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Families covered: Maclean (Maclaine or Maggillion) of Lochbuie

Hector or Euchan Reganach MacGillean, 1st of Lochbuie (d c1407)
m. dau of the Lord of the Isles (MacDonald)
1. Charles Maggillion or Maclean, 'Tearlach mac Eachainn', of Glenurquhart, etc. (a 1411, Constable of Urquhart Castle)
  Charles is not mentioned by BLG1952 (Maclaine of Lochbuie), which identifies Ian as Euchan/Hector's heir. However, BLG1952 (Maclean of Dochgarroch) identifies Charles as elder brother of Murdoch Roy, 2nd of Lochbuy, having resigned Lochbuy to Murdoch (Ian) when Charles became Constable of Urquhart Castle. BLG1952 (Maclean of Westfield) identifies his wife as ...
  m. _ Commyne (dau of _Commyne of Dalshangle)
2. Ian Maggillion (Maclean), 2nd of Lochbuie
  m. _ Macleod (dau of Roderick Macleod of Lewis)
A. Ian Maggillion (Maclean), 3rd of Lochbuie
  m. Elizabeth Mackay (of Reay family)
  i. Hector Maggillion (Maclean), 4th of Lochbuie (d c1478)
  m. ?? Macleod (dau of Alexander (sb Ian?) Macleod of Harris)
  a. Ian Oig Maggillion or Maclean, 5th of Lochbuie
  m. _ Macdougal (dau of Macdougal of Lorn)
(1)+ several sons
  p/m. (?) Helen Campbell (dau of Sir Colin Campbell, 1st of Glenorchy)
  (2) Murdoch Maclean, 6th of Lochbuie (d c1566)
  m. ?? Macleod (dau of Alasdair Crottach MacLeod, 8th Chief)
  (A) Ian Moir Maclean, 7th of Lochbuie
  m. _ MacDonald (dau of MacDonald, Lord of the Isles)
  (i) Hector Maclean, 8th of Lochbuie
  m. Margaret Campbell (dau of Archibald Campbell, 2nd of Lochnell)
(a) Hector Owr Maclean, 9th of Lochbuie (d c1628)
  m. ?? Maclean (dau of Lachlan More Maclean of Dowart)
  ((1)) Murdoch Moir Maclean, 10th of Lochbuie (dsp before 04.1663)
  m. (before 05.07.1625) Juliana Campbell (dau of Sir Robert Campbell, 3rd Bart of Glenorchy)
  ((2)) Lachlan Moir Maclean, 11th of Lochbuie (d c1685)
  m. (Margaret) Maclean (dau of Maclean of Torloisk)
  ((A)) Murdoch Oig Maclean (dvpsp)
  m. _ Campbell (dau of Sir Hugh Campbell of Calder)
((B)) John Maclean (dvpsp)
  m. _ Macdougal (dau of Macdougal of Lorn)
  ((C)) Hector Maclean, 12th of Lochbuie (d 1706)
  m. (12.11.1669) Margaret Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell, 5th of Lochnell)
  ((i)) Murdoch Maclean, 13th of Lochbuie
  m. Anne Campbell (dau of Sir Hugh Campbell of Cawdor)
((a)) Margaret Maclean
  m. (1729) Donald Campbell, 4th of Airds (b 1704, d 05.1775)
  ((b))+ other issue (no surviving sons)
  ((ii)) Ian Maclean, 14th of Lochbuie
  m. (1707) Isabel MacDougall (dau of Duncan MacDougall, 20th of Dunollie)
  ((a)) Lachlan Maclean, 15th of Lochbuie
  (((1))) Hector Maclean, 16th of Lochbuie
  ((iii)) Alan Maclean
  ((a)) Ian Maclean, 17th of Lochbuie
m. Isobel Maclean (dau of Donald Maclean, 3rd of Brolas)
  (((1))) Archibald Maclean, 18th of Lochbuie (dsp)
  (((2)))+ other issue - Isobel, Catharine
  ((iv)) Lachlan Maclean
  m. Flora Macquarie (dau of Macquarie of Ulva)
  ((a)) Murdoch Maclaine
  m. (14.02.1786) Jane Campbell (dau of John Campbell, 6th of Airds)
  (((1))) Murdoch Maclaine, 19th of Lochbuie (b 01.08.1791, d 20.08.1844) had issue
  m. (07.04.1813) Christian Maclean (dau of Donald Maclean of Drimmin)
  (((2))) John Maclean (b 1792, d Ceylon 14.01.1818)
  (((3))) Jane Maclean
  m. Capt. Campbell
  (((4))) Flora Maclean
  m1. Allan Maclean
  m2. Dr. Whitehead of Ayr
(((5))) Margaret Maclean (b 1788, d 06.1880)
  m. Dugald MacDougall, 8th of Gallanach
  (((6))) Phoebe Maclean
  m. Donald Gregorson (colonel)
  (((7))) Elizabeth Maclean
  m. Donald Campbell of Auchnacraig
(((8))) Catherine Maclean (d unm)
  (((9))) Henrietta Maclean
  m. John Stewart of Fasnacloich
  (((10))) Jane Jarvis Maclean
  m. _ Scott of Ettrick Bank
  (((11))) Mary Maclean (d 11.08.1880)
m. (22.09.1820) John Gregorson of Ardtornish
  ((D)) Mary Maclaine
  m. Ewen Maclean, 9th of Ardgour
  (b) John Maclean possibly of this generation
  m. Julia Maclean (dsp, dau of Lachlan Og Maclean)
  (c) daughter
  m. Hugh MacDougall of Craigenicht
  (d) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Neil Maclean
  (ii) Charles Maclean ancestor of Macleans of Tapull
  (B) Anne Maclaine possibly of this generation
  m. John Macnaughtane of that ilk
  b. Francis Maggillion had issue (family of Davochgerie)
  ii. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. William Dubh ('the Black') MacLeod, 7th Chief (d 1480)
  B. Sir Charles Maggillion had issue (family of Kingerloch)
  C. daughter
  m. William Nimbristigh Macleod of Glenely, 5th of Harris
  D. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. William ('the Cleric) MacLeod, 5th Chief (d c1402)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Maclaine of Lochbuie)
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