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Families covered: Burke of Birr, Burke of Clondagoff Castle, Burke of Elm Hall, Burke of London

Edmund Burke of Birr (d before 11.09.1740)
BLG1886 mentions that Edmund took on the wardship of Mary Burke, dau/heir of John Burke of Lismore, Edmund being described as John's "friend and relative". Mary married John Burke, son of the Earl of Clanricarde, upon whom the Earl settled Clondagoff. After mentioning that marriage, BLG1886 reports on Edmund's family, which is welcome but why it does so is not clear, and also mentions that in his will he mentions "his kinsman", Peter Burke of Birr, son of Dominick Burke of Clondagoff Castle (shown in the section just below). Apart from the later marriage connection with the Langtons of Birr, the only connection between them we have seen so far is via Eleanor Keating.
m1. Joan Langton (dau of Robert Langton of Birr)
1. John Burke of Birr
  m. Eleanor Keating (dau of John Keating of Shanballyduff, m2. John Burke (below))
  A.+ issue - Edmund, William
m2. Mary Tobin (dau of Edmond Tobin)
2. Dorothy Burke
  m. Thomas Shee



(1) As reported just above, there was a connection between the following family and that shown in the section just above. However, BLG1886 does not identify the connection other than the marriage with Eleanor Keating. BLG1886 reports the following immediately after mentioning the family of the above Edmund Burke of Birr. It confirms that Clondagoff Castle had been "settled by the Earl of Clanricarde on his 2nd son, John Burke, and his wife Mary Burke" and then mentions Peter of Birr, son of the following Dominick of Clondagoff Castle. It is not certain but the fact that the above Mary, who married John son of the Earl, was ward of the above-mentioned Edmund whose son married Eleanor Keating makes it unlikely that the second husband of that Eleanor Keating was Mary's great-grandson. In other words, it is likely that the following Dominick was a generation or two earlier than John, son of the Earl. He may have been Dominick, Mary's great-uncle.
(2) BLG1952 identifies the arms of this family as "Or, a cross gu., in the 1st and 4th cantons a lion rampant sa.".
Dominick Burke of Clondagoff Castle, co. Galway (b c1664) (## see note just above ##, ## possibly this Dominick? ##)
1. Dominick Burke of Clondagoff Castle
  A. Peter Burke of Clondagoff Castle (b c1724, d c1770)
m. _ Madden of Fahy
  i. Matthew (or Martin) Burke (d unm 08-09.1826)
  ii. Anthony Burke of Clondagoff Castle (b 1775, d 24.04.1835
  m1. Mary Skerrit (dau of Patrick Skerrit of Eyrecourt)
  a. Maria Burke
  m2. Frances Carrol (b 1751-8, d 05.02.1838, dau of ?? Carrol of Newlawn and cousin of Sir William Parker Carrol and of Marianne, Marchioness Wellesley)
  b. James Carrol Burke (b 1804, dvp 14.02.1836) had issue
  m. (10.1829) Bidelia Dowling (dau of John Dowling by dau of John D'Arcy of Longford Castle)
  iii. daughter
  m1. Tobias Burke of Ballyshruel
  m2. _ O'Leary of Nenagh
  iv. Rose Burke
  m. Michael Coghlan of Tynagh
  B. Anthony Burke of London (d unm)
2. Peter Burke of Birr (Parstonstown), King's Co. (d c1764)
  m. Elizabeth Comerford (dau of Harry Comerford of Faddenbegg (by Elleanour Grace of Gracefield), son of George by Jane, dau/heir of Richard Butler of Tinlugh)
  A. Dominick Burke of Ballyloughnane (Riverstown), co. Tipperary (d 06.1786)
  m. Catherine Langton (d 1801, dau of Philip Langton of Birr)
  i. Joseph Burke of Rockville (Collahey), co. Tipperary (dvp 17.03.1783)
  m. (1772) Mary Murphy (b c1750, d 27.10.1830, dau of William Murphy of Gragra)
