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The origins of the two families reported on this page are somewhat obscure. Different sources give different suggestions. [Remember that this section of the database is called 'Ancient & Mythical'. Much of the data concerning the earliest generations is subject to query.] We start with ...
Boso I, Count of Turin
1. Boso II, Count of Turin
  A. Boso III, Count of Turin = Boso 'the old', Count of Valois (d 855)
  m. Engeltrude
  i. Boso, Count of Valois (d 874)
  ii. Hubert, Count of Valois (d 864)
  a. Theodebert, Count of Arles / Provence (b c860, d 895)
  m. (879) Bertha (b 866, d 925, dau of Lothar II, King of Lotharingia)
(1) Hugues, Count of Arles, King of Provence, King of Italy (b c880, d 10.04.947)
  m1. (912) Willa of Bourgogne (b 12.873, d by 14.06.929, dau of Boso V, King of Provence, etc) @1@ below
  m2. (924) Alda
  (A) Lothar II, King of Italy (b 915, d 11.950)
  m. (947) Adelaide of Burgundy (b c931, d 12.999, dau of Rudolf II, King of Burgundy, King of Italy)
  (i) Emma of Italy (b c948, d after 988)
  m. (966) Lothar IV, King of West Franks (b 941, d 02.03.986)
  (B) Alda (b c924, d after 954)
  m. (c936) Alberigo II di Spoleto, Count of Tuscany (b 911, d 954)
  (i) Octavius di Spoleto = Pope John XII (b c937, d 964)
m3. (932) Marozia of Tuscany (b c890, d 932, dau of Theophylactus I, Count of Tuscany)
  m4. (12.12.937) Berthe of Swabia (b 907, a 965, dau of Bouchard II of Swabia)
  p. Waldelmonde of Ivrea
  (C) Umberto, Marquis of Tuscany, Duke of Spoleto (d 961)
  The following connections are partly given by GenEU but part was found on some other web sites.
  m. (936) Willa de Camerino of Spoleto (dau of Bonifacius, Duke of Spoleto)
  (i) Waldrade
  m. Pietro de Candiano (d 976)
  (a) Artopergue or Waldrade (d c1012) GHJSWY
  m. Azzo I of Este, Count of Genoa (d 1029) GHJSWY
(2) Boso or Boson, Count of Arles, Marquis of Tuscany (b 885, d 936)
  m1. ??
  (A) Rotbald (d c950)
  m. Ermengarde of Aquitaine
  (i) Boso II, Count of Provence (b 915, d 968)
  m. (c955) Constance of Provence (b 920, d 963/96, dau of Charles Constantin, Count of Vienne) @2@ below
  (a) Guillaume II, Count of Arles and Provence (b c957, d 993)
  m. (c983) Azalais d'Anjou (d 1026)
  ((1)) Guillaume III, Count of Provence had issue
  m. (1002) Gerberge de Bourgogne
  ((2)) Odile of Arles
  m. (c1001) Miron-Laget de Sisteron
  ((3)) Constance of Arles (b c986, d 25.07.1032) EGHJRSWY
  m. (c1003) Robert II 'the Pious', King of France (b 27.03.972, d 20.07.1031) EGHJRSWY
  ((4)) Toda of Arles
  m. (c992) Bernard I de Besalu
(ii) Emma
  m. (990) Guillaume III de Toulouse, Count of Arles (b 952, d 994)
  The dates do not match with William III Taillefer, Count of Toulouse (d 1037) shown in 'Toulouse1'.
  (iii) Thetberge
  m. (before 1001) Armengol I, Count of Urgel (d 1010)
  m2. (912) Willa of Burgundy (dau of Rudolf I, King of Burgundy)
  (B) Berthe of Tuscany, Countess of Arles and Vienne (b 930, d 965)
  m1. Boson I, Count of Provence (d 948) @3@ below
  m2. Raymond Pons I of Toulouse (d 950)
  (C) Willa of Arles (b c910, d after 966) EGHJRSWY
  m. (930/1) Berengar II, Count of Milan, Margrave of Ivrea, King of Italy (b c900, d 06.07.966) EGHJRSWY
  (D)+ other issue - Richilde, Gisela
  iii. Teutberge of Arles (d before 25.11.875)
  m. (855, div 857/862) Lothar II, King of Lotharingia (b c830, d 08.08.869)
  iv. Richilde of Arles (d 883) EGHJRSWY
  m. Budwine, Count of Metz = Bivin, Count of Ardenne @4@ just below EGHJRSWY



Thought by some to have descended from the early kings of Austrasia was ...
