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There is some confusion with the families covered on this page. As is often the case, ROYL provides useful leads but is thought to have sometimes confused sons with sons-in-law. The following was combined from various sources and should be viewed with the caution appropriate to all pages within this 'Ancient & Mythical' section of the database. [The titles (Count, Marquis, Duke, etc) warrant further investigation as they may not be being applied with appropriate consistency.]
1. Bonifacio I of Tuscany
  A. Bonifacio II of Tuscany (a 811)
  i. Bonifacio III of Tuscany, Count of Lucca (a 829)
a. Adalbert I of Lucca, Duke of Tuscany
  m. Rohaut of Spoleto (dau of Guido III, Duke of Spoleto)
  (1) Adalbert II 'the Rich' of Lucca, Marquis of Tuscany (b 855, d 19.09.915)
  m. Bertha of Lorraine (b 866, d 08.03.924/5, dau of Lothar II, King of Lorraine)
  (A) Guido of Lucca, Duke of Tuscany (d c929)
  (i) Adalbert III of Lucca and Este, Marquis of Tuscany
(a) Humberto I, Count of Lucca, Marquis of Este (d 15.10.975)
  m. (c945) Willa de Camerino of Spoleto (dau of Bonifacius, Duke of Spoleto)
  ((1)) Humberto II, Count of Genoa, Marquis of Este (d c1018)
  Most web sites that cover this family agree with ROYL (table CCCCXVI) and show Azzo I (who married Artopergue and was father of Azzo II who married Kunigunde) as son of this Humberto. However, there is an inconsistency within ROYL as table CCXLII shows Azzo II as son of Hugh, Marquis of Este, presumably the Hugo shown by table CCCCXVI as brother of Azzo I. GenEU shows the parents of Azzo I as Hugo (son of a different Alberto Azzo) by Marie d'Este. We have some faith in GenEU and suspect that the connection was as follows ...
  ((A)) Marie d'Este GHJSWY
  m. (995) Azzo, Clount of Genoa and Milan @@ below GHJSWY
  ((2)) Adalbert, Marquis of Este
  ((A)) Gisela of Vincenze
  m. Anselm I, Marquis of Savona (d before 1014)
  (B) Lamberto of Spoleto (d c932)
  The following connection is reported by www.kittymunson.com.
  (i) Giovanni, Count of Laurino
  m. Gaitelgrima (dau of Atenolfo, Count of Teano)
  (a) Giovanni, Prince of Salerno (d 999)
  m. Sikelgaita of Salerno (dau of Landolfo II, Count of Capua)
((1)) Guaimar of Salerno (d 1031)
  m. Gaitelgrima (d 1027, dau of Pandolfo the Elder, Prince of Benevento)
  ((A)) Guaimar, Prince of Salerno (d 03.06.1052)
  m. Purpora de Tabelloria
  ((i)) Sikelgaita of Salerno (b 1025, d 27.07.1090) EGHJSWY
  m. (1058) Robert Guiscard de Hauteville, Duke of Apulia and Calabria (d 1085) EGHJSWY
  (C) Ermengarde of Lucca (b c900, d after 29.02.932
  m. (914) Adalbert, Margrave of Ivrea, Count of Parma (d c924)
  ii. Beroald



Clarifying the male-line ancestry we show for this family has been made particularly difficult by the frequency of the appearance in different generations of the names Alberto (or Adalbert) and/or Humberto (or Oberto), some of the former using the additional name of Azzo. This warrants further investigation for which we do not have the time at present. The following largely follows GenEU with presumptions on certain wives as indicated.
Alberto Azzo I
m. (953) Ermengarde of Tuscany (d 987) possibly a link to the above family??
1. Alberto Azzon II (b c954, d 995)
  m. (975) Alde von Sachsen
A. Hugo I (b c976, d 1025)
  m. (995) Marie d'Este (presumed dau of Humberto II, Count of Genoa, Marquis of Este) @@ above
  i. Azzo I of Este, Count of Luni, Genoa and Milan (d 1029)
  m. Artopergue or Waldrade (dau of Pietro de Candiano)
  a. Azzo II, Marquese d'Este (b 997, d 1097)
  m1. (1040) Cunigunde of Bavaria (dau of Welf III, Duke of Bavaria)
  (1) Welf, Duke of Bavaria (d 1101) GHJSWY
  m1. Ethelina of Saxony (dau of Otto, Duke of Saxony)
  m2. (c1071) Judith of Flanders (dau of Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders) GHJSWY
  m2. Ermingarde/Gersende of Maine (dau of Hugh/Hubert, Count of Maine)
  (2) Hugo of Maine
  (3) Fulco I, Marquis of Este (d 1136) had issue

Main source(s): ROYL (table CCCCXVI), GenEU (Welfen2), with input from various web sites
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