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Families covered: Devereux in Montgomeryshire, Devereux of Saethon, Deiville of Adlingfleet, Deiville (Daiville or Deinville) of Egmanton, Dishington (Dischington) of Ardross, Dishington of Kynbrachmont (Kilbrackmonth)

Edward Devereux of Cefn gwernfach, Montgomeryshire
m. Mary Saethon (dau/coheir of Evan Wynn, later Saethon of Saethon, m2. Rice Evans)
1. George Devereux 'of Saethon'
  m. (01.1704) Hester Jones (dau of Evan Jones of Llanlloddian)
  A. George Devereux 'of Saethon' (bpt 11.03.1709)
  m. Mary Nanney (dau of John Nanney of Maes y pandy)
  i. John Devereux of Newton (Montgomeryshire) & Saethon
  m. Martha Griffith (m2. _ Berrington)
  a. Mary Devereux, last of Saethon
  m1. (1799) Robert John Harrison of Montgomery, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire)
  m2. Rev. John Pryce of Gaer
  b. Martha Devereux
  m. Richard Hickman of Old Swinford Castle
  ii. Mary Devereux
  m. Thomas Maurice
  iii. Blandiana Devereux (b 1733, d 1814)
  m. John Bishop Humphreys
  iv.+ other issue - Edward (d young), Pryce, Eleanor
  B.+ other issue - Edward, Bridget, Ellen, Margaret
2. Bridget Devereux



A version of the following was first uploaded (on 15.06.09) on a Temporary page using Deinville as the family name. It appears that Deinville is often used as the family name but we give precedence to Deiville as that is what is used by TCP. However, TCP records that the earliest mentions of the family show the surname as de Davidville or Daieville or Daiville and mentions that there was a Deville or Deiville near Rouen in Normandy. See also the family of Daviles in Devon.
Richard Deinville
1. Robert de Daiville of Egmanton, Nottinghamshire the first mentioned by TCP, father or grandfather of ...
  A. Robert Daiville or Deiville of Egmanton
TCP identifies Robert's wife as Julian (a 08.1202). Various web sites identify her as ...
  m. Johanna de Montfort (dau of Thurstan de Montfort by Juliana de Murdac)
  i. John Daiville or Deiville of Egmanton (a 07.1228)
  m. (before 1204) (Maud?) (dau of Joceline de Louvain by Agnes de Percy)
a. Sir Robert Daiville or Deiville or Deinville of Egmanton, etc. (a 06.1242)
  m. (by 1229) Dionis or Denise (dau of Sir Thomas FitzWilliam of Sprotborough)
  (1) Adam Daiville or Deiville (dsp by 1282)
  (2) Sir John Daiville or Deiville or Deinville of Egmanton, Adlingfleet, Kilburn & Thornton (Yorkshire) (Constable of York Castle) (d before 10.1291)
  TCP identifies John's wife as Maud, widow of James D'Audithelegh or D'Audelegh of Audley (who d before 07.11.1273). Various web sites suggest that she was ...
  m1. (before 08.05.1275) Maud de Mowbray (dau of Sir Roger de Mowbray (by Maud de Beauchamp), widow of Sir James de Audley)
  (A) Sir John Deiville or D'Eiville or Deinville of Egmanton & Adlingfleet (d 1325-6)
  m1. Agnes
  (i) Sir Robert Deiville of Adlingfleet (a 04.1337)
  m. (before 05.1321) Margaret de Holebeche (dau/coheir of Laurence de Bolebeche of Holbeach by Margaret, dau of Geoffrey Gumbaud (or Gobaud) of Thorngumbald & sister/coheir of William of Thorngumbald)
  (a) Sir John Deiville of Adlingfleet (dsp after 13.11.1351)
  (b) Robert Deiville of Adlingfleet (d 02.09.1369)
  (c) Agnes Deiville de Bliton
  (d) Joan Deiville de Croft
(e) Katherine Deiville
  m. Thomas de Egmanton of Fockerby (d 28.10.1369)
  (f) Elizabeth Deiville (d before 02.09.1369)
  m. Sir Thomas de Kidale of South Ferriby (d 13.09.1381)
  ((1)) Thomas de Kidale
  m2. Margaret (m2. Sir (Lord) Adam de Everingham of Laxton)
  (ii) Joan Deiville who married ...
  m. Adam de Everingham, 2nd Lord (b c1307, d 08.02.1387/8)
  m2. Alice (a 10.1296)
  b. Elena Deiville or Deinville possibly of this generation
  m. (1233) Sir John de Longvilliers of Farnley
  c. Juliana Deiville or Deinville possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William Constable (m1. Cecilia de Thwenge)



