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Families covered: Keatinge of Cork, Keatinge of Dublin, Keating(e) of Narraghmore (Narraglimore), Keatinge of Shanballyduff

BIFR1976 identifies the arms of Lt. Gen. Sir Henry Sheehy Keating as "Arg a saltire between four laurel leaves vert, on a chief embattled az two French flags in saltire surmounted by a sword erect all ppr, over the sword "Bourbon" in gold letters".
Michael Keatinge of Shanballyduff, co. Tipperary (d 1752/3)
1. John Keatinge 'of Shanballyduff' of Garranlea (d 1766)
  m. Alice Kearney (d 1773)
  A. Michael Keatinge of Millicent & Castle Mey, co. Kildare, Sheriff (d 1781)
  m. (1762) Mary De Burgh (dau of Thomas De Burgh of Bert)
  i. John William Keatinge (b 1770, d 6.05.1817, Dean of Tuam, later of Dublin) had issue
m1. (1799, sp?) Maria Theodosia Clements (b 1777-8, d 13.05.1800, dau of Lt. Col. Henry Theophilus Clements of Ashfield)
  m2. Mervyn Nugent (d 20.03.1811, dau of Oliver Nugent of Bobsgrove)
  m3. (1812) Mary Anne Hobson (dau of Meade Hobson of Muckridge)
  ii. Anne Keatinge
  B. Maurice Keatinge of Lisdowney, co. Kilkenny (d 1775)
  i+. issue - John (d unm), Francis (d c1810), Alice, Ellen
  C. Bryan Keatinge of Cork (d 1873??)
  m. Anne Sheehy (dau of John Sheehy of Cork by Jane, dau of John Roche of Pallas)
  i. Roger Sheehy Keatinge of Cork
  m. (02.1792) Frances Aylmer (dau of Michael Aylmer of Lyons)
  a. Mary Anne Keatinge
  m. (13.03.1828) Rev. Alexander Nixon of Knockballymore & Heathfield (d 25.03.1882, son of Thomas of Dunbar House)
  ii. John Sheehy Keatinge of Cork, later of Drumcolloher House, co. Limerick (d 29.08.1813)
  m1. (06.1790) Jane Hayes (dau of Attiwell Hayes of Cork)
  a. Brian Sheehy Keatinge
  m2. Anne Rose (d 29.08.1813, dau of John Rose, m2. Thomas Westropp of Ross House)
  iii. Sir Henry Sheehy Keating of Headley Park, Hampshire (b 1777, d 12.09.1847, Lt. General, Governor of Mauritius, 4th son) had issue
  m. (1798) Mary Anne Singer (d 22.02.1850, dau of Capt. James Singer of Annadale)
  iv. Theodosia Keatinge
m. (11.1803) M. Bluett of Newcastle
  v. Catherine Keatinge
  m. (09.1798) Morgan O'Dwyer of Cullen
  vi. Jane Keatinge
  m. John Terry of Castle Terry
  vii.+ other issue - William, George, Anne
  D. Elleanor Keatinge
  m1. John Burke of Birr
  m2. John Burke (son of Peter of Birr)
2. Maurice Keatinge of Arbour Hill, co. Tipperary (d 1771)
  m. (1734) Catherine Kearney (d 11.1772)
  A. Michael Keatinge of Rosstown, co. Tipperary (d 1775)
  m1. Helena Roche (d 1768, dau of Thomas Roche of Dublin)
  i. Helena Keatinge
  m. (1756) Thomas Trevor of Dublin
  m2. (06.1769) Catherine Den (sister/heir of Patrick Den of Chatsworth, co. Tipperary)
  ii. Michael Den Keatinge of Tinny Park, co. Kilkenny (b 1775, d 07.09.1829) had issue
  m. Gertrude Kyan (dau of Maj. General Francis Kyan)
  iii.+ other issue - Maurice, Margaret, Elinor
  B. Nicholas Keatinge of Dublin (d 1767)
  m. (1762) Martha Brenan (dau of Charles Brenan)
  i. Maurice Keatinge of Dublin (d 1833)
  m. (11.1788) Ann Harte (dau of Sir RIchard Harte, Mayor of Limerick)
  a. Richard Keatinge of Dublin (b 1793?, d 09.02.1876, Judge) had issue
  m. (26..09.1814) Harriet Augusta Joseph (d 1869, dau of Samuel Joseph of London)
  ii. Anne Keatinge
  C. Luke Keatinge (8th son)
  m1. (13.07.1766) Catherine FitzGerald
  m2. (1774) Anne Dowling
  D.+ other issue - Maurice, Thomas of Fethard, Robert in Dublin, Leonard in Dublin
3. Margaret Keatinge
  m. (1719) Peter Roe
4. Mary Keatinge
  m. John Kennedy
5. Julian Keatinge
  m. (1737) Peter Forrester
6.+ other issue - William, Elinor