  a. Margaret Burke
  m. Jeremiah Ryan of Waterford
  b.+ other issue - Dominick, William (d 30.05.1823, Major), John of Waterford (b 1776), Edward (d 1837)
ii. John Burke of Clongowna, co. Tipperary (d 16.06.1815)
  m. (03.06.1779) Bridget Freeman (b 1757-8, d 05.03.1844, dau/heir of Mathias Freeman of Birr)
  a. Joseph Burke of Cork & Colcoville (b 15.09.1789, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (04.06.1816) Anne Smith (dau of James Smith of Sheffield)
  b. Bridget Burke (dsp)
  m. Thomas Bingham of Ballynasloe
  c. Catherine Maria Burke (d 03.11.1824)
  m1. (11.04.1803) John Alexander Jones (d 16.03.1815)
  m2. (12.1815) Augustus Abraham Hely-Hutchinson (d 10.06.1834, son of John by Christiana, Baroness Donoughmore)
  d. Dora Sophia Burke (b 30.06.1785)
  m. (31.07.1834) Joseph Hanks of Birr
  e. Mary Anne Burke
  m. (21.11.1824) William Watkins of Derrybrisk
  f. Julia Burke
m. (30.08.1811) Michael Charles Horner (dsp 08.01.1826)
  g. Margaret Burke (b 1802, d 08.07.1837)
  m. (05.02.1829) Daniel Shannon of Birr (d 08.07.1837)
  h.+ other issue - Dominick (d 06.03.1814), Felix
  B. John Burke (d 1789)
m. Eleanor Keating (dau of John Keating of Shanballyduff, m1. John Burke of Birr (above))
  i. Elizabeth Burke (d unm 18.03.1809)
  m2. Lucinda Plunkett (dau of Oliver Plunkett of Bettyfield & sister of Bartholomew)
  ii. Joseph Burke of London (b 06.12.1751, d 04.01.1827)
  m. (1774) Jane French (b c1743, d 20.01.1829, dau of Simon Arthur Hyacinth French of Frenchbrook, brother of Arthur of Clonyquin)
  a. John French Burke of London & Lisbon (b 19.03.1776, d 09.07.1854, author) had issue
  m. Katherine Sarah Thorne of London (b 1774-5, d 25.07.1826)
  iii. Peter Burke of Elm Hall, co. Tipperary (b 1756, d 13.01.1836)
  m1. (01.07.1785) Anne Dowdall (d 18.02.1818, dau/coheir of Matthew Dowdall of Mullingar by Bridget, sister of Bartholomew Barnewall & aunt of Sir Robert of Crickstown Castle, Bart)
  a. John Burke of London (b 12.11.1786, d 27.03.1848, genealogist & publisher) had issue
  This was the John who, to the benefit of so many genealogists, was "the author of The Peerage and Baronetage, The Commoners, etc.". His 2nd son, Sir John Bernard Burke (05.01.1814-12.12.1892), was Ulster King of Arms and "author of The Peerage and Baronetage, The Commoners, The Landed Gentry, The Extinct and Dormant Peerage, The Extinct Baronetage, The General Armory, the Vicissitues of Families, and many other well known genealogical and historical works".
  m. (06.05.1807) Mary O'Reilly (d 17.11.1846, dau of Bernard O'Reilly of Ballymorris)
  b. Joseph Burke of Elm Hall (b 1788, dsp 13.12.1864)
  m. (31.01.1856) Sarah Murphy (dau of Jeremiah John Murphy (QC) by Maria, dau of Michael Balfe of South Park)
  c. Bridget Burke (b 11.10.1787, d 1838)
  m. (22.06.1817) Michael Hoey of Kinnegad (d 08.1821)
  m2. (26.07.1820, sp) Clarinda Dolphin (d 15.04.1851, dau of Redmond/Edmond Dolphin of Corr)
  iii. Elleanour Burke (d unm 10.05.1814)
  iv. Ellis Burke (d 09.04.1836)
  m. John Antishell or Antisell of Birr (son of Thomas)
  C. Mary Burke
  m. Peter Dowdall of Mullingar
  D. Elleanour Burke (d unm 1797)

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Burke of Auberies') with input & support for the lower section from BLG1952 ('Burke of Auberies'), BFR ('Burke', p122+)
[The upper section and much of the lower section were initially uploaded into a Tmp page on 07.02.20. They were moved here following further review & expansion of the lower secion.]
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