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Families covered: Holt of Bridgehall (Bridge Hall), Holt of Bury (St. Edmunds), Holt of Gristlehurst, Holt of Little Mitton, Holt of London, Holt of Redgrave Manor

Visitation (Chetham Society 1886, Lancashire, 1533, Thomas Hoult of Gresillhurst) reports that the Gristlehurst branch "are said to have sprung" from a younger son of the line of Holt of Stubley (see Holt02). VCH reports that Girstlehurst "was obtained before the year 1449" by the following Ralph but says that "Nothing is positively known" as to his ancestry.
Ralph Holt of Grisslehurst, Lancashire (a 1449)
The 1633 Visitation shows Raufe's wife as Ellyn, dau/heir of Sir Geffrey Brockhole of Brockhole but the 1533 Visitation reports that "The Lancashire pedigrees which make Holt marry a daughter of Geoffrey Brockholes are manifestly inaccurate" and notes that "In the next generation they give the marriage with an heiress of Abraham or Adburgham". VCH, supported by the Suffolk Visitation (referred to below), reports that he married ...
m. Ellen Sumpter (dau/coheir of John Sumpter of Colchester (by Margery, dau/coheir of Sir Geoffrey Brockholes (apparently by Eleanor, heiress of Sir John Roos & dau of Alice, heir of Sir Robert Asheldam) son of Alice, coheir of Sir Guy de Mancetter of Mancetter), widow of James Bellairs)
1. James Holt (Howte) of Gristlehurst (2nd son)
  m. Isabell Abraham (dau/(co)heir of John Abraham of Abraham)
A. Ralph Holt
  m. Anne Langley (dau of John Langley of Agecrofte)
  i. Sir Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst (d 08.03.1561-2)
  m. Dorothy Langford (dau of Sir Ralph Langford (Longford??) of Langford, Derbyshire)
  a. Francis Holt of Gristlehurst (b c1523, d by 1604)
  m. Helen Holcroft (dau of Sir John Holcroft of Holcroft)
(1) Thomas Holt of Gristlehurst (d 12.1609)
  m. Constance Littleton (dau of Sir Edward Littleton of Pillaton Hall)
  (A) Francis Holt of Gristlehurst (b c1585, d 28.09.1617)
  m. Catherine Ashton (a 1628, dau of William Ashton of Clegg)
  (i) James Holt of Gristlehurst (b c1600, d unm 1623)
  (ii) Theophilus Holt of Gristlehurst (d 21.07.1628, 3rd son?)
  m. Alice Greenhalgh (dau of John Greenhalgh of Brandlesholme)
  (a) Thomas Posthumous Holt of Gristlehurst (b c08.1628, d 1679)
  m. Anne Goodhand (dau/heir of John Goodhand of Kermond)
  ((1))+ issue (d young) - John Goodhand, son
  (iii) Winifred Holt
  m. (Henry) Byrom of Byrom (b 1608, d 1642)
  (vi)+ other issue (d unm) - William (d by 1623), Edward, Jonathan, Richard, Cicell, Catherine (d unm?)
  (B) Edward Holt (a 1613)
  Dugdale suggests that Edward d unm. In the pedigree on 'Holt and Beaumont and Little Mitton', identified in the below-mentioned Holt Ancestry web site as taken from Baines, he is shown as father of the William who married Magdalen Standish. We show that connection below, as a generation earlier.
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas (a 1613, d unm), Ellyn (a 1613), Catherine
  (2) John Holt (5th son)
  The following comes from 'LeNeve's Knights' (p336+) with a few details from HoP.
  m. _ Scolfeild of Woodrold possibly parents of ...
  (A) John Holt of Lancashire
  m. _ Cary of Buckinghamshire
  (i) Rowland Holt of London (d 1634, 10th son)
m. Mary Buckner (dau of Thomas Buckner of London)
  (a) Sir Thomas Holt of Abingdon (b 1616, d 28.07.1686, recorder of Abingdon, Serjeant-at-law, MP)
  m. Susan Peacock (bur 03.07.1701, dau of John Peacock of Comner (Cumnor or Chieveley or Chawley))
  ((1)) Sir John Holt of Redgrave Manor (Suffolk), Lord Chief Justice (b 23/30.12.1642, dsp 05.03.1710, recorder of London, MP)
  m. (c06.1675) Ann Cropley (dau of Sir John Cropley of Clerkenwell, 1st Bart)
  ((2)) Rowland Holt of Redgrave Manor (b c1652, a 1696, protonotary)
m. Priscilla Ballow (dau of Augustine Ballow of Norwich)
  ((A)) John Holt of Redgrave Manor (b c1693, a 1710)
  ((B)) Thomas Holt of Reading (d 11.1728)
  m. (Lucy) Knyvet (dau of John Knyvet of Norwich, "heir of Ashwellthorp")
  ((i)) Elizabeth Anne Holt (heir) probably of this generation
  m. (16.12.1748) Thomas Strangwayes of Barham Wood
((C))+ other issue - Rowland, Henry
  ((3)) Thomas Holt
  Thomas is not mentioned by 'LeNeve's Knights' but he is shown on Betham's Baronetage (vol 4, 1804, p208) as son of Sir Thomas the Serjeant-at-law and brother of Lord Chief Justice John. Betham provides the following with some input/support from HoP.
