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Families covered: Fraser of Brea, Fraser of Castle Fraser, Fraser of Lovat, Fraser of Inverallochy

Hugh Fraser, 5th Lord of Lovat (b c1544, d 01.01.1576-7)
m. (mcrt 24.12.1567) Elizabeth Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl)
1. Simon Fraser, 6th Lord of Lovat (b c1568, d 03.04.1633, 2nd son?)
  m1. (24.12.1589) Katherine Mackenzie (d 05/12.1593, dau of Colin Mackenzie, 11th of Kintail)
  A. Simon Fraser, Master of Lovat (dvpsp)
  B. Hugh Fraser, 7th Lord of Lovat (b 09.1591, d 16.02.1646)
m. (1614) Isobel Wemyss (b c1598, d 1636, dau of Sir John Wemyss of Wemyss)
  i. Simon Fraser, Master of Lovat (b 1621, dvp unm 20.03.1640)
  ii. Hugh Fraser, Master of Lovat (b 1624, dvp 04.1643)
  m. (30.04.1642) Anna Leslie (dau of Sir Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven, m2. Sir Ralph Delaval)
a. Hugh Fraser, 8th Lord of Lovat (b 02.03/5.1643, d 27.04.1672)
  m. (07.1659) Anne Mackenzie (b c1629, d 10.11.1670, dau of Sir John Mackenzie, Bart of Tarbet)
  (1) Hugh Fraser, 9th Lord of Lovat (b 1666, d 04/14.09.1696)
  m. (mcrt 18.03.1685) Amelia Murray (b 02.01.1666, d 06.05.1743, dau of John Murray, 1st Marquess of Atholl)
  (A) Hugh Fraser, Master of Lovat (b 1690, d 16.03.1693)
(B) John Fraser, Master of Lovat (b 1695, d 10.08.1696)
  (C) Amelia Fraser, Baroness Lovat (b 1686)
  m. (1702) Alexander Mackenzie of Prestonhall ('Fraser of Fraserdale') (b c1683, d 03.06.1755)
  (i) Hugh Fraser, 'Lord Lovat' (b c1703, d 09.11.1770)
  m. Amelia Fothringham (d 31.05.1758, dau of Thomas Fothringham of Powrie)
  (a) Amelia Fraser (d 31.05.1758)
(b) Katherine Fraser (d before 04.06.1796)
  m. David Brown in Edinburgh
  (ii) Amelia Fraser (d 22.08.1763)
  (D) Anne Fraser (b 1689, a 14.12.1733)
  m1. (09.1703) Norman Macleod of Macleod
  m2. (mcrt 05.1708) Patrick Fothringham, younger of Powrie (d before 23.10.1717)
  m3. (mcrt 23.10.1717) John Mackenzie, 2nd Earl of Cromarty (b c1656, d 20.02.1731)
(E) Catherine Fraser (b c1690, d 04.03.1771)
  m. Sir William Murray, 3rd Bart of Ochtertyre (d 20.10.1739)
  (F) Margaret Fraser (d unm)
  (2) Anne Fraser (b 12.03.1661, bur 08.10.1684)
  m. (1679) Patrick Kinnaird, 2nd Lord (d 18.02.1701)
  (3) Isabel Fraser (b 1662)
  m. Alastair Macdonnell of Glengarry
(4) Margaret Fraser (b 1666)
  m. Andrew Monro (Colonel)
  b. Margaret Fraser probably of this generation
  m. (1669) David Baillie of Dochfour
  iii. Alexander Fraser (b 1625-6, d 27.06.1671, Tutor of Lovat)
  m. Sybilla Mackenzie (dau of Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Lord of Kintail, widow of John Macleod, m3. Patrick Grant)
a. Anne Fraser
  m. Alexander Mackenzie of Applecross
  iv. Thomas Fraser of Beaufort, 10th Lord of Lovat (b 1631, d 05.1699)
  m. (04.1665) Sibylla Macleod (d 06.1682 (or 1679), dau of John Macleod of Macleod by Sibella Mackenzie)
  a. Alexander Fraser (b 1667, dsp 20.11.1689)
  Mackenzie (p677+) mentions a claim before the House of Lords, by John Fraser in 1885 (not 1887), that he was descended from the eldest son (of 4 sons) of this Alexander who is reported to have fled to Wales (c1692), lived until 1776, and had family in Wales. Mackenzie notes that "It would be quite out of place here to enter into the merits of the case. It is, however, only fair to state what that claim is, especially as other good families as well as John Fraser claim descent from Alexander." However, as reported on p244, the decision was made to accept the report that "According to the Lovat family, Alexander died without issue before 1692". The following comes from 'History of the Frasers' (p677+) but is shown in italics to reflect the uncertainty.
