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Families covered: Bastard of Efford, Bastard of Gerston, Bastard of Kitley

Vivian (Devon) identifies the arms of the following family as "Or, a chevron Az. charged with a martlet of the first". These are very different to the arms shown for the family on Bastard02 which appears to have originated in Norfolk.
Robert le Bastard of Efford, etc. in Devon (a 1086) possibly father of ...
1. William le Bastard of Efford possibly father of ...
  A. Richard le Bastard possibly father of ...
  i. Sir Nicholas Bastard of Efford (a 1242) possibly father of ...
  a. Sir Richard Bastard of Efford (a 1265) possibly father of ...
  (1) Sir Baldwin Bastard of Efford (a 1272, 1314) possibly ancestor of ...
  (A) Thomas Bastard or Basterd
  m. _ Ley (dau/heir of Thomas at Ley of Devon)
  (i) John Bastard (d before 27.06.1560)
m. _ Chubbe (dau of _ Chubbe of Addeston)
  (a) John Bastard (bur 27.09.1589)
  m. Thomazine Gilbert (bur 09.07.1589, dau of Geffrey Gilbert)
  ((1)) William Bastard (dsp 10.03.1638-9, recorder of Totnes & Portsmouth, MP, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 27.04.1614)
((2)) Joseph Bastard 'of Westmarker' of Dulo, Cornwall (d 1633)
  m. Anne Killyow (dau/heir of John Killyow of Dulo)
  ((A)) John Bastard (b c1590, bur 12.06.1634) - continued below
  m. (c08.1611) Alice Reynell (bur 30.10.1635, dau of Edward Reynell of Malston)
  ((B)) Dorothy Bastard
  m. James Marke of Liskeard
  ((C)) Anne Bastard
  m. Richard Ley alias Kempthorne of Merther
  ((D)) Dorothy Bastard
  m. James Marke of Liscard
  ((E))+ other issue - William, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, Thomasine
  ((3))+ other issue - John (dsp), Richard



John Bastard 'of Gerston' (b c1590, bur 12.06.1634) - continued above
m. (c08.1611) Alice Reynell (bur 30.10.1635, dau of Edward Reynell of Malston)
1. William Bastard (bpt 16.11.1616, bur 25.02.1663-4, 2nd son)
m. (21.04.1635) Johanna Hele (dau of Sampson Hele of Gnaton)
  A. Sir William Bastard of Gerston (bur 02.07.1690, MP)
  Vivian identifies William's wife as Grace Coplestone but HoP ('William Bastard") identifies her as ...
  m. Grace Bamfield (dau of Sir John Bamfield of Politmore, 1st Bart (by Gertrude Coplestone))
  i. William Bastard of Gerston & Kitley (bpt 15.07.1667, bur 16.02.1703-4) the first mentioned by BLG1886
  m. Anne Pollexfen (bur 21.03.172-4, dau of Edmund Pollexfen of Kitley)
  a. Pollexfen Bastard of Kitley (bpt 01.08.1696, bur 12.03.1732-3)
  m. (21.05.1724) Bridget Poullett (dau of John, 1st Earl Poulett)
(1) William Bastard of Kitley, 'Bart of Kitley' (b 01.09.1727, d 1782, 3rd son)
  m. Ann Worsley (dau of Thomas Worsley of Hovingham)
  (A) John Pollexfen Bastard of Kitley (b 18.09.1756, dsp 04.04.1816, MP)
  m1. Sarah _ (d 26.04.1808, widow of Charles Wymondesold of Lockinge)
  It appears that John also married ...