  ((A)) Rowland Holt 'of Redgrave Manor' (d 25.07.1739)
  m. Elizabeth Washington
  ((i)) Rowland Holt of Redgrave Manor (b c1723, d 12.07.1786, MP)
  ((ii)) Jane Holt
m. Sir Thomas Head
  ((iii)) Lucy Holt
  m. T. Wilson
  ((iv)) Priscilla Holt
  m. E. Vanburgh
  ((v)) Mary Holt (d 07.09.1785)
  m1. Gresham Lloyd
  ((a)) Mary Lloyd (d 10.01.1820) probably of this generation
  m1. (27.06.1763) John Leslie, 10th Earl of Rothes (d 1767)
  m2. (24.05.1770) Bennet Langton of Langton (b 1737, d 1801)
  m2. (28.10.1750) Thomas Hamilton, 7th Earl of Haddington (b 1721, d 1794)
  ((vi))+ other issue - Thomas, Charles, Charlotte, Elizabeth
  ((4)) Mary Holt
  m. Edward Leman (son of Sir William, 1st Bart)
  ((5)) Susan Holt
  m. Francis Lefitt or Levet
(3) Edmond or Edward Holt (a 1567)
  Foster names the 6th son Edmond. However, this appears to be the same person as the Edward (d 13.11.1570) who is shown in the pedigree on 'Holt of Standish and the City of London' (identified in the below-mentioned Holt Ancestry web site as taken from 'Lancashire Family History Society Magazine') as "reputedly father of" the following William and notes that "Although the Standish line is reputed to descend from Edward, a younger brother of Thomas (who inherited Grizlehurst), there is a serious discrepancy in the elapse of three generations in only 36 years (1525-61)." Whilst another sources show the connection to be a generation later (see above), we originally showed William as a generation earlier. We now follow (provisionally) the connection shown in the pedigree on 'Holt of Standish and the City of London'. That pedigree, together with the pedigree on 'Holt and Beaumont and Little Mitton' (identified in the below-mentioned Holt Ancestry web site as taken from Baines - possibly from 'Lancashire and Cheshire, Past and Present' by Thomas Baines?) provide the following. The first few generations are supported by Visitation (London, 1633, Holt) which starts with the following William who is identified as "a yonger branch" of Gristlehurst.
  (A) William Holt 'of Grislehurst'
  m. Magdalen Standish (dau of ?? Standish of Standish, m2. William Prescott)
  (i) Edward Holt of Copple (Cuppull), Lancashire (b c1563, d 01.11.1597, 2nd son)
  m. (27.01.1584/5) Dorothy Dickinson (dau of Robert Dickinson of Copple Hall)
  (a) Alexander Holt (bpt 03.12.1585, d young)
  (b) Edward Holt of Shavington (Sheffington) (bpt 25.11.1590, d 11.07.1677)
  m. Jane Prescott (dau of Geoffrey Prescott of Shavington)
  ((1)) Robert Holt of London (bpt 27.10.1610, d 1665, haberdasher)
  ((A))+ issue - Robert, Dorothy, Elizabeth
((2)) Alexander Holt of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields (bpt 25.11.1621, d 01.1699/1700, goldsmith, banker, alderman)
  VCH reports that (remnants of) the Gristlehurst estate were "acquired about 1660 by another branch of the family", cross-referring to a note which mentions an Alexander (presumed to be this one) who was "called 'cousin' of Thomas P. Holt, being, it was said, descended from the Gristlehurst family". VCH does not actually state that it was Alexander who bought the remnants of the Gristlehurst estate but there is an implication that that was so.