A version of the following was first uploaded (on 01.05.06) on a Temporary page using Dischington as the family name. The following Sir William is described by Wood as "the head of a powerful and wealthy family, who already possessed much land in Angus-shire."
Sir William Dishington (d c1360)
m. Elizabeth Bruce (sister of Robert Bruce, King Robert I)
Wood identifies Elizabeth as "sister of Robert Bruce" and reports either that he or his son John (probably John but the commas make it difficult to be sure which) "is styled by King Robert Bruce 'dilecto nepoti suo' " and that his grandson Thomas was styled "our dear cousin" by David II and "nepoti nostro" by Robert III.
1. Sir William Dishington (Dischington) of Ardross & Kynbrachmont (Kilbrackmonth), Sheriff of Fife (d after 1402)
  Wood reports that the name of William's wife is not known but it appears that he inherited Ardross through his marriage to ...
  m. ?? Burnard (dau of ?? Burnard or Burnett of Leys & Ardross)
  A. Thomas Dishington of Ardross possibly father of ...
  i. (Sir) John Dishington of Ardross (a 1454, 1476)
  a. (Sir) John Dishington of Ardross (a 1518)
m. (before 1476) Janet Lindsay
  (1) George Dishington of Ardross, Kynbrachmont (Kilbrackmonth) & Currie (a 1557)
  m. (1506) Janet Lundin
  (A) William Dishington, fiar of Ardross (dvp Pinkie 1547)
m1. ?? Sandilands (dau of Sir James Sandilands of Calder, sister of Rev. Peter of Calder)
  m2. Elizabeth Crichton (m2. Alexander Wood of Grange)
TSP (vol 8, 'Sandilands, Lord Torphichen') identifies William's wife and mother of Paul as a sister of Peter Sandilands, parson of Caldour. However, Wood identifies William's wife and mother of Paul, Thomas, etc. as Elizabeth Crichton. We are left uncertain as to who was mother of ...
  (i) Paul Dishington of Ardross
  m. (1543) Catherine Lundie (b 1523, dau of Walter Lundie of that ilk)
  (a) Margaret Hamilton, heiress of Kilbrackmonth
  m. James Hamilton of Ruchbank, later of Kilbrackmonth (a 1568, son of Gavin of Orbiston)
  (b) Jean Dishington
  m. Gavin Hamilton of Raploch
  (ii) Thomas Dishington in Kilconquhar, later/last of Ardross (d(sp?) after 22.07.1611)
  m. (1598) Elizabeth Scott (dau of Sir William Scott of Elie, later of Ardross)
  (iii) Jean Dishington
  m. (1574) James Hamilton
  Wood suggests that Kilbrackmonth was carried into the Hamilton family through this marriage. If that was the case then this marriage must have been without issue for it appears that the effective carrying of Kilbrackmonth into the Hamilton family came a generation later, through Jean's niece Margaret.
(iv)+ other issue - George, Andrew, Robert (d 1574)
  (B) Andrew Dishington mentioned by Wood
  (i) William Dishington (a 1558)
  (2) Thomas Dishington in St. Andrews (a 1517) mentioned by Wood
  m. Christian Forman (possibly dau of the Bishop of St. Andrews)
  (3) David Dishington in St. Andrews (d before 1589) mentioned by Wood
  (4) Janet Dishington mentioned by Wood
  m. _ Lundin of Balgonie or Thomas Meldrum of Segie
  (5) Elizabeth Dishington possibly of this generation
m. (1524) Hew Moncreiff, 1st of Easter Rhynd and of Pitgorno and Mundy
  b. Isabella Dishington mentioned by Wood as probably of this generation
  m. (before 1499) Patrick Dunbar of Kilconquhar
  c. Margaret Dishington possibly of this generation --
  m. Walter Heriot of Burnturk, Lathonis & Ramornie (d 1515) --
  ii. ?? Dishington probably of this generation
  a. George Dishington (d before 1491, burgess of Crail)
  (1)+ issue - John, William (cleric)
  iii. Elizabeth Dishington (a 1491) probably of this generation
  m. John de Weems (d by 1491)
  a. David Weems of Lathockar
  B. Elspeth Dishington
  m. (David) Pringle of Smailholm (d 09.05.1480)
2. John Dishington of Longhermiston

Main source(s):
(1) For Devereux (uploaded 06.08.14) : Griffith's Pedigrees (Saethon, p249)
(2) For Deiville (uploaded 13.10.14) : TCP ('Deiville') with some input (shown in italics) from various web sites
(3) For Dishington (uploaded 13.03.15) : 'The East Neuk of Fife' (2nd edition by Rev. Walter Wood, 1887, p213+)
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