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Families covered: Crichton of Dumfries, Crichton of Kirkpatrick, Crichton of Ryhill, Crichton of Sanquhar
[Note amended 16.01.19. In August 2017 we started reviewing this page using (inter alia) Debrett's Peerage (vol 2 (Scotland) 1790, 'Earl of Dumfries') which offers various contradictions with below, although we will probably continue to view TSP as a more reliable source. The review, which led to the extraction of information on the line of Cluny which is now within Draft page Cricton06, appears to have not been finished. We shall complete it in due course.]

This family's ancestry is subject to conflicting evidence. The family is now represented by the Marquess of Bute whose entry in BP1934 not only misses out some of the generations reported by TSP (Dumfries) but also gives a different line of descent for the later generations. We follow TSP but also report what is given in BP1934. The book on the Crichtons of Sanquhar that is mentioned below as a Source avoids the relevant issues but is broadly supportive of what is reported by TSP.
William de Crichton, 1st of Sanquhar
m. Isobel de Ross, heiress of Sanquhar (dau of Robert de Ross of Ryehill)
Assumed to be the parents or grandparents of ...
1. Edward Crichton of Sanquhar (a 1412)
  Assumed to be the father or grandfather of ...
A. Sir Robert Crichton of Sanquhar, Sheriff of Dumfries (d by 1479)
  m. Elizabeth
  i. Robert Crichton, 1st Lord of Sanquhar (d 1502)
  m1. Margaret Hay
  m2. (by 1457) Christian Erskine (dau of Sir William Erskine of Kinnoull)
  a. Robert Crichton of Riccarton and Kinnoull, younger of Sanquhar (dvp before 02.1491-2)
This Robert is not recorded by BP1934 which shows Marion Stewart as wife of the 1st Lord and mother of the 2nd Lord. We follow TSP not least because that work makes several references to the marriages of Christian Erskine, implying that it was not a simple mistake.
  m. (mcrt 08.05.1472) Marion Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Lennox)
  (1) Sir Robert Crichton, 2nd Lord of Sanquhar (d 1513, possibly at Flodden)
  This Robert is not recorded by BP1934 which shows his son Robert (TSP's 3rd Lord) as the 2nd Lord.
  m. (c1491) Marion Maxwell (d before 10.07.1527)
  (A) Robert Crichton, 3rd Lord of Sanquhar (d before 16.10.1520)
  m. Elizabeth Murray (dau of Cuthbert Murray of Cockpool)
  (i) Robert Crichton, 4th Lord of Sanquhar (dsp before 07.01.1535-6 under age)
  This Robert is not recorded by BP1934 which shows William (TSP's 5th Lord) as the 3rd Lord.
  m. Elizabeth Campbell (dau of Sir John Campbell of West Loudoun)
(ii) William Crichton, 5th Lord of Sanquhar (d 11.06.1550)
  m. (before 24.03.1540-1) Elizabeth Fleming (dau of Malcolm Fleming, 3rd Lord)
  (a) Robert Crichton, 6th Lord of Sanquhar (dsp 1561, 2nd son)
  m. Margaret Cunningham (dau of John Cunningham of Caprington)
  (b) Edward Crichton, 7th Lord of Sanquhar (d 23.05.1569)
m. (mcrt 04.06.1561) Margaret Douglas (dau of Sir James Douglas of Drumlanrig)
  ((1)) Robert Crichton, 8th Lord of Sanquhar (d 29.06.1612)
  m. (16.04.1608) Mary Fermor (dau of Sir George Fermor of Easton)
  partner unknown
  ((A)) William Crichton 'Lord Crichton'
  ((2)) Margaret Crichton (d unm 02.1595-6)
(c) William Crichton (d before31.07.1590, 5th son)
  m. Catherine Carmichael
  ((1)) William Crichton of Darnhaunch, 9th Lord of Sanquhar, 1st Earl of Dumfries (d 1642-3)
  The following is supported by 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p357+).
  m1. Euphemia Seton (dau of James Seton of Touch)
  ((A)) William Crichton, 2nd Earl of Dumfries (d 1691)
  m. (29.08.1618) Penelope Swift (dau of Sir Robert Swift of Rotherham)
  ((i)) Robert, Lord Crichton (bpt 19.12.1641, d young)
((ii)) Charles, Lord Crichton (dvp before 11.03.1690)
  m. (c1679) Sarah Dalrymple (bpt 19.11.1654, dau of James Dalrymple, 1st Viscount Stair)
  ((a)) William Crichton, 3rd Earl of Dumfries (d unm 28.02.1694)
  ((b)) Penelope Crichton, Countess of Dumfries (d 06.03.1742)
  m. (26.02.1698) William Dalrymple of Glenmure (bpt 11.10.1678, d 30.11/03.12.1744, Colonel)
  The Earldom of Dumfries passed into the Dalrymple family.