m. Mary (dau of Henry Coulston or Gouldston of London)
  ((A)) Robert Holt of Mitton Hall (bpt 23.03.1656/7, dvp 1688, goldsmith, 2nd son)
  m. Dorothy Holt (cousin) @@ below
  ((i)) Alexander Holt of (Gristlehurst &) Little Mitton (b c1675, bur 18.02.1713)
  m. Anne Hulton (a 1716, dau of William Hulton of Hulton, relict of John Starkie of Huntroyde)
  ((a)) William Holt of Gristlehurst & Little Mitton (bur 03.1737)
  m. (12.1.1724) Elizabeth Whitaker (bur 06.04.1733, dau of Thomas Whitaker of Simonstone)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Holt (bpt 19.11/08.12.1728, d 18.08.1791)
  m. (13.01.1747) Richard Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont
  (((2)))+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 18.12.1727, bur 19.02.1727), Anne (b 11.09.1725, d unm)
  ((B)) Edward Holt (bpt 06.12.1657)
  m. (06.03.1682) Elizabeth Honet
  ((C)) Sarah Holt
  m. _ Shuttleworth
  ((D))+ other issue - Alexander (bpt 23.01.1655/6, d 22.02.1672), Thomas, William, mary, Jane (bpt 22.02.1660), Ann (bpt 28.08.1664)
  ((3)) James Holt of London (b 1631, a 1687)
  m. Anne Sares of Battersea
((4))+ other issue - Edward of Shavington (bpt 18.10.1628, d 27.12.1705), Dorothy (bpt 07.02.1618/9), Jane (bpt 28.03.1624)
  (c) Robert Holt of London (bpt 12.01.1595/6, d 05.09.1657)
  m. (06.02.1637) Sarah Davenport
  ((1)) Sarah Holt
  (d) Alexander Holt of London (d by 1657, goldsmith)
  The Little Mitton pedigree shows that Alexander married twice, the first marriage being without issue. The Standish & London pedigree identifies the wives as _ Burgoyn and _ Clarke but notes "maternity unclear".
  ((1)) Dorothy Holt
m. Robert Holt of Mitton Hall @@ above
  ((2)) Susannah Holt
  m. Thomas Cornber of London
  (e) Helen/Ellen Holt (bpt 16.02.1588/9)
  m1. _ Ford
  m2. _ Russell
  (f) Anne Holt (bpt 18.02.1592/3)
  m. Lawrence Worthington
  (iii)+ other issue - William (b 1561), Roger (b 1567), Geoffrey (b 1569-70), Ann (b 1564)
  (4) Mary Holt probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Henry Malham (a 1585)
  (5)+ other issue (a 1567) - Francis, Richard, Ralph, Dorothy, Mary, Elizabeth, Isabell, Alice, Anne
  b.+ other issue - Ralph, Richard
  ii. Robert Holt
  Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, Holt of Bridge Hall) identifies the undermentioned Roger as "descended by a younger son from the antient family of the Holts of Gristlehurst". We speculate that he may have been connected to the above through ...
  B. ?? Holt
  i. ?? Holt
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Holt
  (1) ?? Holt
  (A) Roger Holt of Bridgehall, Bury, Lancashire
m. Mary Shaw (dau of _ Shaw of High Bullock)
  (i) Peter Holt of Bridgehall (in Bury) (d c1650)
  m. Grace Butterworth (dau of William Butterworth of Little Howorth)
  (a) Roger Holt of Bridgehall (b c1620, a 03.1664)
  m. Jane Greenhalgh (dau of Thomas Greenlagh of Chambre)
  (b) Richard Holt (3rd son)
  m. Susan Forde of Staffordshire
  (c) Mary Holt
  m. Calvin Rothwell of Bolton
  (d) Grace Holt
  m. Daniell Gaskell of Clifton
  (e)+ other issue - John, Martha (d unm)
  (ii) Martha Holt
  m. Richard Unsworth of Elton
  (iii) Elizabeth Holt
  m. Adam Crompton of Lever
2. Allen (Alan) Holt of Great Brockholes (a 1485)
  The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Holt of Bury St. Edmunds).
  m. Agnes Searle (dau of John Searle)
  A. John Holt (Howlte) of Bury (d 13.07.1539)
  m1. Alice (probably an Aylett of Essex)
  i. John Holt of Bury & Great Horringer
  m. (after 1543) Anne Roper (d by 1583, dau of William Roper or Rope or Ropp of Cheshire)
  a. Anne Holt
  m. Henry Collinge of Bury
  b. Elizabeth Holt
  m. (18.05.1558) Anthony Butler (probably brother of Sir John of Hertfordshire)
  ii. Alice Holt
  m. William Wilkins
  iii.+ other issue - Robert of Whelnetham, William, Aylott
  m2. Christian
  B.+ other issue - Robert, William possibly a duplication with the next generation
3.+ other issue including Richard

Main source(s):
Visitation (Flower, Lancashire, 1567, Holt of Gristlehurst), Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, Holt of Gristlehurst) with some input/support from VCH (Lancashire, vol 5, 'Townships: Birtle-with-Bamford') and as reported above
[Thanks to a contributor (CV, 19.05.13) who, immediately after we had first launched Holt02, drew our attention to the impressive Holt Ancestry site and also to Bury line in the Suffolk Visitation. The site enabled us to review & expand what we had on the later Holts of Gristlehurst (and Little Mitton) and the associated Holts of London so that he had to split Holt02 into two. We may revisit that site further in due course.]
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