  (1) John Fraser in Wales (b 1739, d 1828 in Cerigybleiddian)
  m. (03.10.1773) Mary Griffiths
  (A) John Fraser (bpt 06.08.1780) had issue
  m. (04.08.1801) Ann Davies
  (B)+ other issue - Simon, William
(2) Alexander Fraser (b 1759, to Nova Scotia, 4th son) had issue
  m. (1802) Rachael Otis De Wolfe (dau of Benjamin De Wolfe of Windsor)
  (3)+ other issue - Simon, William
b. Simon Fraser, 11th Lord of Lovat (b c1667, d 09.04.1747)
  Simon Fraser was impeached for high treason and executed. [Mackenzie reports on his life at great length.] The lands of Lovat were returned to his son Simon after he (the son) had served well for his country in the wars in Portugal and America. TSP suggests that his sons (Simon and Archibald) were de jure Lords but BP1934 indicates that the attainder was not formally reversed for them but for their kinsman Thomas Fraser who became the 12th Lord.
  m1. (12.1716) Margaret Grant (d 07.1729, dau of Ludovic Grant of Grant)
  (1) Simon Fraser of Lovat (b 19.10.1726, dsp 08.02.1782, General)
m. Catherine Bristowe (dau of John Bristowe of Quickenham (Quidenham) Hall)
  (2) Janet Fraser (d 14.04.1765)
  m. (02.03.1742) Evan Macpherson of Cluny, 12th Chief (b 11.02.1706, d 31.01.1764)
  (3)+ other issue - Alexander (bpt 01.07.1729, d unm 07.08.1762), Sybilla (d unm 09.02.1755)
  m2. (01.07.1733) Primrose Campbell (b c1710, d 23.05.1796, dau of John Campbell of Mamore)
  (5) Archibald Campbell Fraser of Lovat (b 16.08.1736, d 08.12.1815, Colonel)
  m. (1763) Jane Fraser (dau of William Fraser of Leadclune, sister of Sir William, Bart)
  (A) John Simon Frederick Fraser (b c1765, d unm 06.04.1803, MP, Colonel)
  partner unknown
  (i) Archibald Thomas Frederick Fraser of Abertarff (d 03.1884)
  m. (01.1822) Janetta Fraser Macpherson (dau of Duncan Macpherson of Cluny by Catherine Cameron)
  (a)+ issue - son (d infant), Catherine
(B)+ other issue (d unm) - Archibald (dvp 1792), Henry Emo (b 1768, dvp 25.08.1782), John George (b 26.09.1778, dvp 22.11.1779), William Henry (dvp 25.02.1801)
  c. Sibella Fraser
  m. Hugh Robertson of Inshes
  d.+ other issue - Hugh (d infant), John (b 1674, d unm 1716, Brigadier in the Dutch Army), Thomas (d infant), James (d 27.09.1679), Isabel (d infant), Catherine (d unm), others (d infant)
  v. Mary Fraser (b 1617, d 1659)
m. (1635) David Ross of Balnagowan (d c1653)
  vi. Anne Fraser (b 1619, dsps 07.1658)
  m. (24.01.1639) John Gordon, 14th Earl of Sutherland (b 09.03.1609, d 14.10.1679)
  vii. Catherine Fraser (b 1622, d 18.10.1663)
  m1. Sir John Sinclair of Dunbeath
  m2. (30.06.1653) Robert Arbuthnot, 1st Viscount (b c1618, d 10.10.1655)
  m3. (17.10.1658/63) Andrew Fraser, 3rd Lord of Muchalls (d 22/24.05.1674)
viii.+ other issue - James (b 1633, dsp 1657, Captain), William (b 1632/5, d c1639), Isobel (d young)
  C. Elizabeth Fraser (b 1591-2)
  m. (07.1618) John Dunbar of Cumnock & Westfield
  m2. (04.04.1596) Jean Stewart (d 01.06.1622, dau of James Stewart, 1st Lord Doune)
  D. Sir Simon Fraser of Inverallochy (d 1620)
The following comes from BLG1952 (Croft-Fraser of Inverallochy), supported by Mackenzie's 'History of the Frasers' (p512+).
