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Families covered: Murray of Ayton (Aytoun), Murray of Balmanno, Murray of Dollerie, Murray of Dysart, Murray of Glendoick, Murray of Ochtertyre

Patrick Murray of Dollery or Dollerie (d 1476)
m. Katherine Balfour (dau of Michael Balfour of Monquhanny)
1. David Murray of Dollerie and Ochtertyre (d 1506)
  m. Margaret Pitcairn (d 1520, dau of Henry Pitcairn of Forthar and that ilk)
  A. Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
m. Elizabeth Charteris (of Kinfauns)
  i. David Murray of Ochtertyre (d 1547)
  m. Agnes Hay (of Megginch)
  a. Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre (d 1589)
  m. Nicola Graham (dau of Patrick Graham of Inchbrakie)
  (1) William Murray of Ochtertyre (d 1647)
  m. (after 18.07.1582) Bethia Murray (dau of Murray of Letterbannochy)
(A) Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre (d 1677)
  m. Mary Moray (dau of Robert Moray, younger of Abercairney)
  (i) Sir William Murray, 1st Bart of Ochtertyre (d 18.02.1681)
  m. Isabel Oliphant (d 06.04.1683, dau of John Oliphant of Bachiltoun)
  (a) Sir Patrick Murray, 2nd Bart of Ochtertyre (d 25.12.1735)
  m. (15.02.1681) Margaret Haldane (d 17.02.1722, dau of Mungo Haldane of Gleneagles)
((1)) Sir William Murray, 3rd Bart of Ochtertyre (d 20.10.1739)
  m. (25.07.1706) Katherine Fraser (b c1690, d 04.03.1771, dau of Hugh Fraser, 9th Lord Lovat)
  ((A)) Sir Patrick Murray, 4th Bart of Ochtertyre (b 21.08.1707, d 09.09.1764)
  m. (18.02.1741) Helen Hamilton (d 18.07.1773, dau of John Hamilton of Newton)
  ((i)) Sir William Murray, 5th Bart of Ochtertyre (b 23.10.1746, d 06.12.1800)
  m. (06.03.1770) Augusta Mackenzie (d 20.01.1809, dau of George Mackenzie, 3rd Earl of Cromarty)
  ((a)) Sir Patrick Murray, 6th Bart of Ochtertyre (b 03.02.1771, d 01.06.1837) had issue
m. (13.12.1794) Mary Anne Hope (d 21.02.1838, dau of John, 2nd Earl of Hopetoun)
  ((b)) Sir George Murray (b 06.02.1772, d 28.07.1846, General)
  m. (1826) Louisa Erskine (sister of Marquess of Anglesey)
  (((1))) Louisa Murray
  m. H.G. Boyce (dsp 1840 ?)
  ((c)) William Murray (b 07.06.1791, dsp)
  ((d)) Isabella Murray (d 1809)
  m. (1808) James Glassford
  ((e)) Augusta Murray (d 1846)
m. (14.05.1808) Duncan Campbell of Lochnell (d 09.04.1837, General)
  ((ii)) Helen Murray
  m. (1765) Anthony Murray of Crieff and Dollerie (d 1790) @1@ below
  ((iii)) Joan Murray
  m. (1769) Charles Churchill (Colonel)
  ((B)) Amelia Murray
  m. (1731) John Murray of Lintrose @2@ below
  ((C)) Catherine Murray (d 24.06.1735)
  m. (02.06.1730) Sir Thomas Moncrieffe, Bart (b 31.12.1704, d 03.05.1739)
  ((D)) Anne Murray (d unm 1781)
  ((E)) Margaret Murray
  m. (1735) Robert Graham of Fintry
((2)) Patrick Murray of Ayton or Aytoun (b 25.02.1685, d 11.1773)
  m. (16.09.1709) Anne (d 18.07.1773, dau of Duncan of Lundie)
  ((A)) Alexander Murray
  m. Martha Williamson (dau of Joseph Williamson)
  ((i)) Alexander Murray of Ayton (d 1829)
  m. (23.08.1780) Mary Ogilvy (d 12.1789, dau of Alexander Ogilvy, 7th Lord Banff)
  ((a)) Joseph Murray of Ayton (b 25.04.1786, d 17.06.1876) had issue
m. (1823) Grace Abercromby (d 29.07.1876, dau of Sir George Abercromby, 4th Bart of Birkenbeg)
  ((3)) George Murray (d 1777, MD) had issue
  m. Mary Clayhills (dau of David Clayhills of Invergowrie)
  ((4)) John Murray (d 1755) had issue
  ((5)) Isabel Murray
  m. (1702) Alexander Duncan