Richard, Count of Amiens (d 825)
1. Budwine, Count of Metz = Bivin, Count of Ardenne
  m. Richilde of Arles (d 883, dau of Boso III, Count of Turin = Boso 'the old', Count of Valois) @4@ just above
  A. Boso (Boson) V, King of Provence, King of Aquitaine, etc (b 850, d 19.02/12.887)
  m1. ??
  m2. (03.876) Ermengarde of Italy (b c859, d c896, dau of Louis II, King of Italy, Emperor of the East Franks)
  i. Louis III 'the Blind'. King of Provence, King of Italy, Emperor (b by 883, d 05.06.928)
  m1. (905) Anna of Byzantium (b c890, d 912, dau of Leo VI, Emperor of Byzantium)
  a. Charles Constantin, Count of Vienne (b c902, d c942/28.02.963)
  m. Theutberge de Sens
(1) Richard of Provence (d after 01.962)
  (2) Hubert of Provence (d after 05.976)
  (3) Constance of Provence (b 920, d 965/6) EGHJRSWY
  m. (c955) Boso II, Count of Provence (b 915, d 968) @2@ above EGHJRSWY
  (4) Amedee of Provence EGHJWY
  m. ?? Beroldus of Savoy EGHJWY
  m2. (914) Adelaide of Bourgogne (b 914, d 10.05.943)
  b. Guilfred de Briancon (b 918, d 970)
ii. Ermengarde of Provence EGHJRSWY
  m. Manasses 'the Old', Count of Chalon EGHJRSWY
  iii. Willa of Provence or Bourgogne (b 12.873, d by 14.06.929) EGHJRSWY
  m1. (888) Rudolf I, King of (Upper) Burgundy (d 912) EGHJRSWY
  m2. (912) Hugues, Count of Arles, King of Provence, King of Italy (b c880, d 10.04.947) @1@ above
  iv. Engelberge of Provence
  m. (c900) Guillaume I, Duke of Aquitaine (d 918)
  B. Richard II 'the Justiciar', Duke of Burgundy, etc (b 868, d 01.01.921)
  'ROYL' shows Richard as son rather than son-in-law of Conrad of Auxerre.
  m. (888) Adelaide de Bourgogne (dau of Conrad, Count of Auxerre)
i. Raoul I, Duke of Burgundy, King of France (b 890, d 15.01.936)
  m. Emma of France (d 934, dau of Robert I, King of France)
  a. son (d young)
  ii. Hugues 'the Black', Count of Besancon, Duke of Burgundy (b 891, d 952)
  iii. Boson I, Count of Provence (d 948)
  m. Berthe of Tuscany, Countess of Arles and Vienne (b 930, d 965, dau of Boso, Count of Arles, Marquis of Tuscany) @3@ above
  iv. Ermengarde, Countess of Autun EGHJRSWY
  m. Gilbert or Giselbert, Duke of Burgundy (d 956) EGHJRSWY
  v. Alix of Provence (b c900) EGHJRSWY
  m. Rainier (Reginar) II, Count of Hainault (b 882, d 931/2) EGHJRSWY
  C. Radbert, Bishop of Valencia
  D. Richilde (d 910/914/920)
  m. (22.01.870) Charles II 'the Bald', King of the West Franks, Holy Roman Emperor (b 823, d 06.10.877)
  E. daughter EGHJRSWY
  m. Thierry II, Count of Chalon (d 880) EGHJRSWY

Main source(s): GenEU (Bosonides), ROYL, various web sites
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