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Families covered: Arundell of Hempston, Arundell of Lanherne, Arundell of Lambourn, Arundell of Trembleth, Arundell of Tremodret

There is significant contradiction between our sources regarding the early generations of this family. Vivian reports that "The Arundell pedigree is very confused for the first three generations". We see confusion with some later generations also so view the whole of the upper section as being 'a bit shaky'. In general we follow Vivian but it is not unlikely that this will be reviewed further in due course. Whilst BP1934 mentions the following Roger but then jumps to Sir Ralph (a 1260), both Vivian & Commoners start their pedigrees with ...
Roger de Arundell in Somerset & Dorset (a 1086)
1. Gilbert de Arundell of the Forests in Dorset & Wiltshire (a temp Stephen who r. 1135-1154)
  m. Rosamund de Novant (dau/coheir of John de Novant)
  A. Richard de Arundell (a 1161)
  m. Juliana
  i. Humphry de Arundell in Cornwall (a 1216)
  m. Joan de Umfravile (dau of John de Unfravile)
  This generation is given by Vivian but omitted by Commoners. Commoners shows Richard & Juliana as parents of Reinfrid (m. Alice de Butler) father of Sir Reinfrid (m. Alice de Lanherne) father of Sir Humphrey (m. Joan Umphraville) father of Sir Ralph (m. Eve de Roche). BP1934 jumps from Roger (a 1086) to Sir Ralph (a 1260). We follow Vivian.
  a. Sir Renfry de Arundell of Trefry
  m. Alice de Lanherne (dau/heir of Sir John de Lanherne, m2. John de Umfraville)
  (1) Sir Renfry Arundell
  m. Margery Umfravile
  (2) Sir Ralph de Arundell of Lanherne, Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1260)
BP1934 starts 'properly' with this Sir Ralph but does not identify his wife. Commoners supports Vivian in showing his wife as Eva de Roche.
  m. Eva de Rupe (dau of Sir Richard de Rupe, alias de la Roche, of Tremodrut)
  BP1934 & Commoners show an intervening generation between Sir Ralph and Sir John, a Renfred. BP1934 shows Renfred as married to Eva de Rupe (Roche) whilst Commoners shows him as married to Margaret Trombleigh.
  (A) Sir John de Arundell of Trembleth then Lanherne - continued below
  Commoners identifies Sir John's wife as Joan, dau of John de la Beere of Somerset. BP1934 shows 2 generations of Johns here, firstly John (a 1279) who m. Joan, dau/coheir of John le Sor, then a Sir John (a 1334) who m. Isabella, dau/heir of John de la Bere of Talvern. Provisionally, we follow Vivian who shows just one generation of John here, identifying his wife as ...
  m. Joane le Sour (dau/heir of Ralph le Sour of Tolverne)
  (B) Sir Thomas Arundell (d before 1340)
  (i) Isabella Arundell
(C) Ralph Arundell (a 1309, rector of St. Columb Major)
  (D) Matilda Arundell probably of this generation
  m. Mark de Whalesborough of Whalesborough
  Vivian shows the following as connected to Sir Renfry & Alice by a dotted line, implying that the connections have not been proved fully.
  (3) Otho Arundell 'of Tremblith'
  (A) Joan Arundell
  m. Robert Trevanyon
  (4) Sir Oliver de Arundell of Carshayes (a 1272)
  m. Margery de Arundell (dau/heir of Raynulph de Arundell of Albominster & Stratton)
  (5) Sir Lawrence Arundell of Bleybell
  m. Margery le Flamanc (dau of Sir Robert le Flamanc)
  (A) Eve Arundell
  m. William Roscarrock (a 1284)
  (B) Emmota Arundell
  m. Renfrid de Reswalstes
  (C) Alice Arundell
  m. Osbert de la Laund
  B. ? William de Arundell in Cornwall
  m. Sibilla
  i. William de Arundell (a 1215)
2. Robert de Arundell in Cornwall (a 1130)
  A. Roger de Arundell of Hempston Arundell
  m. Heneburga
  i. Sir Nicholas de Arundell
  m. Jone
  a. John de Arundell of Sandford
  m. Isabell
  (1) daughter, heiress of Hempston Arundell
  m. Richard Crispin



