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Families covered: Levett of London, Levett of Milford Hall, Levett of Savernake, Levett of Wychnor Park

(1) Wikipedia ("Richard Levett") reports as follows: "Although born into a once-powerful Sussex Anglo-Norman family (its surname derives from the village of Livet in Normandy), the future Lord Mayor grew up in straitened circumstances after the family lost much of its medieval wealth." We have yet to find a pedigree showing the early generations of this family.
(2) BLG1894 starts its pedigree with William Levett of Savernake, Wiltshire, identifying him as "Page to King Charles I. at the time of that monarch's death" (1649) and reports that he was father of Lord Mayor Richard. The Biography mentioned below identifies Richard, vicar of Ashwell, as "possibly" Richard's father and does not name his mother. Wikipedia ("Richard Levett") identifies Richard's parents as Rev. Richard & Katherine and also identifies his brother as William, connecting to the article Wikipedia ("William Levett (courtier)"). That article identifies their father as follows. BLG1894 should have identified William as Sir Richard's uncle rather than his father.
(3) BLG1894 identifies the arms of this family as "Arg., a lion rampant sa., murally crowned or, and two crosses fitchée, in pale, between two piles, issuing from the dexter and sinister chiefs of the second, each pile charged with three crosses-crosslet fitchée of the third".
James Levett
1. William Levett, later of Swindon, Savernake, etc. (Page of the Backstairs to King Charles I, later Groom of the Bedchamber to King Charles II)
  A. Henry Levett of Savernake (b 1668, d 02.07.1725, physician) details from Wikipedia ("Henry Levett")
  m. ?? (m2. Andrew Tooke (headmaster of Charterhouse School))
  B. Catherine Levett (d 04.12.1701)
m. (sp) Rev. Edward Dering
  C.+ other issue(d infant)
2. Richard Levett (Vicar of Ashwell, Rutland)
  m. Katherine
  A. Francis Levett (b 1654, d 1705)
  m. Susan Holt (dau of Sir Thomas Holt)
  i. Catherine Levett
  m. Ebenezer Ibbetson
  ii.+ other issue - Richard of London (alderman), Henry (d 1726), Francis (d 1764)
  B. William Levett (d 1694, Dean of Bristol, Principal of Magdalen Hall (Oxford))
  i.+ 6 daughters
  C. Sir Richard Levett of Kew & Cripplegate, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (d 20.01.1710/1, Director of the Bank of England)
In the text of its article (as at 18.11.20), Wikipedia reports that Richard married Mary Crispe, probably dau of Sir Nicholas Crispe of Fulham. However, in its summary, Wikipedia shows that he married twice as follows, which is supported by the Biography. BLG1894 does not name his wives.
  m1. Mary Shipton (d by 1685, dau of Edward Shipton of London by Anne)
  i. Richard Levett, Sheriff of London (d 1740)
  m. Anne Sweetaple (dau of Sir John Sweetaple)
  a. Richard Levett (b 1695, Rector of Blithfield & Leigh)
m. Catherine Walcot of Walcot, Salop
  (1) Richard Levett (d 1805, Vicar of West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire)
  m. Lucy Byrd, heiress of Milford (dau/heir of Edward Byrd of Field & Brocton)
  (A) Richard Levett of Milford Hall (b 17.11.1772, d 25.08.1843, cleric) had issue
  m. (16.01.1804) Louisa Frances Bagot (d 03.1864, dau of Rev. Walter Bagot of Blithfield (brother of 1st Lord Bagot) by Anne, dau of William Swinnerton of Butterton Hall)
  (B) Mary Anne Levett probably of this generation
  m. (1807) Frederick Anson (b 23.03.1779, d 08.05.1867, Dean of Chester)
  (2) Anne Levett probably of this generation
  m. Charles Walcot of Walcot, later of Bitterley Court (b 1738, a 1782)
b.+ other issue - Anne (b 1697), Mary, Elizabeth
  ii. Anne Levett
  m. (1696) William Franke of Leicester
  a.+ issue - William (b 1693), Levett (b 1697, d 1736, Rector of Screveton), James (b 1708), Harry, Anna Maria )b 1691), Katherine (b 1696), Mary
  m2. (1685) Mary Clarke (d 1722, sister of William Clarke of Sutton-on-Trent)
  iii. Frances Levett (b 1694, d 1742)
m. (1706, sp) Thomas Lewis of St. Pierre in Monmouthshire (d 1732)
  iv. Elizabeth Levett (b 1694, d 15.01.1741-2)
  m. (15.01.1712-3) Sir Edward Hulse, 1st Bart (b 1682, d 1759)
  v. Mary Levett (b 1689, d 1764)
  m1. (1710) Abraham Blackborne (d 1720)
  a. Abraham Blackborne (b 1715, dsp 1797, Vicar of Dagenham then Hampton, 2nd son)
  m. Frances Fanshawe (b 1720, d 1795, dau of Thomas Fanshawe of Parsloes)
  b. Mary Blackborne (b 1713)
  m. Charles Newton
  c.+ other issue (d unm) - Levett (d 1781, judge), Susanna (b 1712)
  m2. (1723) Robert Thoroton
  Probably of this generation, but not clear of which marriage, was ...