  m. Jean Moncreiff (dau of William (probably not Sir John or Thomas) Moncreiff of that ilk)
  i. Simon Fraser of Inverallochy
  m. (1669) Marjory Erskine (dau of James Erskine, 7th Earl of Buchan)
Marjory is shown by BLG1952 as wife of this Simon but by Mackenzie as wife of his son ...
  a. Simon Fraser of Inverallochy (d before 1683)
  (1) Alexander Fraser of Inverallochy (dsp before 23.11.1698)
  m. Elizabeth Erskine (d 11.12.1744, dau of Alexander Erskin, 3rd Earl of Kellie)
  Elizabeth is shown by BLG1952 as wife of Alexander but by Mackenzie as wife of his brother William. Whilst both Alexander & William are shown as dsp, perhaps that should be dspm for Elizabeth Erskine is shownby Mackenzie (p686) as mother of ...
  (A) daughter
  m. Alexander Fraser of Fairfield, Provost of Inverness (d by 08.1755)
  (2) William Fraser of Inverallochy (dsp)
William is shown by Mackenzie as died before 02.1717 having been father, by Elizabeth Erskine, of William (dsp before 02.1717) and Charles. We follow BLG1952 and so show William as brother rather than father of ...
  (3) Charles Fraser of Muchall (Castle Fraser), later of Inverallochy (d c13.02.1789)
  Charles was created Baron Fraser of Muchall by James, the Old Pretender.
  m. Anne Udny (d 24.08.1753, dau of John Udny, 12th of Udny, by Martha Gordon)
  (A) Charles Fraser (b 23.05.1725, dvpsp Culloden 16.04.1746)
  (B) William Fraser of Inverallochy & Castle Fraser, later Fraser-Udny of Udny (dsp 13.12.1792)
  (C) Martha Fraser of Inverallochy (d 1803)
  m. (1747) Colin Mackenzie of Kilcoy (d 1758)
Inverallochy passed to one of their sons who took the name Mackenzie-Fraser.
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - Simon (b 26.05.1732, d Quebec 15.10.1759, Captain), Eliza of Castle Fraser (d 1814)
  (4) daughter not mentioned by BLG1952, shown by Mackenzie as dau (rather than sister) of William
  m. Alexander Fraser of Fraserfield
  ii. Mary Fraser
m. James Mackay (b c1640)
  E. Sir James Fraser of Brea, Governor of Inverness (b 1610, d 06.12.1649)
  The following is supported by Mackenzie's 'History of the Frasers' (p521+).
  m. Beatrice Wemyss (dau of _ Wemyss of Fairkley)
  i. James Fraser of Brea (b 29.07.1639, d before 04.1698, minister of Culross then Inverness)
  m. (07.1672) _ Gray (d 10.1676)
  a. Jean Fraser of Brea
  m. (1698) Hugh Rose of Kilravock (b 01.1663, d 23.01.1732)
  b. daughter
m. _ Burnet (minister of Falkirk)
  ii. David Fraser of Mayne
  a. Simon Fraser (dsp)
  iii. Jean Fraser (dsp)
  m. George Bateman (Major)
  iv. Ann Fraser
  m. Hector Munro of Drummond
  v. daughter
m. _ Mackey
  vi. Magdalen Fraser
  m. George Cuthbert of Castlehill
  vii. daughter (dsp)
  m. David Cuthbert (brother of George of Castlehill)
  F. Margaret Fraser
  m1. (mcrt 29.04.1617) Sir Robert Arbuthnot (d 15.03.1633)
m2. (mcrt 22.12.1634) Sir James Haldane, 11th of Gleneagles (d before 03.03.1653)
  G.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1606, d 20.05.1613), James (bpt 04.06.1612), Anne (d young), Jean (d young)
  m3. Katherine Rose (b c1581, d 19.09.1658, dau of William Rose of Kilravock, widow of James Grant of Ardnillie)
2. Mary Fraser named Margaret by Mackenzie
  m. James Cuming of Altyre
3. Anna Fraser named Mary by Mackenzie
  The Munro source identified the wife of Hector Munro as m1. William Macleod of Macleod m2. Alexander Bayne of Tulloch but that was probably confusion with the Agnes we show a generation earlier.
  m. Hector Munro of Foulis (d 14.11.1603)
4.+ other issue - Alexander (d infant), Thomas (d young, Prior of Beauly), Margaret
partner unknown
7. Alexander Fraser
  m. Janet Fraser (dau of _ Fraser of Moniack)

Main source(s): TSP ('Lovat'), BP1934 ('Lovat'), 'History of the Frasers' (Mackenzie, p104+, see here)
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