((c))+ other issue - Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth (b c1691, d unm bur 17.11.1742)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Crichton
  m. (01.1658) Alexander Seton Montgomerie, 8th Earl of Eglinton (d 1701)
  ((i))+ other issue (d unm) - Penelope, Mary (bpt 15.12.1644)
  ((B)) James Crichton of St. Leonards, Sheriff of Dumfries (d before 02.12.1669)
  ((i))+ issue - John (d c1673), David, James
  ((C)) John Crichton (Colonel)
  ((D)) Mary Crichton (d 24.08.1674)
  m. (08.1618) Barnham (not Edward) Swift, Viscount Carlingford (d 28.01.1634)
  ((E)) Catherine Crichton
  m. (c1634) Sir John Charteris of Amisfield
  m2. (before 16.07.1630) Ursula Barnham (d 28.05.1632, dau of Stephen Barnham)
  ((2)) James Crichton of Abercrombie (d before 02.1654)
  ((A)) James Crichton of Castlemains (a 1677)
  m. Mary Douglas
  ((B)) William Crichton (d 1652)
  ((C)) Helen Crichton
  m. William Crichton
  ((D)) daughter
m. David Macbrair
  ((3)) Robert Crichton of Ryhill (d 11.1641)
  m. (mcrt 21.05.1621) Agnes Macbrair (dau of Rober Macbrair of Almagill)
  ((A)) Sir Robert Murray (Crichton) of Glenmure and Castle Murray
  m. (mcrt 26.06.1642) Margaret Drummond (dau of John Drummond, 2nd Lord Maderty)
  ((i)) Jean Crichton or Murray
  m. George Stirling of Auchyll (d 12.1706)
  ((ii)) Anna Crichton or Murray
  m. Lord James Murray of Dowally (b 08.05.1663, d 29.12.1719)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Crichton probably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. John Irving of Friars Carse, Provost of Dumfries (d 1674)
((C))+ other issue - James, William, John, Margaret, John, Margaret, Catherine, Isobel
  (d)+ other issue - John (a 07.1549, dvp), Andrew (d before 29.07.1612), James (d before 15.03.1581-2), Elizabeth, Margaret
  (iii) John Crichton of Ryhill (d before 03.1581)
  TSP shows just one wife for John, that being Christian Dalzell. BP1934 shows two marriages and identifies just a son by the first marriage (to Mary Carmichael), William who inherited the title of Lord Crichton of Sanquhar and later became 1st Earl of Dumfries. We follow TSP in showing a different ancestry for the 1st Earl (see above).
  m1. Mary Carmichael (dau of Sir John Carmichael of Crawford)
  m2. (1556) Christian Dalzell (dau of Robert Dalzell of that ilk)
  (a) Robert Crichton of Ryhill (d before 09.04.1612)
This Robert is reported by TSP to have sold Ryhill to William Crichton of Darnhaunch who later became 1st Earl of Dumfries (and is presumed to have passed Ryhill to his younger brother Robert). This may have been the source of the confusion that led BP1934 (Bute) to identify a Crichton of Ryhill as being the 1st Earl.
m. Katherine Crawford
  ((1)) Robert Crichton (a 01.1588)
  (iv) Herbert Crichton (a 1550)
  (v) David Crichton possibly fits here
  partner unknown
  (vi) William Crichton
  (B) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. (c1508) Thomas Fergusson, 6th of Craigdarroch (d c1563)
(C) Margaret Crichton possibly of this generation
  m. William Johnstone of Graitney (Gretna) & Newby
  (2) daughter
  m. Sir James Dunbar of Blackcraig
  TSP (Dumfries) also notes the following as possibly being daughters of Robert, younger of Sanquhar.
  (3) Mariota Crichton
  m. Malcolm Crawford of Kilbirnie
  (4) Margaret Crichton (d before 1503)
  m. (before 03.05.1503) Alexander Hume of Polwarth (d before 28.11.1532)
  Not mentioned by TSP but probably of this generation was ...
(5) Agnes Crichton
  m. George Sinclair, younger of Roslin (dvp)
  b. Patrick Crichton of Cranstoun Riddell
  Patrick is shown by some web sites as of this family of this generation. We show him elsewhere. ## see here ##
  ii. Alexander Crichton, 1st of Crawfordstoun (a 1467) had issue
  iii. Edward Crichton of Kirkpatrick (6th son)
  a. Robert Crichton of Kirkpatrick
(1) Robert Crichton of Kirkpatrick (d by 13.12.1512)
  (A) John Crichton of Kirkpatrick
  (B) Margaret Crichton --
  m. (c1520) Sir James Gordon of Lochinvar (d Pinkie 10.09.1547) --
  iv. Elizabeth Crichton (a 1539) --
  m. (before 07.06.1482) Sir William Douglas, 4th of Drumlanrig (d Kirtle 22.07.1484) --
  v. Christian Crichton (d 1477/8) --
  m1. (before 1451) Sir Robert Colville of Oxnam and Ochiltree (d before 10.1466) --
  m2. (before 10.1466) Alexander Erskine, 3rd Lord (d before 10.05.1509) --
  vi. Margaret Crichton --
  m. (before 07.1459) Sir David Herries of Terregles (b after 1433, a 08.1495) --
  vii.+ other sons - Laurence (a 1467), Thomas (a 1467), Patrick (a 1467), George (a 1463)
2. Humphrey Crichton of Bagthrop

Main source(s):
(1) TSP (Dumfries), BP1934 (Bute)
(2) a few pages from "Sanquhar and the Crichtons" by Douglas Crichton (printed in Dumfries in 1907), copied probably before 2000 (i.e. before work was started on this database when PCBG was looking only at his own family)
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