((6)) Mary Murray (d 25.08.1766)
  m. (23.07. 1703) Sir John Murray, 3rd Bart of Glendoick (d 08.01.1714) @3@ below
  (b) Mungo Murray
  ((1)) John Murray of Lintrose
  m. (1731) Amelia Murray (dau of Sir William Murray, 3rd Bart of Ochtertyre) @2@ above
  (c) Mary Murray
  m1. (1671) Mungo Graham of Gorthie
  m2. James Graeme, 2nd of Graemeshall (b 1652, d 1716)
  (d) Bethia Murray probably of this generation
  m. (1675) Henry Cheape, 2nd of Rossie (d 1705)
  (ii) Ann Murray daughter of Patrick, assumed to be of this generation
  m. (mcrt 12.05.1633) Duncan Campbell of Monzie
(iii) Catherine Murray daughter of Patrick, assumed to be of this generation
  m. Patrick Campbell of Glentarken
  (B) Bethia Murray probably of this generation
  m. Patrick Campbell of Innerzeldies (b 1592, d 25.03.1678)
  B. Anthony Murray of Dollerie and Raith
  m. Christian Maxton
  i. David Murray of Dollerie
  m. (1568) Margaret Tossack
  a. Anthony Murray of Dollerie
  m. (1584) Jean Mitchell
  (1) David Murray of Dollerie
  m. Helen Murray of Tippermuir
(A) Anthony Murray of Dollerie (d 1685)
  m. Elizabeth Murray of Arbenie
  (i) Anthony Murray of Dollerie (b 1676, d 1761)
  m. Christian Honeyman (dau of Rev. _ Honeyman)
  (a) Anthony Murray (dvp)
  m. (1735) Margaret Murray of Grange
  ((1)) Anthony Murray of Crieff and Dollerie (d 1790)
  m. (1765) Helen Murray (dau of Sir Patrick Murray, 4th Bart of Ochtertyre) @1@ above
  ((A)) Anthony Murray of Dollerie (d 1838) had issue
  m. Ellen Fletcher Bower of Kincaldrum (d 1847)
  ((2)) Margaret Murray
  m. Lawrence Oliphant, 6th of Condie
  ((3)) daughter
  b. (Katherine) Murray
  m. Robert (sb Patrick?) Maxtone of Cultoquhey
  ii. Patrick Murray of Woodend (d 24.08.1590)
  m. Elizabeth Murray (dau of David Murray of Carsehead)
  a. Alexander Murray of Woodend (d before 10.1630)
  m1. _ Murray (Dau of Murray of Arbenie)
  m2. Agnes Nairn (dau of Nairn of Strathord)
  Uncertain which of these wives was mother of ...
(1) Patrick Murray of Woodend (dspm before 10.10.1662)
  m. (c28.02.1614) Giles Murray (dau of John Murray of Tibbermore)
  (2) Thomas Murray of Woodend, Sheriff of Perthshire (d by 1667)
  (A) Anthony Murray of Woodend (Rev.)
  (i) Thomas Murray of Woodend (dsp)
  (ii) Janet Murray
  m. (16.07.1689) James Oliphant of Gask
  (iii) Jean Murray probably of this generation
  m. (1697) Robert Whyte of Bennochy
  (B) Sir Thomas Murray, 1st Bart of Glendoick (d 1684)
  m. Barbara Hepburn (dau of Thomas Hepburn of Blackcastle, minister of Oldhamstocks)
  (i) Sir Thomas Murray, 2nd Bart of Glendoick (d 12.1701)
  (ii) Sir John Hepburn-Murray, 3rd Bart of Glendoick and Blackcastle, later of Balmanno (d 08.01.1714)
  m. (23.07.1703) Mary Murray (d 25.08.1766, dau of Sir Patrick Murray, 2nd Bart of Ochtertyre) @3@ above
  (a) Sir Alexander Hepburn-Murray, 4th Bart of Glendoick and Balmanno (b 04.12.1754, d unm c1774)
  (C)+ other issue
m3. Marion Alexander
  (3)+ other issue - John, William, Agnes
  b. William Murray (d 10.1616, minister of Dysart)
  m. Margaret Murray (dau of David Murray of Lochmiln)
  (1) William Murray, 1st Earl of Dysart (d c1651)
  m. Katherine Bruce (dau of Colonel Norman Bruce, son of Robert of Clackmannan)
  (A) Elizabeth Murray, Countess of Dysart (d 04.06.1698)
  m1. (c1647) Sir Lionel Tollemache, 3rd Bart (bpt 25.04.1624, bur 25.03.1669)
Their eldest son became 3rd Earl of Dysart.
