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Families covered: Montfort of Beaudesert, Montfort of Montfort

Thurstan de Burtrand of Briquebec, Bastenbourg & Montfort-sur-Risle (d 1023)
1. Guillaume de Burtrand of Briquebec, etc.
  Guillaume is shown by some web sites as the same person as William de Bertrand of Dignan, father of Richard and possibly Hugh. We hope to find some evidence to support these connections in due course.
  A. Richard de Bertram (a 1086, 1135)
  m. Sybil de Mitford (dau/heir of John de Mitford of Mitford)
  B. Hugh de Roussel = Hugh de Russell (a 1050)
2. Hugh (I) de Montfort = 'Hugh with a Beard' (a 1066, "accompanied William the Conqueror into England")
  A. Hugh (II) de Montfort (d 1087)
  m1. Alice de Beaufou (dau of Sir Richard de Beaufou son of Raoul)
  i. Robert de Montfort
  BE1883 reports that Robert dsp but various web sites suggest that he was father of the following Lora. If that was the case then it is possible that she was illegitimate, given that the main inheritance appears to have passed through Robert's sister Alice.
  a. Lora de Montfort H
  m. Sir Reginald de Argentein of Wymondley H
ii. Hugh (III) de Montfort (dsp)
  m2. ??
  iii. Alice de Montfort shown by BE1883 as of the 2nd marriage but by various web sites as of the 1st marriage Y
  m. Gilbert de Gaunt (Gant) (d c1095) Y
  Their eldest son was Hugh (IV) de Montfort show below.
  iv. Ada de Montfort
  m. (?) Simon, Earl of Huntingdon or William of Breteuil
3. Richard FitzThurston de La Haye du Pois, Normandy (d before 1800) HJRY
  m. Anne HJRY
4. Anceline or Adeline de Montfort HJY
  m. Turchetil d'Harcourt, Sn de Turqueville &Tourville HJY
5. Gisela de Montfort
  m. Geroy Le Goz de Montreuil



Hugh de Gant, later Hugh (IV) de Montfort
Hugh was eldest son of Gilbert de Gaunt and Alice de Montfort who is shown above.
m. Adeline de Beaumont (dau of Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, 1st Earl of Leicester)
1. Thurstan de Montfort
  This Thurstan is not shown by BE1883 (which shows Robert, etc as Hugh's children rather than grandchildren) but is by TCP which is less certain on his ancestry and says only that he was "probably" father of ...
  A. Robert de Montfort (d by 1141)
  B. Thurstan de Montfort (d c1170)
  m. Juliane Murdac (dau of Geoffrey Murdac)
  i. Robert de Montfort (dsp before 12.1185)
  m. Alice de Harcourt (dau of William, Sire d' Harcourt)
  ii. Henry de Montfort (b 1160, d 1199)
m. Emma (dau of Peter Corbuceo)
  Emma's name was found in some web sites. TCP suggests (but is not sure) that Henry's wife was a daughter of William de Cauntelo (the elder, Steward) so it is possible that Cauntelo has been corrupted into Corbuceo.
  a. Thurstan de Montfort of Beaudesert (d 1216) whose wife and mother of at least Peter was ...
  m. ?? de Cantilupe (dau of William de Cantilupe)
  (1) Peter (Piers) de Montfort of Beaudesert (d Evesham 04.08.1265)
  m. (by 1228) Alice de Audley (dau of Henry de Audley/Aldithley, Sheriff of Staffordshire)
  (A) Peter (Piers) de Montfort of Beaudesert (d before 04.03.1286/7)
  m. (c1260) Maud de la Mare (dau of Matthew de la Mare)
(i) John de Montfort of Beaudesert, 1st Lord (d before 11.05.1296)
  m. Alice de la Plaunche (dau of William de la Plaunche)
  (a) John de Montfort, 2nd Lord (d unm Bannockburn 24.06.1314)
  (b) Peter de Montfort, 3rd Lord (d 1367)
  m. Margaret de Furnivalle (b 1320, dau of Thomas de Furnivall, 2nd Lord)
  ((1)) Guy de Montfort (dvpsp)
  m. Margaret de Beauchamp (dau of Thomas de Beauchamp, 3rd Earl of Warwick)
partner unknown
  ((2)) Richard Montfort mentioned by TCP
  p. Lora (dau of Richard Astley of Ullenhale) mentioned by BE1883
  ((3)) Sir John Montfort ancestor of Montforts at Coleshill then Beacote
  partner unknown
  ((4)) Alice Montfort mentioned by BLG1952 (Giffard formerly of Rushall)
  m1. Fulk de Penebrugge
  m2. Richard de Nowers of Churchehull, Oxfordshire
  m3. Thomas de Langele
m4. (c1363) Sir John Giffard of Twyford (b 1299-1300, d c01.1368-9)
  m5. (c1369) William de Thymelby of Boston, Lincolnshire
  (c) Elizabeth de Montfort
  m. Sir Baldwin de Freville of Tamworth (b c1318, d c1376)
  (d) Maud de Montfort
  m. Bartholomew de Sudeley
  (ii) Alice de Montfort (d 1339)
  m1. Warin de Lisle of Campton (d before 07.12.1296)
  m2. (c1308, sp) Sir Robert FitzWalter, 1st Lord FitzWalter (b 1247, d 18.01.1325-6)
  (iii) Elizabeth de Montfort (d 08.1354) Y
  m1. Sir William de Montacute, 2nd Lord (d 1319) Y
  m2. (1322) Sir Thomas de Furnivalle, 1st Lord (d 1332)
  (B) William de Montfort of Uppingham
  (C) Robert de Montfort
  (2) Thurlestane de Charlecote (temp Richard I who r.1189-1199)
  iii. Johanna de Montfort (a 1202?) possibly fits here
  m. Robert Deinville of Egmanton
  C. Adeline de Montfort
  m. William de Britolio
  D. Ada de Montfort
  m. Richard (son of the Earl of Gloucester)

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(1) For upper section : various web sites with some support from BE1883 (Barons Montfort)
(2) For lower section : TCP (Montfort), BE1883 (Barons Montfort)
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