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Families covered: Dawson of Farlington, Dawson of Greystoke, Dawson of Heworth, Dawson of North Ferriby, Dawson of Osgodby

Walker starts with the following Archibald. We suggest that the early generations shown here should be viewed with some caution. The first of the family for whom we have any indication of dates is Bartram, 7 generations later. It is thought likely that, if he in fact existed, Archibald lived in the 1100s.
Archibald Dawson of Greystoke, Cumberland
m. _ Neville (dau of Thomas Neville of Hornby, "progenitor of The Nevilles, Earls of Salisbury and Warwick")
1. Thomas Dawson of Greystoke
  m. _ Clyburn (dau of John Clyburn)
  A. John Dawson
  m. John Wittington (dau of Henry Wittington)
  i. Symond Dawson of Greystoke
  m. Ursulla Menell (dau of Roger Menell)
  a. Leonard Dawson
  m. _ Talboys (dau of George Talboys of Durham)
  (1) Symond Dawson
  m. _ Wandesford (dau of Christopher Wandesford)
  (A) John Dawson
  m. Isabel Brought (dau of John Brought of Chatford)
(i) Bartram Dawson ("was with Edward, the Black Prince" who d 1376)
  m. _ Clare (dau of Edmund Clare)
  (a) Symond Dawson
  m. _ Dalstone (dau of Adam de Dalstone)
  ((1)) Sir Roger Dawson alias Dalstone
  m. _ Monford (dau of Sir Simon Monford)
((A)) Bartram Dawson, Lord Mayor of York (a 1511)
  m. _ Lewis of Mar
  ((i)) Richard Dawson - continued below
  m. Judith Conyers
  ((ii)) Symond Dawson
  m. Catherine Turner
  ((iii)) John Dawson
  m. _ Wood (dau of John Wood)
  ((iv)) Gilbert Dawson of Azerley (d 28.12.1587)
  m. Catherine Conyers (dau of John Conyers of Bolton)
  ((v)) Henry Dawson
  m. Mabel Atkinson
  ((vi))+ other issue - Roger, Hewon, Robert of Heworth, Ralph
  (b) Alexander Dawson (dsp)
  (c) Roger Dawson (dsp)
  m. _ Dacres (dau of Sir Thomas Dacres)
  (ii) Robert Dawson
  m. _ Bushe (dau of Myles Bushe)
  (iii) John Dawson (dsp)
  m. _ Lawson (dau of George Lawson)
  b. Richard Dawson
  m. Elizabeth Bendage (dau of John Bendage)
  c. John Dawson
m. Ann Harbottle (dau of Wiliam Harbottle)
  d. Edmund Dawson
  m. _ Chazer (dau of Jefferey Chazer)
  (1) Christopher Dawson
  m. _ Sleyn (dau of John Sleyn)
  ii. John Dawson
  m. _ Cramlington (dau of John Cramlington of Cramlington) # see here ##
  iii. Robert Dawson
  m. _ Mousoune (dau of John Mousoune)
  B. Robert Dawson (dsp)
  m. _ Lowther (dau of Stephen Lowther)
  C. Anthony Dawson (dsp)
  m. _ Grey (dau of John Grey)



