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Families covered: Domville of Brunstath, Domvile of Leighlingstown, Domville of London, Domville of Lymme, Domville of Oxton, Domville of St. Albans, Domvile of Templeogue

Ormerod spells the family name as "Domville". After the first generations, BIFR1976 spells it as "Domvile". We use Domville for whilst the family in England, Domvile for the branch that went to Ireland.
Sir Roger Dumvill of Oxton & Brynesheath, Cheshire (b c1275) given by BIFR1976 but not by Ormerod
1. John Domville of Oxton & Brunstath
  m1. Maud/Matilda Brereton (dau of Sir William Brereton of Brereton)
  A. John Domville of Oxton & Brunstath (d 1395)
  The following connection comes from various web sites (some apparently derived from the IGI).
  m. Cecily Mobberley (dau of William de Mobberley of Mobberley (Modburlegh), sister/heir of Ralph of Mobbeley)
  i. Margaret Domville
  m. Sir Hugh de Hulse of Raby (d 1404, judge)
B. Robert Domville
  m. Agnes Legh (dau of Thomas de Legh of West Hall)
  i. Gilbert Domville of Lyme this generation shown by BIFR1976 but omitted by Ormerod
  a. John Domville of Lymme, Cheshire (a 1397)
  m. Elizabeth Savage (dau of Sir John Savage)
  (1) John Domville of Lymme
m. Joan Massey (a 03.1460, dau of ?? Massey of Rixton)
  (A) John Domville of Lymme
  m. Elizabeth Radclyffe (dau of William Radclyffe of Ordshall)
  (i) James Domville of Lymme
  m. Isabel Kighley (dau of Richard Kighley of Lighsham)
  (a) Peter Domville of Lymme (bur 12.06.1569) - continued below
  m. Margaret Carington (dau of John Carington of Carington)
  (b) Elizabeth Domville
  m. Roger Millington of Millington
  (B) Elizabeth Domville
  m. William Warde of Capesthorne
  C. Thomas Domville presumed brother of John & Robert
  m. Margaret Legh (dau of Thomas de Legh of West Hall)
  m2. Maud (widow of William de Mobberley)



Peter Domville of Lymme (bur 12.06.1569) - continued above
m. Margaret Carington (dau of John Carington of Carington)
BIFR1976, which follows the line of William, shows their sons in the following order: John, James, George, Gilbert, William & Peter which is the order shown by Visitation (1580). Provisionally, we follow the order given by Ormerod who follows the lines of both Gilbert & William.
1. John Domville of Lymme (dsp bur 18.10.1593)
  m. Alice Mere (dau of William Mere of Mere)
2. Gilbert Domville of Lymme (bur 02.12.1607)
  m1. Margaret Sneyde (dau of Sir William Sneyde of Bradwell, widow of either John Somerford or John Sandford of Sandford)
A. Edward Domville of Lymme (b 1577, bur 18.04.1639)
  m. (13.06.1596) Eleanor Leycester (bur 01.10.1660, dau of Lawrence Leycester of Chester, son of Sir Ralph of Toft)
  i. Richard Domville of Lymme (b c1600, bur 02.09.1667)
  Visitation (1663) shows Richard as married twice, firstly to Maria (mother of his children) then to Jane Meakin. Ormerod mentions only Jane, showing her as mother of his children, and names Richard "Richard Maria". It is possible that Ormerod (or his printer) showed the name Maria in the wrong place.
