating that though few origins have been more strenuously supported than the Norwegian theory of the origin of the Macleods, there is "not the vestige of authority" for it."
m. (c1220) _ MacRailt or MacRaild, heiress of Dunvegan
1. Tormod MacLeod of Harris (dvp)
  m. Finguala (dau of McCroton or MacCrotan, chieftain in Ireland)
  A. Tormod MacLeod of Harris, Sheriff of Skye and Harris this generation omitted by Mackenzie
  m. Christina Fraser (sister of Sir Alexander Fraser of Touch Fraser & Cowie, Chamberlain)
  i. Malcolm MacLeod of Glenelg & Harris, 3rd Chief (d c1360)
  Mackenzie suggests that Malcolm married Martha, dau of Donald, Earl of Mar, nephew of King Robert the Bruce (here), but BLG1952 reports that he married ...
  m. _ Campbell
  a. Ian (John) MacLeod of Glenelg & Harris, 4th Chief (b c1330, d c1392)
m. _ O'Neil
  (1) Malcolm MacLeod (dvp unm)
  (2) William Cleirach ('the Clerk') MacLeod, 5th Chief (d c1402)
  BLG1952 identifies this William's wife as a Maclean and his grandson's wife as dau of Ian, 2nd of Lochbuie. Provisionally, we support Mackenzie in showing this William as shown and his grandson's wife as 2 generations later.
m. ?? MacLean (dau of John (Ian) MacLean, 2nd of Lochbuy)
  (A) John 'Ian Borb' ('the fierce') MacLeod, 6th Chief (b c1392, d 1442)
  m. Margaret Douglas (granddaughter of Earl of Douglas)
  (i) William Dubh ('the Black') MacLeod, 7th Chief (d 1480)
m1. ?? Maclean (dau of John (Ian) Maclean, 3rd of Lochbuy, by Elizabeth Mackay) see note just above
  (a) Alasdair (Alexander) Crottach ('the Humpbacked') MacLeod, 8th Chief (d 1547)
  m. ?? Cameron (dau of Alan Cameron, 12th Chief)
  ((1)) William MacLeod of Harris & Dunvegan, 9th Chief (d 1551-3)
  m. (03.03.1540-1) Agnes Fraser (d 29.01.1594-5, dau of Hugh Fraser, 3rd Lord of Lovat)
  ((A)) Mary MacLeod (b c1542)
  m. (1573) Duncan Campbell of Castleweem
  ((2)) Donand MacLeod (d 03.1557)
((3)) Tormod MacLeod, 13th Chief (d 03.1585)
  Mackenzie shows Tormod's 1st wife Giles as dau of Hector Og Maclean by Janet Campbell. BLG1952 shows her a generation earlier.
  m1. Giles (Jill) Maclean (dau of Hector Mor Maclean, 8th of Duart)
  ((A)) William MacLeod, 14th Chief (d 10.1590)
  m. Janet Mackintosh (dau of Lachlan Mor Mackintosh of that ilk, 16th Chief)
  ((i)) Ian MacLeod, 15th Chief (dsp 1595)
  ((ii)) Mary Macleod
  m1. Duncan Campbell of Castleswynie
  m2. Roderick Og Macneil, 14th of Barra
  ((B)) Sir Roderick (Rory) MacLeod, 16th Chief (d 1626)
  m. (1598) Isabel Macdonnell (dau of Donald Macdonald, 8th of Glengarry)
((C)) Alastair (Alexander) MacLeod of Minginish ancestor of MacLeods of Ose and Fernlea
  ((D)) Margaret MacLeod
  m. (div, 1600) Donald Gorm Mor Macdonald, 7th of Sleat (dsp 12.1616)
  ((E)) Christina MacLeod
  m1. Torquil Dubh MacLeod (of Lewes family)
m2. _ MacDonald of Benbecula
  m2. Jane Campbell (dau of Archibald Campbell, 4th Earl of Argyll)
  ((F)) Florence MacLeod
  m. Lachlan Maclean, 6th of Coll
  ((4)) daughter
  m1. James MacDonald (of Sleat family)
  m2. Allan Macdonald, 9th of Clanranald and Moidart (d 04.1593)
  m3. _ Macdonald of Keppoch
  ((5)) daughter
  Mackenzie shows this daughter as the wife of Hector Maclean, 4th of Lochbuy. That must be confusion with an earlier generation (see below). BLG1952 identifies her as ...