Sir John de Arundell of Trembleth then Lanherne - continued above
m. Joane le Sour (dau/heir of Ralph le Sour of Tolverne)
As mentioned above, BP1934 inserts an additional generation here, a Sir John (a 1334) who m. Isabella, dau/heir of John de la Bere of Talvern.
1. Sir John de Arundell of Lanherne (d 1379 or 1363)
  m1. (1334-5) Elizabeth Carminow (d 1363, dau/coheir of Sir Oliver Carminow, Chamberlain)
  A. Sir John Arundell of Lanherne (d before 1377)
  m. Joan Luscote (dau of Sir William Luscote or Lustock by Alice, dau/heir of Thomas l'Archdekne)
i. Sir John Arundell of Lanherne (b 1367, d 07.01.1434-5)
  m. Eleanor Lambourne (dau/coheir of Sir William Lambourne of Lambourne or Lamborne by Johanna, dau/coheir of John Lansladron by Amicia)
  a. (Sir) John Arundell of Lanherne (dvp 04.12.1423)
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Rochford (dau of Sir _ de Rochford of Bideford)
m2. Margaret Burgersh (dau of Sir John Burgersh (by Ismania), widow of Sir John Grenville)
  (1) Sir John Arundell of Lanherne, Sheriff of Cornwall (bpt 09.06.1421, a 1443)
  m1. Elizabeth Morley (dau of Thomas Morley, 5th Lord)
  (A) Anne Arundell
  m. Sir James Tyrell of Gippling (d 06.05.1502)
  m2. (c1451) Katherine Chideocke (dau of Sir John Chideocke of Chideocke & Caundle)
(B) Sir Thomas Arundell of Lanherne (d 01.10.1485)
  m. Catherine Dynham (dau of Sir John Dynham, 6th Lord)
  (C) Catherine Arundell
  m1. Sir William Courtenay
  m2. John Moyle of Eastwell (d 1501)
  (D) Elizabeth Arundell (d 1500)
  m. Giles Daubeney, 6th/1st Lord (d 28.05.1507)
  (E) Thomasine Arundell
  m. Henry Marney, 1st Lord (b 1457, d 24.15.1523)
(F) Margaret Arundell
  m. Sir William Capell, Lord Mayor of London (d 1515)
  (G) Ellen Arundell
  m. Ralph Coplestone
  (H) Dorothy Arundell
  m. Sir Henry Strangways
  (I) Jane Arundell
  b. Sir Thomas Arundell of Lanhadron and/or Tolverne, Sheriff of Devon (d 24.06.1443)
Commoners identifies Thomas as 'of Kenelhelwas' and father, by Mary, daughter of Durnford of Durnford, of Sir Oliver of Carshay (ancestor of the Arundells of Trerice) whom we show as of a much earlier generation (above). However, although BP1934 shows Thomas as of Lanhadron rather than of Tolverne, both Vivian and BP1934 identify Thomas as ancestor of the Arundells of Tolverne rather than those of Trerice. BP1934 names his wives as Margery, dau of Sir Warine Archdeacon, and Elizabeth, dau of Sir Thomas Paulet of Hinton St. John(and widow of William Bykbury). Vivian names them as follows.
  m1. Margery Lerchdekne (dsp 1420, dau of Sir Waryn Lerchdekne)
  m2. Elizabeth Paulton (d 1477, dau of Sir Thomas Paulton of Heanton, widow of William Bigbury, m3. Robert Burton)
  c. Sir Humphrey Arundell = Sir Remfry or Renfray or Reymfrey Arundell of Tremodret & Lambourn
BHO (Magna Britannia vol 3, Otterham) confirms that Sir Humphrey (as named by BP1934 & Commoners) was the same person as Sir Renfray who inherited Lambourn (identified by Vivian as Renfry of Tremodret). The following is supported by Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623 (Miscellaneous), Whittington) & Miscellaneous Essex Pedigrees (Metcalfe, 1878, Colshill).
  m. (c1421) Joan Colshull (d 1497, dau/heir of Sir John Colshull or Coleshull, sister/heir of Sir John, m2. John Nanfant, m3. Sir William Houghton)
  (1) Sir Humphrey or Remfrey Arundell of Tremodret 'of Silly', Sheriff of Cornwall (d 06.06.1468)
  m. Anne Hogard (dau of Sir Andrew Hogard or Ogard, m2. Robert Crane of Chelton)
  Commoners reports that this marriage was sp but BP1934 records his son Sir Edmund whilst Vivian records the other issue as well.
  (A) Sir Edmund Arundell 'of Lambourn' (dsp 27.11.1503, 2nd son)
  m. Joan Walgrave
(B) Anne or Jane Arundell (dsp?)
  m. John Croker
  (C)+ other issue - Ralph (b 1464-5, d infant), Renfry (d before 09.1508)
  (2) John Arundell, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, then Exeter (d 1503-4)
  BHO identifies Sir Renfray's daughter Elizabeth as the eventual heiress of Lambourn (which passed into the Whittington family, later into the St. Aubyn family), reporting that she married Thomas Whittington then Edward Stradling. Visitation (Gloucestershire) & Metcalfe report that there were 2 Elizabeths who married as shown below. There is confusion between this Edward Stradling & Elizabeth Arundel pairing and the one shown here. I hope to resolve this in due course.
  (3) Elizabeth Arundell mentioned by Vivian
  m1. William Whittington
  m2. Nicholas Brome of Beddesley
  (4) Elizabeth Arundell not mentioned by Vivian
  m1. Edmond Stradling
BHO suggests that it was this Elizabeth's daughter (by Edward) who married Sir John Danvers but Visitation shows as follows:
  (A) (Sir) John Stradling 'of Dantsey'
  m. Alice Langford
  (i) Anne Stradling (sister/heir of Edward?)
  m. John Danvers
  Visitation shows that they had a son Thomas father of Silvester. This confirms which John Danvers he was.
  m2. William Lygon mentioned by Metcalfe
  d. Johanna Arundell
  m. Sir William Bodrigan
  ii.+ other issue - William, Ralph of Conarton & Penwith (d 1388)
  m2. Isabella de Multon (dau of Sir Thomas de Multon) mentioned by BP1934
2. Ralph d'Arundell (dsp 1355)
3. Margaret Arundell
  m. Reginald Beville

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Arundell of Lanherne), BP1934 (Arundell of Wardour), Commoners (vol i, Arundel of Trerice)
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