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Families covered: Cleburne of Ballycullatan Castle, Cleburne of Bunadubber, Cleburne of Cliburn, Cleburne of Killerby

(1) The many branches of this family spell their name in various ways, including Claybourne and Claiborn.
(2) We have found conflicting information about the origins of the family. The pedigrees settle down by the John Cleburne who married a Curwen or Culwen, whose descendants we show in the lowest section. Above that we show three alternative ancestries for that John, starting with that offered by OHart (vol 2, p105+).
Alan FitzHervey of Cliburn or Cleburne
1. Hervey FitzAlan of Cliburn
  A. Geoffrey FitzHervey of Cliburn
  i. Sir Robert de Cleburne of Cliburn (a 1384)
  m. Margaret de Cundale (dau of Henry de Cundale and Kyne)
  a. John de Cleburne (dvp)
  m. Margaret (who m2. John de Wathecoppe of Warcupp)
  (1) Roland de Cleburne of Cliburn (d by 1422)
  (2) John de Cleburne of Cliburn
  (A) Rowland de Cleburne of Cliburn (a 1453)
  (i) John Cleburne of Cliburn (d 08.08.1489) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Curwen (dau of Sir Thomas Curwen of Workington)
  B. Nicholas FitzHervey, Sheriff of Westmorland (a 1300)
2. Idonea de Cleburne
  m. Walter Tankard (son of William, steward of Knaresborough)
  A. George Tankard (dsp)



The contributor (PC, 23/28.09.06) who kindly drew our attention to John O'Hart's work on this family has offered a different pedigree for the earliest generations, reporting that it is as determined by 'The National Society of the Claiborne Family Descendants' (www.claibornesociey.org).
Adam le Frances ('the Frenchman') (a 1200)
1. Hugh le Franceys
  A. Robert le Franceys of Cliburn (a 1259)
  m. (1235) Elizabeth de Taillebois, heiress of Cliburn
  i. John le Franceys of Cliburn (a 1307)
  a. Robert le Franceys of Cliburn (a 1332)
  m. Alice de Quitlaw (dau of Adam de Quitlaw)
  (1) John le Franceys of Cliburn
  m. (c1317) Beatrice le Boteler (dau of Robert le Boteler of Newby)
  (A) Robert le Franceys of Cliburn
  (i) John le Franceys of Cliburn
m. Margaret de Bolton
  (a) Robert de Cliburn
  m. Margaret de Cundale
  ((1)) John de Cleburne
  m. Margaret ## see here ##, duplication just below?
  ((A)) Roland de Cleburne (b c1370, d c1400)
  ((B)) John de Cleburne (b c1375, d c1440)
  m. Margaret de Salkeld ## see here ##, duplication just above?
  ((i)) Roland Cleburne (d 1470)
  m. Katherine Lancaster of Howgill Castle
  ((a)) John Cleburne of Cliburn (d 1489) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Curwen



FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Cleburne of Cliburn, co. Westmorland', p39+) provides the following:
Leonard Cleburne of Cliburn
1. John Cleburne of Cliburn
  m. _ Ratcliffe (dau of Sir John Ratcliffe of Ardsall)
  A. Thomas Cleburne
  m. _ Vivoynt (dau of Sir John Vivoynt)
  i. John Cleburne of Cliburn
  m. _ Mawlam (dau of Richard Mawlam of Craven)
  a. Galfrid Cleburne of Cliburn
  m. _ Horton (dau of _ Horton of Horton town)
  (1) Gilbert Cleburne
  m. _ Barkworth (dau of Hammon Barkworth)
  (A) Edward Cleburne of Cliburn
  m. _ Chance (dau of Robert Chance)
  (i) Thomas Cleburne of Cliburn
  m. _ Mauley (dau of Sir Peter Mauley)
  (a) John Cleburne
  m. _ Lowther (dau of Sir John Lowther)
  ((1)) Thomas Cleburne
  m. _ Clifford (dau of Sir Hammond Clifford)
  ((A)) Thomas Cleburne
  m. Cassandra Triffald (dau of Alexander Triffald)
  ((i)) John Cleburne of Cliburn - continued below
  m. _ Kulwen (dau of Sir Christopher Kulwen)
  ((B)) Rowland Cleburne
  ((2))+ other issue - Robert, Richard
  (ii)+ other issue - Gillian, Grace



