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Families covered: Sydenham of Chelworthy, Sydenham of Combe, Sydenham of Winford Eagle

Alexander Sydenham (d before 19.10.1523)
m. Agnes (widow of Popham)
1. John Sydenham of Leigh
  A. John Sydenham (dsp)
  B. Alexander Sydenham of Luxborough
  m. Anne Sydenham (dau of Sir John Sydenham of Brimpton)
  This marriage was reported under the entry in BEB1844 for Anne but not under the entry for Alexander. It is therefore not certain that Anne was mother of ...
i. Elizabeth Sydenham (bur 07.12.1595)
  m. Sir John Pointz of Iron Acton (b c1560, bur 29.11.1633)
2. Silvester Sydenham
  A. (Eleanor) Sydenham
  Visitation (Somersetshire, 1623, 'Sidenham') shows an unnamed daughter as m. "Edw. Winter" by whom she was mother of Jane who m. Sir George Rogers of Cannington. This appears to be Eleanor who married ...
m. Edmund Wynter of Cliffe
3. John Sydenham of Chelworthy
  The following comes partly from Visitation (Somersetshire, 1623, 'Sidenham').
  m. _ Herne (dau/heir of _ Herne)
  A. George Sydenham of Chelworthy
  m. Mary Warre (dau of Thomas Warre of Hestercombe)
i. Richard Sydenham of Chelworthy
  This generation was omitted by Visitation so there is some uncertainty as to the allocation of children between Richard and his son Henry.
  m. Elizabeth Hall (dau of _ Hall of Henwick)
a. Henry Sydenham of Chelworthy (a 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Walrond (dau of Humphrey Walrond of Sea)
  (1) Sir Humphrey Sydenham of Chelworthy (b c1614)
  (A) Anne Sydenham
  m. Roger Sydenham of Lee @@ below
  (B) (Elizabeth or Joyce) Sydenham
  m. (Richard) Fowke
  (C) daughter
  m. _ Burgh
  (2)+ other issue - Henry (dsp), Henry (dsp), Henry (dsp), Jane (dsp), Elizabeth (b c1616), Mary (b c1617)
  b.+ other issue - Hopton (priest), Sir Edward, Sir Francis, Richard, Mary, Elizabeth, Ursula, Catherine
  ii. William Sydenham (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Core (dau of Henry Core of London)
  iii.+ other issue - Humphrey, George
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Phillip, Walter, Michael



Richard Sydenham of Aller
m. Jane Cambray of co. Denbigh
1. William Sydenham (2nd son?)
  m. Agnes Worth (dau of _ Worth of Washfield)
  A. John Sydenham of Langford
  m. Katherine Newton (dau of Thomas Newton)
  i. Nicholas Sydenham, Sheriff of Somerset (a temp Elizabeth who r. 1558-1603)
2. Thomas Sydenham of Winford Eagle, Dorset
m. Alice Stevens (dau of William Stevens)
  A. Thomas Sydenham
  m. Joan Speke (dau of William Speke of Dolish)
  i. Richard Sydenham of Winford Eagle
  m. Johann Moor (dau of ?? Moor or Moore of Moorhayes)
  a. Thomas Sydenham of Winford Eagle
  m. Elizabeth Fulford (dau of Sir Thomas Fulford)
(1) William Sydenham of Winford Eagle
  m. Johanna Jeffery (dau of Sir John Jeffery of Coltherston)
  (A) William Sydenham, Governor of the Isle of Wight (b c1615, Colonel)
  m. Grace Trenchard (dau of John Trenchard of Warmwell)
  (i) William Sydenham 'of Winford Eagle' (dsps 1718)
  m. Martha Michel (dau of John Michel)
  (ii) Mary Sydenham
  m. Walter Thornhall of Weymouth
  (iii) Frances Sydenham
  m. Robert Thornhall of Wolland
  (iv)+ other issue - Thomas, John (d 1765)
(B) Mary Sydenham (b c1613)
  m. Richard Lee of Wingland (Winslade)
  (C) Elizabeth Sydenham (bc1619)
  m. Roger Sydenham of Skilgate
  (D) Martha Sydenham (b c1622)
  m. William Laurence of Wraxhall
  (E)+ other issue - Francis (b c1617, d 1644), Thomas
  B. Elizabeth Sydenham
  m. Elias Holcombe of Devonshire
3.+ other issue - Christopher, son