Edmund Keating
m. Elizabeth Eustace
1. son
2. John Keating 'of Norraghmore' of Lissenhall, co. Dublin (b c1630, dsp 10.1691, Lord Chief Justice of the Irish Common Pleas)
  m. (1659) Grace Holte (widow of Sir Richard Shuckburgh)
3. Maurice Keating of Narraghmore (Narraglimore), co. Kildare (d 11.12.1683, MP)
m. Judith Cocks
  A. Maurice Keating of Narraghmore (Narraglimore), Sheriff of co. Kildare (b 1664, d 1727, MP)
  m. (c08.1684) Anne Margetson (dau of Thomas Margetson of Dublin)
  i. Maurice Keating(e) of Narraghmore (Narraglimore), Sheriff of co. Kildare (bpt 23.02.1690, d 17.11.1769, MP, 2nd son)
m. Elizabeth Waller (dau of James Waller of Castletown)
  a. Maurice Bagenal St. Leger Keating(e) of Narraghmore (d 1777, 4th son)
  m1. Grace Purcell
  m2. Catherine Bagenal (dau of Walter Bagenal of Dunleckney)
  (1) Maurice Bagenal St. Leger Keating(e) of Narraghmore, Sheriff of co. Kildare (b c1761, d 1835, MP, Lt. Colonel)
  Information on Maurice comes from HoP ("Maurice Bagenal St. Leger Keatinge").
  m. (1790) Martha Brabazon (dau of Anthony, 8th Earl of Meath)
(A) Elizabeth Keatinge apparently of this generation
  m. Claud Alexander of Ballochmyle (dsp 1845)
  (B)+ 5 other daughters
  b. Cadogan Keating (b 1721, d 19.11.1799, Dean of Clogher)
  m. (1780) Elizabeth Martha Taylor (b 1751, d 16.04.1849, dau of Thomas Taylor (Lord Mayor of Dublin) by Anne Beresford (dau of Michael Beresford son of Sir Tristram))
  (1) Anne Waller Keating
  m. (1805) John Kearney
  c. Juliana Keating
  m. Richard Beauchamp (Rector of Narraghmore)
  d. Catherine Keating
  m. Henry Gorges ## see here ##
  e.+ other issue - Edmund (b 1713, dvp 1752), John (b 1716, dvp), Thomas (dvp), Sarah, Anne
  ii. Judith Keating (bpt 10.03.1694)
m. (1718) William Lewis of Tullagorey
  iii. Mary Keating (d 01.1786)
  m1. (1727) Richard Cole of Archer's Grove (MP)
  m2. (1730) Toby Purcell (Major)
  iv. Catherine Keating (d 05.10.1756)
  m. (05.08.1719) Nicholas Aylward of Shankill (MP)
  v. Anne Keating (b c1698)
  m. (c04.1718) Charles Carr, Bishop of Killaloe
  vi.+ other issue - John (b 1687, d unm), Edmund (b 1693, d unm), Thomas (b 1705, d 1761)
  B. John Keating (a 1717, MP)
  C. Elizabeth (or Elinor) Keating (d 01.1699) possibly of this generation
  m. (1695) Edward Bolton (b 17.10.1652, dsp 10.1705)
  D. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. William Wesley of Dangan & Mornington (dsp)
  E. Katherine Keating (d 14.04.1745) possibly of this generation
  m. Garret Wesley of Dangan & Mornington (dsp 23.09.1728, brother of William)

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