John Cleburne of Cliburn (d 08.08.1489) - three alternative ancestries provided above
m. Elizabeth Curwen (dau of Sir Thomas or Christopher Curwen of Workington)
1. Thomas Cleburne of Cliburn Hall (b 1467)
  m(1). Jane Sanforth (dau of Thomas Sanforth or Sandford)
  A. Robert Cleburne of Cliburn and Killerby (a 1543)
  m. Emma Kirkbride (a 1482, dau of George Kirkbride or Kirkebride of Kirkbride)
  i. Edmund Cleburne
  m. Ann Layton (dau of William Layton of Dalmaine or Dalemaine)
a. Richard Cleburne of Cliburn and Killerby
  m1. _ Pickering (dsp, dau of James Pickering, son of Sir Richard)
  m2. _ Warkupp (dsp, dau of John Warkupp of Smardell)
  m3. Eleanor Lancaster (dau of Lancelot Lancaster of Westmorland)
  (1) Edmund Cleburne of Cliburn and Killerby
  m. (01.09.1576) Grace Bellingham (b 1558, d 1594, dau of Sir Alan Bellingham of Helsington and Levins)
  (A) Thomas Cleburne of Cliburn and Killerby (b 1580, d 16.02.1640)
  m. (10.03.1594) Frances Lowther (b 15.08.1578, dau of Sir Richard Lowther)
  (i) Edmund Cleburne of Cliburn and Killerby (b 1605)
  m. (c1625-6) Elizabeth Hutton (dau of Sir Timothy Hutton of Marske)
  (a) Timothy Cleburne, last of Cliburn (dsp)
  m. Mary Talbot (dau of Colonel John Talbot of Thornton-le-Street)
  (b) Matthew Cleburne (b 16.08.1637, d before 14.03.1673, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth
  (c) Elizabeth Cleburne (b 24.06.1630)
  m. Rev. Richard Foster of York
  (e)+ other issue - Thomas of Hayleighton (b 12.01.1632), Barbara (b 28.01.1628, d 02.08.1629), Anne
  (ii) William ('Wise William') Cleburne of St. John, Enniscorthy, later of Ballycullatan or Ballyculatan Castle (d 1682, to Ireland, 3rd son)
  m. (c1640) Bridget Warde of Kilkenny
  (a) William Cleburne of Ballycullatan Castle (b 14.09.1642, d 22.10.1684)
  m. Elizabeth Cambie of Annagh Castle
  ((1)) Elizabeth Cleburne (b 22.05.1682, d 04.06.1682)
  (b) Richard Cleburne of Bunadubber
  ((1)) William Cleburne of Ballycullatan Castle
  m. (1744) Grace Perry (dau of _ Perry of Woodroofe)
  ((A)) John Cleburne of Ballycullatan Castle
  m. Grace Palmer (dau of Harry Palmer)
  ((i)) Grace Cleburne
  m. Francis Palmer
  ((ii)) Eliza Cleburne
  m. John Palmer
  ((a)) Thomas Palmer
  m. _ Harding
  ((b)) Hannah Palmer
  m. William Minnett
  ((B)) Richard Cleburne of Bunadubber (3rd son)
  m. Rebecca Kingsley
  ((i)) Sam Cleburne of Rye (dsp)
  m. Mary Kingsley
  ((ii)) Ellen Cleburne
  m. Sobiesky Kildall
  ((iii)) Anne Cleburne
  m. Christopher Autisell
  ((iv)) Temperance Cleburne
  m. James Kildall
  ((v)) Rebecca Cleburne
  m. _ Higginbottom
  ((vi)) Eliza Cleburne
  m. Zach. Ledger
  ((vii)) Grace Cleburne (d unm)
  ((C)) Edward Cleburne of Springmount and Derrinsalla (b c1720, d 1819)
  m. Ellen Palmer (dau of _ Palmer of Derrinsalla)
  ((i)) William Cleburne of Rock Cottage and Annahanarig (2nd son)
  m1. Ellen Kingsley
  ((a)) child (d young)
  m2. Phoebe Sharpe (cousin of Admiral Scott)
  ((b)) Joseph Cleburne of The Grange (b 04.07.1792) had issue
  m1. Mary Ann Ronanyne (dau of Patrick Ronayne of Annebrook)
  m2. Isabella Stuart (b 04.12.1793, d 1883)