  vi. William Levett
  D. Sarah Levett (d 1729)
  m. Timothy Griffith
  i.+ issue - Richard (b 1690), Timothy?



BLG1894 identifies the arms of this family as "Arg., a lion rampant between three cross-crosslet fitchée sa., a bordure engralied az. charged with four crosses-crosslet fitchée, and as many fleurs-de-lis alternatively or". It reports that this family "derived from a common ancestor with the Levettts of Milford Hall".
Theophilus Levett 'of Lichfield' of Wychnor Park, Staffordshire (d 1746)
m. Mary Babington (dau/coheir of John Babington of Packington)
1. Thomas Levett of Wychnor Park
  m. (1762) Catherine Floyer (dau/heir of Charles Floyer of Hints by Susannah, dau/coheir of Waldyve Willington of Hurley)
  A. Theophilus Levett of Wychnor Park, Sheriff of Staffordshire (d 03.12.1839, Recorder of Lichfield)
  m. (1794) Frances Prinsep (d 1833, dau of Thomas Prinsep of Croxall Hall)
  i. John Levett of Wychnor Park & Packington Hall (d 09.12.1853) had issue
  m. (19.02.1829) Sophia Eliza Kennedy (d 22.11.1863, dau of Robert Kennedy (by Jane, sister of General Alexander Macomb), niece of Marquess of Ailsa)
  ii. Theophilus Levett
  m1. Henrietta Templer (dau of Rev. John Templer of Devon)
  m2. Agnes Bourne
  iii. Thomas Levett, later Levett-Prinsep of Croxall Hall, Derbyshire (d 12.1849) had issue
  BLG1894 ('Levett-Prinsep of Croxall Hall') shows that Thomas married ...
  m1. (spms) Margaret Monroe (dau of David Monroe)
  m2. Caroline Mary Templer (d 11.1867, dau of Rev. John Templer of Teigngrace)
  iv. Frances Levett
m. William Gist
  v. Mary Levett
  m. Rev. John Mucklestone
  vi.+ other issue - Arthur (m. ??), Anne
  B. Thomas Levett of Packington Hall (b c1770, dsp 09.10.1843, cleric)
  m. (21.09.1802) Wilmot Maria Gresley (d 17.12.1845, dau of Sir Nigel Bowyer Gresley of Drakelow, 7th Bart)
  C. Anne Levett (d unm)
  D. Catherine Levett
  m. (1794) William Humberstone Cawley Floyer of Hints Hall
2. Anne Levett
  m. Rev. Richard Levett of West Wycomb
3. daughter probably of this generation
  m. Edward Repington of Amington (dsp 02.1759, Major)
4.+ other issue - Hugh of Wychnor (a 1765), Richard (cleric)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BLG1894 ('Levett of Milford Hall'), 'Biography of Sir Richard Levett (-1711), and his family' (found here) with some input from Wikipedia (as reported above)
(2) For lower section : BLG1894 ('Levett of Wychnor Park"), BLG1952 ('Levett formerly of Wychnor Park")
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