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Families covered: Anson of Dunston, Anson of Shugborough

Thomas Anson of Dunston, Staffordshire father of Athaliah, possibly also (but could be uncle, cousin?) of ...
1. William Anson of Dunston (d 1644) the first mentioned by BP1934 and Visitation
  m. Joan (dau of Richard Whitehall or Mitchel of Oldbury)
  Visitation shows Joan's father as a Whitehall, Collins as a Mitchel, BP1934 shows either-or.
A. William Anson of Shugborough, Staffordshire (b 1628, a 1684)
  m. Elizabeth Stafford (d 10.1668, dau of Thomas Staffford of Bothomshall or Bothom or Botham Hall)
  i. William Anson of Shugborough (b c1656, d 08.1720)
  Visitation shows William as married (c1682) to a _ Carpenter of Derbyshire. She may have been his first wife but we presume that such was merely a mistake for the following Isabella.
  m. Isabella Carrier (dau of Charles Carrier of Wirkworth)
a. Thomas Anson of Shugborough (dsp)
  b. George Anson, Lord Anson of Soberton (b 23.04.1697, dsp 06.06.1762, Admiral)
  m. (25.04.1748) Elizabeth Yorke (d 01.06.1760, dau of Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of Hardwicke)
  c. Janette Anson
  m. Sambrooke Adams of Sambrooke @@ below
  d.+ other issue - Isabella, Anna, Johanna
  ii. Joanna (not Hannah) Anson
  m. (17.11.1684) Edward Slaney of Baxterley
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas, Stafford, Charles, Elizabeth, Mary
2. Athaliah Anson (d c1644)
  m. John Lane of Bentley (b c1602, d 09.1667, Colonel)



Sambrooke Adams of Sambrook
m. Janette Anson (sister/heir of Lord Anson) @@ above
1. George Adams of Orgrave, later Anson of Shugborough (bpt 25.07.1731, d 27.10.1789)
  m. (05.01.1763) Mary Vernon (dau of George Venables Vernon, 1st Lord)
  A. Thomas Anson, 1st Viscount Anson of Shugborough & Orgrave (b 14.02.1767, d 31.07.1818)
  m. (15.09.1794) Anne Margaret Coke (d 23.05.1843, dau of Thomas Coke of Holkham, 1st Earl of Leicester)
  i. Thomas William Anson, 1st Earl of Lichfield (b 20.10.1795, d 18.03.1854) had issue
  m. (11.02.1819) Louisa Catherine Philips (d 20.08.1879, dau of Nathanel Philips of Slebech Hall)
ii. George Anson (b 13.10.1797, d 28.05.1857, Major General, CIC India) had issue
  m. (30.11.1830) Isabella Elizabeth Annabella Weld-Forester (d 29.12.1858, dau of Cecil Weld-Forester, 1st Lord Forester)
  iii. Anna Margaret Anson (d 19.08.1882)
  m. (1819) Archibald John Primrose, 4th Earl of Rosebery (b 14.10.1783, d 04.03.1868)
  iv. Frances Elizabeth Anson (d 25.12.1899)
  m1. (09.1835) Charles John Murray (d 01.08.1851, son of William, Earl of Mansfield)
  m2. (10.09.1853) Ambrose Isted of Ecton (d 13.05.1881)
v. Frederica Sophia Anson (d 11.10.1867)
  m. (21.04.1838) Bouverie Frances Primrose (son of 4th Earl of Rosbery)
  vi. Elizabeth Jane Anson
  m. (18.07.1837) Henry Manners Cavendish, 3rd Lord Waterpark (b 08.11.1793, d 31.03.1863)
  vii.+ other issue - Charles Littleton (d 1812, RN), William (b 26.02.1801, d 19.10.1830, Captain RN), Henry (b 1804, d 1827), Edward Harcourt (b 1808, d 1817), Georgiana (d 10.02.1821)
  B. Sir George Anson (b 1769, d 04.11.1849, General) had issue
  m. (1800) Frances Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton, sister of Sir Frederick, Bart)
  i. Mary Anne Anson (d 1875) probably of this generation
  m1. (17.09.1823) Charles Gregory Okeover (b 11.05.1792, d 02.08.1826, Rev.)
  m2. (14.02.1833) Robert Ward, later Plumer-Ward of Gilston Park (b 19.03.1765, d 1847)
  ii. Charlotte Anson probably of this generation
  m. Edward Richard Northey
  iii. Julia Henrietta Anson probably of this generation
  m. (15.12.1841) Sir Arthur Brinsley Brooke, 2nd Bart of Colebrooke (b 1797, d 21.11.1854)
  C. Sir William Anson, 1st Bart (b 13.08.1772, d 14.01.1847, 4th son) had issue
m. (26.01.1815) Louisa Frances Mary Dickenson (d 25.07.1837, dau of Mary, dau of Charles Hamilton, son of Archibald, son of William, 3rd Duke of Hamilton)
  D. Edward Anson (b 1775, d 1837, 6th son) had issue
  m. (1808) Harriott Ramsbottom (dau of J. Ramsbottom)
  E. Sambrooke Anson (b 18.02.1778, d 10.10.1846, Lt. Colonel) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Elizabeth Hawkins of Staffordshire (d 22.03.1866)
  F. Frederick Anson (b 23.03.1779, d 08.05.1867, Dean of Chester) had issue
  m. (1807) Mary Anne Levett (dau of Rev. Richard Levett of Milford)
  G. Mary Anson (d 1837)
  m. (1785) Sir F. Ford, Bart
  H. Anne Anson
  m. (1792) Bell Lloyd
  I. Catherine Juliana Anson (d 05.07.1843)
  m. (1807) Henry Stuart
  J.+ other issue - Charles (d 20.06.1827, Archdeacon of Carlisle), Henry (b 19.12.1773, d 1854, Rev.)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Lichfield) with a little support for the upper section from Visitation (Staffordshire, '1664-1700', Anson), Collins (1741, Anson (in supplement)), BE1883 (Anson)
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