  ((c)) Christopher Cleburne (b 04.12.1793, d 11.11.1848) had issue
  m. Jane Reily (b, d 03.01.1862, dau of John Reily, niece of Major James Sweeny)
  ((c))+ other issue - William (b 03.08.1798, d 26.03.1799), Phoebe (b 19.01.1796, d 06.12.1880), Margaret (b 31.10.1799, d 21.01.1884), Eleanor (b 04.09.1802, d 28.11.1881)
  ((ii)) Micajah Cleburne
  m. Sarah Carrol
  ((a)) Richard Cleburne of Hobarton (3rd son) had issue
  m1. Mary McGill
  m2. Harriet Beauvais
  ((b)) Sarah Cleburne (dsp 1873)
  m. Pym Nevins
  ((c))+ other issue (d unm) - Robert, Edward
  ((iii)) Samuel Cleburne
  m. Anne Tydd (niece of Sir John Tydd of Lamberton)
  ((a)) Samuel Cleburne of Springmount (dsps)
  m. Hannah Minnity
  ((b)) Edward Cleburne of Homeville had issue
  m. Margaret Gibson
  ((c)) Jane Cleburne
  m. F. Woodward
  ((d)) Eliza Cleburne
  m. William Gibson
  ((e))+ other issue - Sam (d infant), Anna (d unm), Catherine (d infant), Ellen (d infant), Hessy (d infant)
  ((iv)) Robert Cleburne (dsp, 6th son)
  m. Eliza Phillips
  ((v)) Ann Cleburne
  m. Robert Turner
  ((vi)) Mary Cleburne
  m. Robert Gibson
  ((vii))+ other issue (d unm) - Joseph, Edward, Ellen, Jane, Catharine, Hetty
  ((D)) Catharine Cleburne
  m. _ Carden of Templemore
  ((E)) Ellen Cleburne
  m. _ Perry of Woodroofe
  ((F))+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, Rebecca
  ((2)) daughter
  m. _ Cuthbert of Cork
((3)) daughter
  m. _ Warren of Warren's Court
  ((4)) Rebecca Cleburne
  m. Frank ('Fireball') Sadleir of Bellevue
  (c) Mary Cleburne
  m. Richard Allen
  (iii) Frances Cleburne
  m. _ Whitfield of Coulton
(iv) Grace Cleburne
  m. James Lelsie, 2nd Lord Lindores (d 20.07.1667)
  (v) Ann Cleburne
  m. William Bennett
  (vi)+ other issue - Richard, Mary (d 1612)
  (B) William Cleburne
  O'Hart identifies William as Secretary of State of Virginia 1626-31 but a contributor (PC, 28.09.06) has advised us that research by descendants of Secretary William Cleburne (bpt 10.08.1600) has shown that that William's parents were Thomas Cleyburne (from King's Lynn, Norfolk) & Sarah Smith and that this William (b 1587) was a cleric who stayed in England.
  (C)+ other issue - Robert, Agnes, Dorothy
  (2) Agnes Cleburne (b 06.05.1571)
  m. Humphry Wharton of Gilling (d 1635)
(3) Ellen or Eleanor Cleburne
  m. William Narvic
  (4) Barbara Cleburne
  m. Thomas Banks of Whixley
  (5)+ other issue - Gerard (b 15.02.1566), Agnes (b 04.07.1570, d infant?), Jane (b 14.10.1568), Ann, Emma
  b. Thomas Cleburne of Hay Close
  m. (25.09.1594) Elizabeth Thwaites
  c. Elizabeth Cleburne
  m. John Thwaite of Marston
  d.+ other issue - John, William (vicar of Nidd)
  ii. Elizabeth Cleburne
  m. Richard Kirkbride of Ellerton
  iii.+ other issue - James, Mabel
  B.+ other issue - Hugh, Anthony, Marmaduke, Lancelot

Main source(s):
(1) Sections 1 to 3 : as identified above
(2) Lowest section : OHart (vol 2, p107+) with some support from Hunter's FMG (Continuation - Cleburne of Cliburn, co. Westmorland) and information provided by a contributor (PC, 23/28.09.06)
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