  m2. (17.02.1671-2, sp) John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale (b 24.05.1616, d 24.08.1682, Secretary of State)
  (B) Margaret Murray (d 04.06.1682)
  m. William, 2nd Lord Maynard of Estaines and Turrim (d 03.02.1698-9)
  (C)+ other issue - Catherine (d 10.02.1669-70), Anne (bur 16.04.1679)
  (2)+ other issue - Margaret, Jean
  c. Thomas Murray of Berkhampstead (b c1565, d 09.04.1623, Provost of Eton)
  m. Jane Drummond (d before 09.1647, dau of George Drummond of Blair)
(1) Henry Murray (d before 09.1672, Groom to Bedchamber of King Charles I)
  m. (26.11.1635) Anne Bayning, later Viscountess Bayning of Foxley (d 10.1678, dau of Paul Bayning, 1st Viscount of Sudbury)
  (A) Elizabeth Murray (d 30.01.1712-3)
  m1. Randolph Egerton of Betley (d 20.10.1681, Maj. General)
  m2. (30.04.1691) Charles Egerton of Newborough (b 12.03.1654-5, d 11.12.1717)
  (B) Anne Murray (bpt 21.10.1641, d 22.08.1716)
  m. (mcrt 27.03.1661) Robert Pierrepoint of Nottingham (bur 22.09.1681)
  (C) Jane Murray (bpt 13.12.1642, d 19.10.1727)
  m. (1672) Sir John Bowyer of Knipersley (d 1691)
  (D) Mary Murray (b 07.03.1653-4, d 01.12.1713)
  m1. (1673) Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Bart of Haigh (b c1651, d 17.06.1687)
  m2. Richard Pennington
  (E)+ other issue - Charles (bpt 14.02.1636, d young), Henry (bur young 26.05.1641), Thomas (b 29.05.1647, dsp), Robert (bpt 09.09.1649, dsp), Jane (bur young 09.10.1639)
  (2) Elizabeth Murray
  m. Sir Henry Newton, later Puckering, Bart of the Priory and Charlton (b c1617, dsps 22.01.1700)
(3)+ other issue - Charles (a 1678), John (dsp before 1643), James (dsp before 1643), William (bpt 17.07.1617, a 1678), Anne (a 1678)
  d. Patrick Murray (bur 24.09.1632, Commendator of Inchaffray)
  m1. (20.06.1615) Helen McMath (d 01.1619)
  (1) John Murray (d young)
  m2. Magdalene Murray (a 1667)
  (2) Elizabeth Murray
  m1. Thomas Menzies of Tiggermark (d before 12.1662)
  m2. (17.03.1664) James Murray (d c1703, Colonel, Governor of Edinburgh Castle)
  (3)+ other issue - Francis (dsp before 27.02.1635), Patrick (dsp before 06.1647), Jean (d young)
  e. Robert Murray (minister of Strathmiglo then Methven, a 1647)
  m. (24.05.1616) Elizabeth Melville
  (1) John Murray (d 10.11.1661, minister of Methven)
  m. Elizabeth Scrymgeour
  (2) Margaret Murray
  m. George Gillespie (minister in Edinburgh)
  (3) Anna Murray
  m. Alexander Moncreife (minister at Sconie)
  (4) Mary Murray
  m. James Bonar of Grigstoun
  f.+ other issue - David, Christina
  iii. Alexander Murray (a 1557, dean)
  m. Elizabeth Oliphant

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(2) TCB (Murray of Glendoick), BLG1952 (Murray of Dollerie)
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