m. (21.09.1618) Jane Meakin (bur 02.03.1672-3, dau of John Meakin of Leigh)
  a. William Domville of Lymme (bpt 09.07.1629, bur 08.02.1657-8)
  m. Anne Gerard (bur 02.12.1699, dau of Thomas Gerard of Riddings, m2. ?? Leigh)
  (1) Edward Domville of Lymme (bpt 08.02.1648, d bur 24.10.1685)
  m. Esther Warburton (dau of Sir George Warburton of Arley)
  (A) Maria Domville (bpt 13.11.1669, bur 23.07.1670)
(2) William Domville of Lymme (bpt 15.08.1658, bur 04.06.1718)
  m. Susanna Whitehall (d 20.06.1731, dau (sb sister?) of John Whitehall of Broughton)
  (A)+ issue - John (bpt 10.03.1691, bur 07.04.1692), Elizabeth (bpt 28.01.1693, dsp)
  (3) Elinor Domville (bpt 29.04.1647, d 11.1684)
  m. John Halstead of Wigan (d 1683)
  (4) Anne Domville (bpt 19.03.1656, bur 28.05.1657)
  (5) Ursula Domville
  m. (22.07.1675) William Massey (son of Richard of Sale Hall by Barbara Gleave)
  b.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 08.12.1631, bur 30.12.1663), Elenor (bpt 25.12.1625), Marie (bur 23.06.1663)
  ii. Townshend Domville
  m1. (10.09.1637) Humphrey Kelsall of Chedle Heath (d 1640)
  m2. (26.11.1640) Thomas Gerard of Riddings
  iii. Elizabeth Domville
  m. John Cooke
  iv. Margaret Domville
  m1. Richard Hatton (rector of Lymme, son of Robert)
  m2. _ Bankes
  v. Eleanor Domville
  m. (16.04.1646) Charles Joanes (vicar of Bowdon)
  vi. Katherine Domville (bpt 23.11.1611)
  m. John Lambert
  vii. Anne Domville (bpt 25.06.1624)
m. (10.06.1649) Richard Warburton
  viii.+ other issue - Randle, John, Gilbert (dsp bur 13.08.1667), William (bpt 01.01.1612, dsp bur 28.09.1653, chaplain), Edward (bpt 11.02.1618), Peter (bpt 13.04.1620), James (bpt 11.05.1624), Susan (bpt 08.02.1613, bur 05.06.1614), Susan (bpt 05.05.1615, bur 10.01.1618), Mary (bpt 26.05.1616), Sarah (bpt 28.12.1617), Susan (d by 1679), Martha (bpt 01.01.1622-3)
  B. William Domville of Middleton, Lancashire (dsp by 1653)
  m. Mary (widow of _ Kenion)
  C. Alice Domville
D. Margaret Domville
  m. Thomas Cartwright
  E. Susan Domville
  m. (02.02.1644) George Legh of Barton
  m2. (14.05.1594) Anne Blundell (a 1607)
3. James Domville of Egerton (dsp bur 22.04.1586, 4th son)
  m. Jane Filkyn (dau of Peter Filkyn of Tattenhall)
4. William Domville of Lymme (bur 16.05.1624) the first given by BP1934
  m. Mary Mere (dau of John Mere of Mere)
  BIFR1976, which follows the line of Gilbert, shows their sons in the order Gilbert, John then William. BP1934, which follows the line of William, identifies him as 3rd son with Gilbert named as the eldest son. Provisionally, we follow the order given by Ormerod (who follows the line of William) because Ormerod provides the other children with their dates.
  A. William Domvile of Lymme (bpt 02.09.1585, bur 16.05.1654)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 22.03.1630)
  i. William Domvile (bpt 03.08.1613, d 1668, rector of Nately Scures & Shalden)
  a. Charles Domvile of London (b c1649, d 09.1704, 2nd son)
  m. Catherine
  (1) Charles Domville of London & St. Alban's (d 27.07.1733)
  m1. Anne Heath (dau of John Heath of London)
  (A) Charles Domville of St. Alban's (d 27.07.1775)
  m. Eleanor Carr (d 06.5.1775, dau of William Carr of St. Alban's, alderman)
  (i) Sir William Domville of St. Alban's, Lord Mayor of London, 1st Bart (b 26.12.1742, d 08.02.1833)
  m. (20.05.1769) Sally Finney (d 29.09.1793, dau of Archibald Finney)
  (a) Sir William Domville, 2nd Bart (b 22.03.1774, d 21.05.1860) had issue
  m. (15.09.1807) Maria Solly (d 27.01.1863, dau of Isaac Solly of Walthamstow)
  (b)+ other issue - son (dsp), Eleanor, Elizabeth, 3 daughters (dsp)
  (ii)+ other issue (d unm) - Charles (d 03.08.1794), Elizabeth (d 19.06.1798), others (d young)
  (B)+ other issue - John (dsp 1787), Mary (d unm 1729), others (d infant)
  Ormerod shows that Charles also married Sarah, dau of John Cole, archdeacon of St. Alban's. BP1934 identifies his 2nd wife as ...