Edmund Sydenham of Combe
m. Joan Combe (dau of Walter Combe of Combe)
1. John Sydenham of Combe (d 1561)
  m. Elizabeth Frank (dau of John Frank of Allerbutler)
A. John Sydenham 'of Dulverton' (d 1580)
  m1. Elizabeth Pollard (dau of Sir Hugh Pollard)
  i. daughter (d young)
  m2. Mary Ashford (dau of Nicholas Ashford of Ashford)
ii. Humphrey Sydenham 'of Dulverston' of Combe
  m1. Jane Champneys (dau of John Champneys of Yarnscombe)
  a. John Sydenham of Combe
  m. Margery Poulet (dau of Sir Anthony Poulet, sister of Lord John)
  (1) Anne Sydenham
  m. Thomas Tyllesley, Governor of Surinam (Captain)
  (2) Margaret Sydenham
  m. Rev. Thomas Slater of Currymallet
  (3) Susan Sydenham
  m. George Sydenham (d 1664-5, Major, brother of Sir John, Bart of Brimpton)
(4) Elizabeth Sydenham
  m. Thomas Collford of Bromfield
  b. Roger Sydenham of the Middle Temple
  m. Joan Catford (widow)
  c. Humphrey Sydenham (rector of Pockington and Oldcombe)
  m. Mary Cox (dau of William Cox of Crockhern)
  (1) Humphrey Sydenham of Combe
  m. Jane Pole (dau of Sir William Pole of Shute, son of Sir John, Bart)
(A) William Sydenham (dvp unm)
  (B) Humphrey Sydenham of Combe (d 1710)
  m1. Elizabeth Peppin (dau of George Peppin of Dulverton)
  (i) Humphrey Sydenham of Combe
  m. Grace Hill (dau of Richard Hill of The Priory)
  (a) St. Barbe Sydenham of Combe
  m. Ellery Williams (dau of Sydenham Williams of Herringston)
  ((1)) Catherine Sydenham
  m. (1781) Lewis Dimoke Grosvenor Tregonwell of Anderson
(b) Grace Sydenham (d 1780) probably of this generation
  m. (28.09.1770) George Fursdon of Fursdon (b 1721, d 1772)
  (ii) Elizabeth Sydenham
  m. Laurence Jackson of Ardleigh
  (iii)+ other issue - George, Philip (d young)
  m2. Katherine Floyer (dau of William Floyer of Berne)
  (iv) Floyer Sydenham
  (C) John Sydenham of Dulverton
  m1. Margaret Butler (dau of William Butler of Oldacre)
m2. Margaret Galard
  (D) Jane Sydenham
  m. John Williams (b 1680, dvp 1703, son of John of Herringston)
  (2) Edward Sydenham (d 1637)
  (3) Anne Sydenham
  m. Francis Thomas
  d. William Sydenham (dsp 1699)
  m. Margaret Cudmore
e. Penelope Sydenham
  m. John Walrond of Bradfield
  f.+ other issue (d unm) - Hugh, Mary
  m2. Jane (widow of _ Godolphin of Treveneigh)
  h.+ other issue - George, Gavregan, Nicholas
  iii. George Sydenham (4th son)
  m. (1593) Abignell Samford (dau of _ Samford of Ninehead)
iv. Margaret Sydenham
  m. (1587) William Champneys
  v. Susan Sydenham
  m. Martin Samford of Ninehead (d 1643)
  vi.+ other issue - Amos, Thomas, Agnes, Jane, Elizabeth (d unm), Joan (d unm), Anne (d unm), Ursula (d unm)
  B. Thomas Sydenham of Sterte
  m. Radigunde Glass
  i.+ issue - John, Thomas
  C. Johanna Sydenham
  m. William Huyshe of Deniforde
D. Radigove Sydenham
  E. Elizabeth Sydenham
  m1. Humphrey Cruse
  i. Elizabeth Cruse
  m. John Venman
  m2. Stephen Tristram of Bampton
2. George Sydenham of Exeter
  A. ?? Sydenham
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? Sydenham
  a. Roger Sydenham of Lee
  m. _ Sydenham (sister of Dr. Thomas Sydenham)
  (1) Roger Sydenham
  m. Anne Sydenham (dau of Sir Humphrey Sydenham of Chelworthy) @@ above
  (A)+ issue - John Roger, Philip, Thomas

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (originally included within Sydenham1, moved here 15.04.21 following expansion of that page) : BEB1841 ('Sydenham of Brimpton') with input/support as mentioned above
(2) For middle section : BEB1841 ('Sydenham of Brimpton') with a little support from Visitation (Dorset, 1623, 'Sidnam')
(3) For lower section : the section on' Sydenham of Combe' within BEB1841 ('Sydenham of Brimpton')
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