  m2. (02.07.1809) Judith Anne Martin (d 1843, dau of Sir Henry Martin, 1st Bart)
  (B) Edmund Bastard of Kitley (bpt 07.02.1758-9, d 1816, MP)
  m. Jane Pownoll (d 07.03.1822, dau of Captain (Philemon) Pownoll of Sharpham)
  (i) Edmund Pollexfen Bastard of Kitley (b 12.07.1784, d 08.06.1838, MP) had issue
m. (22.01.1824) Anne Jane Rodney (d 25.04.1833, dau of George Rodney, 2nd Lord)
  (ii) John Bastard of Sharpham (d 11.07.1835, Captain RN, MP) had issue
  m. Frances Wade (dau/coheir of Benjamin Wade of The Grange)
  (iii) Philemon Pownoll Bastard (cleric)
  m. Mary Park (dau of Justice _ Park)
  (2)+ other issue - John Pollexfen (bpt 14.04.1725, bur 09.05.1725), Pollexfen (bpt 16.05.1726, bur 01.05.1727), Edmund (b 01.03.1728-9), Peregrine (bpt 26.05.1731, bur 07.08.1732), Bridget (bpt 09.03.1729-30, bur 28.08.1731)
  b. Petronilla Bastard (bpt 13.02.1699-1700)
  m. (15.09.1724) William Cholwell
  c. Admonition Bastard (bpt 16.10.1701, a 1723)
  m. (12.09.1721) Walter Radcliffe of Franklin
  d.+ other issue - Anne (bpt 14.06.1695, bur 25.12.1706), Grace (bpt 08.04.1698, a 1703), Johanna (bpt 28.04.1703, a 1723)
  ii.+ other issue - William (b 22.10.1662, bur 16.09.1663), John (bpt 12.09.1665, bur 25.06.1674), Coplestone (bpt 20.01.1670-1, a 1688), Francis 9bur 20.08.1672), Charles (bpt 22.03.1673-4, bur 29.03.1675), Hele (b 15.11.1677), Gertrude (b 11.09.1661), Joan (bpt 24.04.1664, a 1704), Frances (bpt 04.08.1672), Grace (bpt 30.05.1676)
  B. Sampson Bastard (bpt 26.12.1643, rector of Southpool, 3rd son)
  i. Sampson Bastard (bur 28.07.1675)
  C. John Bastard (bpt 24.04.1649, bur 04.08.1720, vicar of Ashburton, 5th son)
  i. John Bastard (bpt 25.10.693)
  m. (17.02.1728-9) Mary Michelmore
a. Mary Bastard (bpt 28.02.1730-1)
  ii.+ other issue - Francis (bur 15.07.1690), John (bur 07.05.1666 (sb 1696?)), Elizabeth (bpt 21.09.1691), Catherine (bpt 16.11.1692), Anne (bpt 24.04.1695), Sarah (bur 03.06.1699)
  D. Joan Bastard (bpt 13.08.1638)
  m. (27.5.1656) Richard Langworthy of Widecombe
  E. Elizabeth Bastard (b 22.04.1654)
  m. (27.03.1678) Thomas Hurlle (minister of Beerferris)
  F. Grace Bastard (b 10.03.1660-1, d before 20.09.1692)
  m. _ Allen
  G.+ other issue - John (bpt 04.08.1642), Bevill (bpt 29.11.1646), Joseph (bpt 23.01.1650-1), Francis (bpt 03.04.1653, bur 09.04.1659), Julius (b 20.11.1658, bur 23.03.1665-6), Walter (b 07.5.1662, bur 16.11.1713), Julius (d before 20.09.1692), Sarah (b 19.07.1656)
2. Elizabeth Bastard (bpt 07.06.1612) possibly the Elizabeth who married ...
  m1. _ Sture
  m2. (06.09.1647) Peter Fortescue (b 1617)
3.+ other issue - William (bpt 12.05.1613, bur 13.05.1613), Joseph (bpt 10.08.1623), Anne (bpt 03.07.1614), Mary (bpt 19.11.1615, bur 23.01.1624), Thomasine (bpt 01.05.1620, bur 19.01.1694-5), Grace (bpt 24.05.1621)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Bastard of Gerston', p49+) with some support from BLG1886 ('Bastard of Kitley and Buckland Court'), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Bastard of Duloe', p20)
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