Richard Dawson - continued above
m. Judith Conyers (dau of _ Conyers of Bowby (Yorkshire) & West Ham (Essex))
1. Richard Dawson of Heworth & Farlington (d before 26.01.1603)
  m. Marie Thwenge (bur 09.04.1604, dau of Thomas Thwenge of Heworth)
  Walker provides contradictory information on the next few generations. We show below what is given in the 'main' article on the family, being on 'Dawon of Heworth', but the article on 'Dawson of Farlington' starts with William Dawson (d 1661) who married Mary Agar Skelton in Stockton, apparently the William (dsp) we show as younger brother of the following Richard. We identify the main differences below. There appears to have been some confusion between different families.
  A. Richard Dawson of Heworth (d before 11.11.1653)
  m. (before 1623) Elizabeth Clapham (bur 31.03.1680, dau of George Clapham of Beamsley by Martha, dau of Thomas Heber of Marton)
i. William Dawson of Heworth & Farlington (bpt 26.09.1628, d 1681)
  Walker (Dawson of Heworth) reports that William inherited Farlington from his Uncle William. Walker (Dawson of Farlington) shows William as son of that William and married 3 times as follows: m1. _ Roper or Crowle by whom he had the George (below) who married Dorothy Heaton) plus Richard & John and Thomas (father of John); m2. Agnes (dau of Sir William Lowther) by whom he had William who married Catherine Maude.
  m. Elizabeth Gare (bur 15.04.1719, dau of Robert Gare of Great Barough by Frances, dau of Isaac Mountaine of Westow)
  a. William Dawson of Heworth, Farlington & North Ferriby (bpt 01.04.1662, d 1736)
  m1. (11.09.1684) Agnes Lowther (b c1658, bur 22.11.1704, dau of Sir William Lowther of Swillington by Jane, dau of William Busfeild of Leeds)
  (1) William Dawson of Heworth & Farlington (bpt 27.05.1685, bur 14.07.1740)
  m. (01.04.1715) Catherine Maude (d 1748)
  Walker (Dawson of Farlington) identifies Catherine as dau of John Maude by Mary Saville and shows their children as William (rector of Gilling, m. Mary Jackson), George, Jane (d unm), Martha (d unm), Judith (d unm) Catherine (m. _ Ward) and Agnes (m. _ Topham of Shaftesbury). Walker (Dawson of Heworth) shows ...
  (A) William Dawson of Farlington (d 25.01.1769, vicar (rector?) of Gilling)
  m. Mary Jackson (b 1719/20, d 27.01.1786, dau of John Jackson of Sutton Forest)
  (i) Major Dawson (a 1793, vicar of Farlington)
  m. Mary
  (a)+ issue - Major, Darcy (bpt 12.04.1758), William Luke (bpt 230.1.1777), Mary (bpt 13.07.1756), Mary (bpt 10.04.1759), Catherine (bpt 29.03.1775, bur 10.091.1793)
  (ii) John Dawson of York
  m. Susanna Bower (dau of Thomas Bower of Chester by Mary)
  (a)+ issue - Henry (bpt 30.08.1787), Robert (bpt 24.08.1789), Frances (bpt 02.05.1791)
  (iii) Richard Dawson of York
  m. Catherine Clubley (b 1753-4, bur 22.06.1791, dau of Francis Clubley of Beverley)
  (a)+ issue - Richard (bur 30.11.1782), 2 sons, Ann (bur 12.10.1728), 3 daughters
  (iv) Mary Dawson
  m. Robert Bower of Chester
  (a) William Bower (b 1784, bur 20.07.1787)
  (B) Mary Dawson (bpt 01.11.1715) not mentioned by 'Dawson of Farlington'
  (2) George Dawson of North Ferriby (bpt 13.03.1690, d 1740/1, Major)
  m. (07.1719) Dorothy Heaton (d before 19.05.1747, dau of John Heaton of Firby)
  Walker (Dawson of Farlington) shows their children as Roger in America, William of New York, George of New York, Lilliston, Dorothy (m. Captain _ Beo), Elizabeth )m. George Vannahof Putney), Mary (m. _ Lilliston). Walker (Dawson of Heworth) shows them as ...
  (A) George Dawson of Osgodby, Governor of Masulipatam (d 25.04.1812)
  m1. Isabella Charlton (dau of Francis Charlton of Apley Castle)
  (i) George Dawson of Osgodby (b c1763, d 1832, Major)
  m. Elmira Reeves (d 12.1843, dau of John Reeves of Arborfield House by Dorothy, dau of Charles Gore of Hockstow)
  (a) George Pelsant Dawson of Osgodby (a 1850) had issue
  m. Susan Jane Dodd (dau of Henry Dodd of Burnham)
  (b) Mira Dawson
  m. William Mallett (Captain)
(c) Isabella Charlton Dawson
  m. Rev. Henry Cary
  (ii) Charlton Dawson (d unm)
  m2. (sp) Catherine Gore (d 15.05.1807, dau of Christopher Gore of Hockstow)
  (B) Jane Dawson
  m. _ Bellingham (Colonel)
  (C) Dorothy Dawson
  m. Stephen Rious (Colonel)
  (D)+ other issue - Roger (d in Amercia), Lillingstone (d infant), Lillingstone (d young), William (a 1738)
  (3) Elizabeth Dawson (bur 1728)
  m. (1716) Lillingstone Lillingstone of Ferriby Grange (bur 05.1747)
  (4)+ other issue - Richard (d 06.12.1688), Henry (bpt 1699, Rev.), Thomas (d 1742), John (bur 14.05.1769), Roger (d infant)
  m2. Jane Upton (bur 01.06.1746)
  b. Frances Dawson (bpt 1668, bur 08.10.1743)
  m. (1695) John Field of Hull (bur 1730)
  c. Martha Dawson (bpt 1670, d by 1750)
  m. Henry Johnstone of York (d by 1743)
  d. Anne Dawson (bpt 1674)
  m. (1700) John Hilary
  e.+ other issue - Henry (d infant), Theodosia (a 1690), Catherine (a 1690), Mary (a 1690)
  ii. Martha Dawson (bpt 29.07.1629, d 14.07.1713)
  m. Adam Baynes (d 1670, MP for Leeds)
  iii. Mary Dawson (bpt 06.09.1637, d 1690/1)
  m. (23.05.1661) Henry Jacques (bpt 23.12.1628, bur 16.12.1688, son of Sir Roger)
  iv.+ other issue - James (bpt 20.06.1632), Elizabeth (bpt 09.09.1625, bur 29.07.1627)
  B. William Dawson of Farlington (bpt 08.06.1589, dsp 1660)
  m. (1627) Mary Agar of Stockton (bur 20.11.1670)
  m. (1627) Mary Agar of Stockton (bur 20.11.1670)
  ii. Martha Dawson (bpt 29.07.1629, d 14.07.1713)
  m. Adam Baynes (d 1670, MP for Leeds)
  C.+ other issue - John (bur 10.05.1595) , John (bpt 08.10.1599, bur 26.05.1620), Edith (bpt 24.02.1581, bur 20.11.1603), Frances (bpt 09.10.1586, bur 23.06.1587), Edith (a 1602)
2. Anne Dawson
  m. Henry Tancred (son of Ralph of Tancred)
3. Edith Dawson
  m. (1562) William Newby

Main source(s): Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Dawson of Heworth, co. York)
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