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Families covered: Haggard of Bradenham Hall, Haggard of Bromley St. Leonards, Haggard of Ware, Ogard of Rye

Various web sites report that several families with the name Haggard claim descent from Sir Andrew Ogard whose father is identified in some of those sites as ...
Peder Nielson of Aagaard, Denmark
1. Andrew Pedersen (or Pederson) = Sir Andrew Ogard of Buckenham (Norfolk) & Rye (Hertfordshire) (b 1409, d 13.10.1454)
Andrew fought with the English against the French, was naturalised as English, became an advisor to a number of influential people, and held a number of responsible positions such as Captain of Vire & Caen, Governor of Wisbeach Castle, and Ambassador to the French.
  m1. (sp) Margaret Clifton (dau/heir of John Clifton, Lord of Buckenham)
  m2. Alice (widow of Sir Hugh Cokesey or Cokesay) some sites report that Alice m. Sir Andrew before rather than after Sir Hugh
  A. (Sir) Henry Ogard 'of Rye' (b 1450, d c1510)
  m. Eleanor
  i. Andrew Ogard (b 1486, d 08.03.1526) had issue
  m. Philippa Paston (dau of Sir John Paston of Rye)
  ii.+ other issue
  B. Anne Ogard (d before 15.05.1521)
  m1. Sir Renfrey Arundell (d 06.06.1468)
  m2. Robert Crane of Chilton (d 20.10.1501)
  C.+ other issue?



Thought by some to have probably descended from the above Sir Andrew Ogard, but how is not known (a grandson?), was ...
David Haggard of Ware, Hertfordshire (d by 1534)
1. John Haggard of Ware
  A. John Haggard of Ware
  m. Elizabeth
  i. Thomas Haggard of Ware (bpt 08.06.1565, d 22.07.1655)
  m. Katherine (bur 05.02.1629-30)
  a. John Haggard of Ware (bpt 14.02.1612-3, bur 09.06.1680)
  m1. (18.10.1637) Susan Browne (bur 04.01.1640-1)
  (1) Thomas Haggard of Ware and Royston (bpt 16.09.1638)
  m. Elizabeth Aunger (bur 18.04.1697, dau of Joseph Aunger of Ware)
  (A) John Haggard of Clerkenwell & Bromley St. Leonards, later of Chesterford (bpt 1671)
  m1. (20.03.1693) Elizabeth Stratton (dau of Mark Stratton of Aldersgate)
  (i) Edward Haggard of Bromley St. Leonards, Middlesex had issue
  m. Ruth
  (ii) William Haggard of Clerkenwell (d unm)
  (iii) John Haggard of Bromley St. Leonards, later of Old Ford House (b c1702, d 05.02.1776)
m1. Mary Warner (bur 1732)
  (a) John Haggard (b 1723-4, dsp 21.03.1813, rector of Bennington)
  m. Mary Lee (d 26.11.1778, sister of her husband's step-mother)
  (b) William Henry Haggard of Norwich (b c1729, d 30.03.1813)
  m. Susan Rebecca Barnham (b c1737, d 1804, dau of James Barnham of Norwich)
  ((1)) William Henry Haggard of Bradenham Hall, Norwich (b 04.12.1757, d 13.02.1837)
  m. (16.07.1781) Frances Amyand (d 21.07.1820, dau of Rev. Thomas Hans Amyand)
  ((A)) William Haggard of Bradenham Hall (b 26.09.1783, d 30.03.1843) had issue
  m. (1816) Elizabeth Meybohm (d 01.11.1847, dau of James Meybohm of St. Petersburg)
  ((B)) Thomas Haggard (b 07.07.1790, dsp 26.12.1858, 3rd son)
  m. Maria Tickell (d 1862, dau of William Tickell of Bath)
  ((C)) John Haggard (b 1794, d 23.07.1877, chancellor of Lincoln, Winchester & Manchester) had issue
  m. (20.07.1820) Caroline Hodgson (d 21.11.1883, dau of Mark Hodgson of Bromley)
  ((D)) Frances Haggard (b 30.05.1782, d 05.12.1866)
  m. (18.12.1806) John Adolphus Young of Harehatch
  ((E)) Lucinda Haggard (b 02.01.1789, d 26.08.1881)
  m. (31.10.1808) Robert Mapletoft of Spring Hall, Suffolk
((F))+ other issue (d unm) - George (b c1785, d 1795), Georeg (d 1817), Maria (d infant), Charlotte (d 1813), Barbara (d 1811), Caroline (d 1864)
  (c) Mary Haggard
  m. Edward Page
  m2. Elizabeth Lee (d 31.01.1794)
  (iv) Mark Haggard of Stratford le Bow (d before 06.02.1765)
  m. Mary Debonnaire (d 27.03.1809, dau of Peter Debonnaire of Bromley St. Leonards)
  The following comes from MGH (NS1, vol 3 (1880), 'Pedigree of the Huguenot Refugee Family of Debonnaire', p247).
  (a) Mary Haggard of Stoke Newington (d 19.04.1829)
  m. Susannah Jones (d 17.09.1835)
  ((1)) William Debonnaire Haggard, later of Brighton (b 02.02.1787, "of the Bank of England") had issue
  m1. Mary Frances Clifton of Silk Willoughby (b 1782, d 1818)
  m2. Jane Copner of Barnstaple (b 1797-8, d 05.04.1824)
  m3. (sp? Elizabeth Nodes Le Gren (dau of Louis Henry Le Cren of Greenwich by Catherine Mary, dau of Samuel Jaunard)
  ((2)) Susannah Rachel Haggard
  m. C. Sanderson of London (stockbroker)
  ((3))+ other issue - John (b 11.05.1783), Mark (b 11.05.1783, d 25.03.1809), Samuel (d 28.01.1818)
  (b) Mary Haggard (b c1758, d 23.11.1833)
  m. Harry Hale of Birchin Lane
  (c) Hannah Haggard (b 1759-60, d 21.03.1820)
  m2. (10.03.1715-6) Bridget Edge of London (widow of Samuel Fellow of Islington)
  (2) Susan Haggard (bur 19.12.1640)
  m2. Ann Butcher
  (3)+ other issue - John (bpt 28.10.1668), 6 daughters (d unm?)

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