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Families covered: Whalesborough of Whalesborough

The following comes from a post in 2010 by 'Cochoit' which may be found here. This appears to have been prepared after serious research. Cochoit uses Walebraus (or Walesbraus, Walebreu, Walesbreu, Walisborough, etc.) rather than Whalesborough for the early generations, and shows that they were of places such as Udnou, Lancarfee, Trerose, etc. (mostly in Cornwall) as well as of Whalesborough (spelt variously) but, for simplicity sake, we keep to Whalesborough of Whalesborough after the first generation.
Everewin de Walesbraus father of Muriel, presumed also of ...
1. Pharamus de Whalesborough of Whalesborough, Cornwall (b by 1160?, d by 1213)
  m. Osemunda widow of Pharamus, possibly mother of ...
  A. William de Whalesborough of Whalesborough presumed father of ...
  i. Sir Bennet de Whalesborough of Whalesborough probably father of ...
a. William de Whalesborough of Whalesborough (d 1278/9)
  m1. Margaret
  m2. Amice (a 1278)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (1) Mark de Whalesborough of Whalesborough (d 12.1300?)
  m. Matilda Arundell (dau of Sir Ralph Arundell by Eve de la Roche)
  (A) John de Whalesborough (dsp by 1302)
(B) Sir William de Whalesborough of Whalesborough (b c1288, d 21.08.1328)
  m. (mcrt 1293!) Joan Carminow (a 02.1361/2, dau of Sir Roger Carminow by Joan Dinham)
  (i) Sir John de Whalesborough of Whalesborough (b c1315, d 26.04.1362)
  m. Joan de Bodrugan (d 05.06.1349, dau of Sir Oto de Bodrugan by Margaret Chambernoun)
  (a) Sir John Whalesborough of Whalesborough (b 06.07.1346, d before 20.01.1381/2)
m. Margaret (m2. Philip Trethosa)
  ((1)) John Whalesborough of Whalesborough (b c1369, d 10.01.1418)
  m. (by 1399) Joan Ralegh (d 1435/6, dau of Sir John Ralegh of Nettlecombe, sister/heir of Simon, m2. Sir Thomas Pomeroy)
  ((A)) Thomas Whalesborough of Whalesborough, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 1482, 4th son)
  m. Matilda/Maud Bowes (a 1482, dau of Sir William Bowes)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Whalesborough (d 1480)
  m. (1453) John Trevelyan of Trevelyan (d 20.06.1492)
  ((B)) Alice Whalesborough (d 1471)
  m. John FitzRafe
  ((C)) Esmania Whalesborough
m. Thomas Scales, 7th Lord
  ((D)) Anne Whalesborough (d 01.03.1487)
  m1. (01.05.1423) Sir William Moleyns (d 1429)
  m2. Edmund Hampden
  ((E)) Elizabeth Whalesborough
m. John Hampden
  ((F))+ other issue (dvpsp?) - John (b 1405), Robert, William
  ((2)) Benedict Whalesborough (d before 25.03.1417, rector of St. Mawnan then vicar of Poundstock)
  (b) Margaret Whalesborough
  m1. Sir John Beauchamp of Ryme (d 08.04.1349)
  m2. (by 10.1353) Richard Branscombe
  (ii) Isabel Whalesborough (d 23.03.1363)
  m1. (by 1324) Henry de Bodrugan (b c1310, dsp 15.10.1331, son/heir of Sir Oto by Margaret Chambernoun)
  m2 Henry Willington (b c1314, d 23.05.1349, son of Henry by Margery Trevill)
  (iii) Mary Whalesborough
  m. Thomas Chiverton
  (C) Joan Whalesborough (d 18.03.1346)
  m. Roger Reskimer (d 02.04.1351, son of Sir Richard by Alice Prideaux)
  b. Cecilia Whalesborough (d 08.03.1293)
  m. William Trewarthian
  B. Beatrice Whalesborough
  m. Guy de Wautam
2. Muriel Whalesborough
  m. Richard de Lascelles

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