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Families covered: Espec (Speke) of Brampford, Speke of Dowlish Wake, Speke of Haywood, Speke of Whitelackington (White Lackington)

Possibly of the same family as Walter Espec was ...
Richard Espec or Le Espek (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
m. Margaret de Treminet (dau/heir of William de Treminet, m2. Richard Peverell)
1. Robert Espec or Le Espek
2. William Espec or Le Espek of Brampford (d c1216)
A. Richard Espec or De Espek of Brampford (a 1184, d c1243)
  m. Hawise (m2. John le Botiller)
  i. William Espec or Le Espec of Brampford Speke
  m. Alice (dau/coheir of Sir Walter Gervais or Gervois of Exton)
  a. Sir William Speke or Le Espek of Brampford Speke
  m. Juliane or Gillian de Valletort (dau of Sir John de Vautort or Valletort of Clyst St. Lawrence by Amy, dau of Sir Reginald de Clifford)
  (1) William Speke or Le Espek of Brampford Speke (d 07.1349)
  Commoners appears to show William as elder brother rather than father of the following John and then shows that John as father of John (dsp), Robert & William. This is supported by the section on Evelegh (p174) in 'Collections towards a description of the County of Devon' by Sir William Pole of Colcombe and Shute (d 1635), as reported in a book produced in 1791 (found here, with thanks to a contributor (MB, 04.10.10) for bringing this to our attention), which identifies William & Gillian de Valletort as parents of William & John with the younger William being father (by Agnes) of Julian (m. John Dauney) & Agnes (m. Martyn Fiffacre). However, provisionally, we follow BLG1952 which is more clearly set out on these generations and shows as follows.
m. Agnes Orchard (d 01.10.1374, dau of Thomas Orchard of Orchard)
  (A) John Speke or Le Espek of Brampford Speke (d 1372)
  m. Constance Esse (dau of Oliver Esse)
  (i) John Speke or Le Espek of Brampford Speke (dsp c1372)
  m. Joan
  (ii) Robert Speke of Brampford Speke (dsp)
  (iii) Agnes Speke
  m. Martin Fishacre
(iv) Julia(n) Speke possibly of this generation, not mentioned by BLG1952
  m. John Dauney
  (B) Robert Speke or Le Espek (d 03.08.1382, priest)
  (C) (Sir) William Speke of Brampford Speke
  m. Constance Totwell mentioned by Commoners, not by BLG1952
  (i) John Speke of Brampford Speke (d before 1423)
  m. Sibyl Wynard (sister of William Wynard)
  (a) Sir John Speke of Haywood, Brampford, etc. (d 10.1442) - continued below
  m. Joan Keynes (dau/heir of John Keynes or Keymes of Dowlish Wake, m2. Hugh Champernoun)



Sir John Speke of Haywood, Brampford, etc. (d 10.1442) - continued above
m. Joan Keynes (dau/heir of John Keynes or Keymes of Dowlish Wake, m2. Hugh Champernoun)
1. John Speke of Haywood, Brampford, Dowlish Wake, etc. (b c1422, d 31.10.1444)
  Commoners identifies John's wife as Alice, cousin/heir of Sir Thomas Beauchamp, heiress of Whitelackington. BLG1952 identifies her as ...
  m. Alice Beauchamp (dau/heir of John Beauchamp, son of Sir Thomas of White Lackington, m2. Henry Hull)
  A. Sir John Speke of White Lackington (Whitelackington), Haywood, Brampford, etc., Sheriff of Devon (b c1442, d 28.04.1518)
Commoners identifies only 1 wife for John, a dau of William Somaster, and then shows him as father of Sir John (a temp Henry VII, m. Alice "a Spanish lady") father of Sir John (a temp Henry VIII, m. Joan, dau of John Wimworthy) father of the Sir John who m. Alice Arundel. BLG1952 shows the following ...
  m1. Joan Wynard (dau/heir of John Wynard of Exeter)
  i. (Sir) John Speke of Haywood, Whitelackington, etc. (b by 1468, d 06.12.1524)
  m1. Alice Arundel (dau of Sir John Arundel of Lanherne (not Lathern))
a. Sir Thomas Speke of Whitelackington, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset (b 25.03.1507, d 12.07.1551)
  m1. Alice or Anne Berkeley (dau of Sir Richard Berkeley of Stoke Gifford)
  (1) Sir George Speke of Whitelackington (b c1530, d 11.03.1583/4)
  m1. Elizabeth Luttrell (dau of Sir Andrew Luttrell of Dunster Castle, widow of Richard Mallett of Currypool)
  (A) Sir George Speke of Whitelackington, Sheriff of Somerset (a 1593)
  m. Phillippa Rosewell (dau of William Rosewell or Rowsell or Russell of Ford)
  (B) Barbara Speke
  m. William Thornhill of Thornhill
  (C) Anne Speke
  m. Sir George Trenchard of Wolverton (son of Thomas of Wolverton)
  m2. Dorothy Gilbert (d 27.10.1589, dau of Edward Gilbert of London)
  (D) Hugh Speke (b 1567, d 04.01.1624-5) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Beche (dau/heir of Henry Beche or Beke of Hatley Court, Berkshire)
  (E) Dorothy Speke
  m. (c1585) Sir Edward Gorges of Wraxall & Charlton (b 1564, d 1624)
  (F) Elizabeth Speke
  m1. Sir John Chudleigh of Ashton
m2. Sir John Clifton
  m3. Sir Hugh Pollard
  m2. (c1550) Elizabeth (widow of Walter Willoughby)
  b. Alice Speke
  m. Henry Dennis of Petrock Stowe
  m2. Eleanor (Willesden?) (m2. Anthony Harvey of London)
  ii. Sir George Speke of Dowlish Wake, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset (dspm 08.10.1528)
  m. Elizabeth Ratcliff
  iii.+ other issue - Christopher, Alice
  m2. (c1494) Isobel Calwodley (dau of Thomas Calwodley, widow of John Beaumont)
  m3. Elizabeth Somester (dau of Adam Somester of Widcombe, widow of John Coleshill of Exeter then Richard Uncle of Exeter)
  v. Anne Speke
2. William Speke

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Speke of Jordans), Commoners (vol iv, Speke of Jordans)
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