  m. Murdoch Maclean, 6th of Lochbuie (d c1566)
  ((6)) Margaret MacLeod
  m. Roderick MacLeod, 7th of Lewes
(b) daughter
  Mackenzie shows a daughter as 3rd wife of Lachlan Maclean, 10th of Duart, and mother of Eachainn (Hector) Mor & Ailein (Allan) nan Sop. The Maclean records suggest otherwise.
  m2. Ann Macdonald (dau of Ranald Ban Allanson Macdonald of Moidart, m2. Hector Roy Mackenzie of Gairloch)
  (c) daughter
  Mackenzie (p16) shows a daughter as wife of Rory Mor Mackenzie of Acha-Ghluineachan and ancestress of the Mackenzies of Fairburn & Achilty. The Mackenzie family records suggest otherwise. ## see here ##
  (ii) Tormod MacLeod (d 1429)
  m. _ Chisholm (dau of Chisholm of Comar)
  (a) Ian (John) MacLeod of Waternish, Skye (b 1429)
  BLG1952 identifies Ian as ancestor of MacLeods of Meidle, Drynoch, Balmeanach & Glendale and as ancestor of Ian, 10th Chief. Mackenzie (p30+ & 202+) provides the connection as follows.
  m. ?? (niece of Roderick Macleod of Lewis (who m. Margare MacLeod))
  ((1)) Tormod MacLeod of Waternish
  m. _ Fraser (dau of _ Fraser of Glenelg)
  ((A)) John (Ian-a-Chuail Bhain) MacLeod of Waternish, 10th Chief (d 1557)
  m. Sheila Macdonald (dau of Archibald Macdonald of Knock in Sleat)
  ((i)) Tormod MacLeod (dvp)
  m. _ Macdonald (Dau of _ Macdonald of Kintyre)
  ((a)) Tormod MacLeod, 11th Chief (d c1557)
  ((b))+ other issue (d c1557) - Donald, John
  ((ii)) John 'Ian Dubh' MacLeod, 12th Chief
  ((iii)) Donald Breac Macleod (d c1557)
m. _ Mackinnon (dau of _ Mackinnon of Mackinnon)
  ((a))+ "several sons and daughters" (all d c1557)
  ((iv)) Alexander Macleod of Pabbay Castle
  m. Marsaline MacGilliemhuire (dau of Torquhil MacGilliemhuire or Morrison of Lewis)
  ((a)) Tormod MacLeod of Kingsburgh (youngest son)
  m. Catherine Macdonald (dau of James Macdonald)
  ((b))+ other issue (d c1557)
  ((v)) daughter
  m. _ Campbell of Strond, Harris
  ((vi)) daughter
m. _ Mackenzie in Lochalsh
  ((vii)) daughter
  m. _ Mavdonald of Benbecula
((viii))+ other issue - William of Greshornish (had issue, all d c1557), Magnus of Hamer (had issue, all d c1557), Allan of Skellibost in Harris (had issue, all d c1557), daughter (nun)
  (iii) Finevola MacLeod
  m1. Lachlan Bronnach Maclean, 4th of Duart (d after 1472)
  m2. Gilleonan Macneil, 9th of Barra
  (iv) Margaret MacLeod
  m. Roderick Macleod of Lewis
  (v) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Hector Maclean, 4th of Lochbuie (d c1478)
  (B) Tormod MacLeod ancestor of MacLeods of Borline and of MacWilliams
(C) George MacLeod possibly ancestor of de Leods and Maclots in Lorraine
  (3) daughter possibly duplication with Finevola of 2 generations later?
  m. Lachlan Maclean of Duart
  b. Tormod MacLeod of Bernera ancestor of MacLeods of Bernera
  c. Murdo MacLeod of Gesto in Glenelg
  m. dau of Gillies of Skye
  d. Malcolm MacLeod ancestor of various Malcolm and MacCallum families
  m. dau of Macduffie of Colonsay
  e. Finguala MacLeod
  m. (1397) Murdo Mackenzie of Kintail
2. Torquil MacLeod of Lewis (a 1306)
  m. Dorothea (dau of William, Earl of Ross)
3. Sir Ian MacLeod in Ireland
4. Olaf MacLeod possibly ancestor of Fullartons

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('MacLeod of MacLeod') with input/support from 'History of the Macleods' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1889, p6+)
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