  m2. Sarah (widow of John Cole, archdeacon of St. Alban's)
b.+ other issue (a 1657, dsp) - William, Edward
  ii. Mary Domville (bpt 13.01.1621)
  m. (1648) John Gleave
  iii.+ other issue - John (bpt 06.04.1618, dsp), Gilbert of Warrington (bpt 22.01.1623, a 1660, dsp), Edward (bpt 03.07.1625), James (bpt 05.09.1626, bur 28.12.1626), Peter (bpt 11.03.1627, dsp), Mary (bpt 08.08.1614, bur 30.01.1614-5), Jane (bpt 07.04.1616), Susanna (bpt 09.04.1620), Elenor (bpt 13.06.1630, bur 13.09.1630)
  B. Gilbert Domvile (d 22.10.1637, MP for Kildare)
m. Margaret Jones (d 03.07.1615, dau of Thomas Jones, Chancellor of Ireland, Archbishop of Dublin)
  i. Sir William Domvile of Dublin & Leighlinstown (b 1609, bur 14.07.1689, Attorney General for Ireland)
  Ormerod reports that Sir William was ancestor of Sir William of Laughlinstown, Bart, ("whose son William died s.p. in 1763") and of Sir Compton, Bart (dsp 1768). This is slightly confusing as he was father of the first (who was never created a baronet) and grandfather of the second. TCB (vol 4, Domvile) provides some support for the following.
m. Bridget Lake (dau of Sir Thomas Lake of Canons)
  a. Sir William Domvile of Leighlinstown (MP)
  m. Eleanor Eustace (dau of Sir Maurice Eustace)
  (1) William Domvile (dsp 1763)
  b. Sir Thomas Domvile of Templeogue (co. Dublin), 1st Bart (b c1650, d 15.04.1721)
  m1. Elizabeth Lake (dau of Sir Lancelot Lake of Canons, cousin)
  (1) Bridget Domvile (d 21.08.1750)
  m. (09.02.1702) Henry Barry, 3rd Baron Santry
  m2. Frances Cole (dsp, dau of Sir John Cole, 1st Bart, by Elizabeth, dau of Hon. John Chichester)
m3. Anne Compton (bur 08.01.1730, son of Sir Charles Compton (son of Spencer, 2nd Earl of Northampton) by Mary, dau of Sir Hattton Fermor of Easton Neston)
  (2) Sir Compton Domvile of Templeogue, 2nd Bart, Sheriff of co. Dublin (b c1685, d unm 13.03.1768)
  (3) Elizabeth Domvile
  m. (29.09.1722) Christopher Pocklington (Admiral, son of John by Elizabeth (sb Mary?) Hatton)
  Their son inherited Templegoue and assumed the name Domvile.
  C. Margaret Domvile probably of this generation
  m. William Bowen of Ballyadams (d 1686)
  D. Lucy Domvile possibly of this generation
  m. William Molyneux of Castle Dillon (b 1656, d 1698)
  E. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Robert Hartpole of Shrule Castle
  ii. Margaret Domvile
  m. Anthony Dopping (d 08.07.1649)
  C.+ other issue - John (bpt 08.06.1584, a 1625), Peter (bpt 09.05.1589, bur 19.10.1591), James (bpt 12.07.1590, bur 29.025.1594), Richard (bpt 08.07.1597, bur 29.08.1597), Ales (bpt 12.05.1587, bur 20.06.1587), Mary (bpt 12.02.1592, bur 22.09.1594), Margaret (bpt 01.01.1593), Anne (bpt 04.01.1596, bur 01.03.1596)
5. Isabel Domville
  m. Thomas Harper of Northwood
6.+ other issue - George, Peter, Elizabeth

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol I, 'Domville of Lymme'), BIFR1976 (Domvile), BP1934 (Domville) with some support from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Domvile of Limm), Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Domville of Lymme)
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