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Families covered: Colvile of Carleton Colvile, Colvile of Newton Colvile
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Possibly connected to the family of the Colviles of Bytham Castle was the following Robert though the coat of arms attributed to him by BLG1952 (argent, a cross fleuri gules) is very different to the arms of that family. Note that we have a temporary section on the Colviles of Newtown, co. Down, who were probably descended from the family below in a way presently unknown.
Robert de Colvyl (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
1. Gilbert de Colvile (a 1154)
  A. Sir Robert Colvyle (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  i. Sir Henry Colvyle, Sheriff of Cambidgeshire & Huntingdonshire (a 1236, 1286 (?))
  m. Emma
a. Robert de Colvlye
  m. Helen
  (1) Sir Robert de Colvile of Carleton Colvile (Suffolk), Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk (a 1266, 1280)
  m. Galiena Walpole (dau of Sir John de Walpole of Houghton)
  (A) Sir Roger de Colvile of Carleton Colvile & Newton
  m. (c1240) Desiderata de Marisco (dau of Jeffrey de Marisco or Marsh, son of Sir Stephen of Newton)
(i) Sir Geoffrey de Colvile (d 1317)
  m. (1300) Margaret Talmadge or Tollemache of Walsoken (dau of Sir William Tollemache of Bentley)
  (a) Sir John de Colvile (d 01.1361)
  m. Sibilla de Weston (dau of William de Weston of Thorpe, widow of Adam de Marisco)
  ((1)) Sir John Colvile (b 1342, d 1394)
  m. (1361) Alice de L'Isle (dau of Sir John de L'Isle or (de Insula) of Kent by Millicent Bardolf)
  ((A)) Sir John Colvile, Governor of Wisbeach Castle (b 1366, d 1446)
  m. (1406) Emma Wythe (dau of Sir John Wythe of Smallburgh by Sibyl, dau of Sir Edmund de St. Omer)
  ((i)) Sir John Colvile, Sheriff of Cambidgeshire & Huntingdonshire (d 1488-9) - continued below
  m. Anne Ingles (dau of Sir Henry Ingles of Dilham)
  ((2)) Sir William Colvile
  m. Joan St. Quentin (sister of John St. Quentin, widow of John Engayne)
  b. Sir Philip Colvyle



Sir John Colvile, Sheriff of Cambidgeshire & Huntingdonshire (d 1488-9) - continued above
m. Anne Ingles (dau of Sir Henry Ingles of Dilham, she m2. Sir Robert Brandon of Brandon)
1. Francis Colvile of Newton Colvile, Isle of Ely (d 1494)
  m. Catherine or Jane Townsend (d 1465, dau of John Townsend of Rainham by Joan, dau of Sir Robert Lunsford of Romford)
2. Robert Colvile (prior of Ely)
3. Richard Colvile of Newton Colvile (d 1525)
  m. Eleanora Hevingham (dau of Sir John Hevingham of Ketteringham Hall by Alice, dau of Sir Ralph Shelton, younger of Shelton)
  A. Jeffrey Colvile of Newton Colvile (b 1514, d 1575)
  m. (1535) Katherine Hinde (dau of Sir John Hinde of Madingby (Madingley) Hall by Eleanor, dau of Sir John Heydon of Beaconsthorp)
  i. John Colvile of Newton Colvile
  m. Anne Pinchbeck (dau of Nicholas Pinchbeck of Pinchbeck by Dorothy, dau of Sir John Harrington)
a. Richard Colvile of Newton Colvile (d 1602)
  m. Mary Barnardiston (dau of Sir Thomas Barnardiston of Ketton)
  (1) Sir Thomas Colvile of Newton Colvile (b 1585, dsp 17.10.1611)
  m. Alice Spencer (dau of Sir William Spencer of Yarnton)
  (2) Richard Colvile of Newton Colvile, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire (b 1588, d 1650)
  m. (1613) Sarah Lawrence (sister (not dau) of Sir John Lawrence, Bart of Iver)
  (A) William Colvile of Newton Colvile (b 1619, d 1692, 2nd son)
  m. (1653) Anne Stone (dau of Sir Richard Stone of Stukesley, widow of Anthony Goldsborough)
  (i)+ 3 daughters
  (B) Jeffrey Colvile of Newton Colvile (d 1699, younger son)
  m. Mary Peak (dau of John Peak of Walsoken)
  (i) Richard Colvile of Newton Colvile (b 1661, d 1723)
  m. (1705) Frances Carter (dau of Thomas Carter of York)
  (ii) ?? Colvile
  (a) Robert Colvile of Newton Colvile, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire (d 1778)
  m1. Anne Whiting (dau of William Whiting of Swineshead)
  m2. Jane Waite (dau of David Waite of Wisbeach)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  ((1)) Richard Colvile of Newton Colvile (b 1732, d 1784)
  m. Elizabeth Acton (dau of Nathaniel Acton of Bramford Hall by Elizabeth, dau of John Fowle of Brome Hall)
((A)) Robert Colvile of Hemmington Hall, last of Newton (b 03.09.1763, d 24.09.1799)
  m. Amelia Asgill (dau of Sir Charles Asgill, 1st Bart of London)
  ((i)) Sir Charles Henry Colvile of Duffield Hall, Sheriff (b 1759, d 28.09.1833) had issue
  m. (1813) Harriet Anne Bonell (d 14.12.1835, dau of Thomas Porter Bonell by Anne, dau of Joseph Bradshawe of Barton Hall)
  ((ii)) Frederick Charles Acton Colvile of Barton House (b 04.12.1792, d 02.02.1872) had issue
  m. (02.07.1817) Mary Leigh (d 06.06.1871, sister of Chandos Leigh, 1st Lord of Stoneleigh)
  ((iii)) Augustus Asgill Colvile (b 24.04.1794, d 27.06.1865, rector of Great & Little Livermere) had issue
  m1. (09.11.1830) Maria Broderip (d 15.01.1835, dau of Edmond Broderip of Bath)
  m2. (10.08.1839) Mary Ann Hemings (d 28.06.1882, dau of A. Hemings)
  ((iv)) Henry Robert Colvile of Kempsey House (b 1795, dsp 01.11.1875, General)
m. (1836) Julia Leigh (d 21.01.1871, dau of James Henry Leigh of Stoneleigh Abbey, sister of Chandos Leigh, 1st Lord)
  ((B)) Nathaniel Colvile (rector of Lowshall)
  The following comes from BLG1886 (Colvile of Lullington).
  m. (13.09.1794) Amy Letitia Purvis (dau of Rev. Thomas Purvis of Melton)
  ((i)) Nathaniel Colvile
  m. Emma Metcalfe (d 14.02.1840, dau of Christopher Barton Metcalfe of West Ham & Hawstead)
  ((ii)) William Colvile of Baylham
m. Margaret Augusta (sb Louisa Marianne Susan Frances?) Kelso (dau of Gen. (Robert) Kelso, son of John of Dankeith)
  ((iii)) Fanny Colvile
  ((iv)) Amy Laetitia Colvile
  m. (11.09.1820) Barrington Purvis (Captain)
  (C) John Colvile of London
  m. (1658) Dorothea Juxon (dvpsp? dau of the Bishop of London)
  (D)+ other issue - John (d young), Richard, Thomas, Nathaniel, Sara, others
  (3) Mary Colvile
  m. Sydrake Vandernott ("a dutchman")
  (4) Anne Colvile
  (5) Eleanor Colvile possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Guybon of Lynn

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Colvile of Lullington) with a (very) little support from Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, Colvile)
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